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Casino Review

Casino Review

Star Games is a newer Casino that only opened in 2008, it's unique in the fact that it uses software that has been internally developed so while there are many recognizable games, they are not identical to what's offered by many of the other popular casinos that use the same software as one another. Star Games doesn't just offer a Casino, they've got Poker, Bingo and more. US players are not accepted by this Casino and the UK really is their main target audience. For all of the international players, multiple languages are offered on the website and software including Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. Currencies accepted are GBP, Euro and Swiss Francs.

Customer Support

Customer Support at Star Games is only lacking the live chat option. There are toll-free phone numbers for players to connect directly, and 24/7 there is support available in multiple languages that cater to the international audience that is their main player-base. Email support is also available, though this does not provide players with an immediate connection to have their questions answered. But, with phone and email it gives everyone a direct, personal line to get their answers; or an electronic way for those who would prefer to make use of the technology that's available to them.

By offering the website and support in multiple language options, players from across Europe and around the world are able to find comfort in their playing experience and anytime they require information or help from the team. As well with multiple currencies, there's a sense of familiarity offered.


The main promotion at Star Games is a welcome bonus, which it is subject to change at anytime, at the time of this review, 100% up to 100 GBP was available to players who were new to the casino or to any of the gaming sections at Star Games.


The software at Star Games is one that was internally developed by the casino. Players can launch all of the games right from the website once they have registered their real money player's account. The graphics are great, and the sound effects are good. Players have no complaints about the quality of the instant-play game since it is smooth with limited interruptions as you'd expect from any instant play software.


All of the games can be launched straight from the website in your web browser, provided that players have registered with the casino and completed the setup of their account. There is a good variety of games available in the individual sections, since there is more than just Casino offered. But for the Casino itself there are tons of Slot games, including the progressives. Then of course the typical Table Games, Video Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and more. The game inventory at Star Games is dominated by Slots. Or players can move on from the Casino to Poker or the other Games sections.

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Casino Review Star Games is a newer Casino that only opened in 2008, it's unique in the fact that it uses software that has been internally developed so while there are many recognizable games, they ...

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I am wanting to withdraw funds of £300 from my account,but the casino require ID of either a driving License and/or passport.....As I have never been a driver and my passport expired some years ago I ...

I'm waiting my 100euro withdrawl,and I whrite them few email's but are not answering for me more then 2 days,that is going on ...

Hello, i have a casinoaccount at stargames casino , while i was playing the put a lock on my account:igorleijten. I have over €455 in my casinoaccount and they didn,t respond my emails (to reopen ...

Players reviews

bogdangy reviewed on 03/31/2014

Hi!This is my personal review about Star Games Casino!
I started to play at this casino few months ago when I was searching for some Novomatic games to play online because I was tired playing them offline and losing money!
I created my account,I made a deposit of 20 euro and I received another 20 euro bonus!
My favourite novomatic slot game is Sizzling Hot and I started to play this slot game!Almost every time I am chasing the 4 sevens or even 5 but I wasn’t so lucky and I managed to catch only one time 4 sevens and 6 times 3 sevens!
My account balance reached 62 euro and I thought that if I will change the game I will have more luck and I will manage to complete the wagering requirements!I decided to play Book of Ra although I was thinking to play Lucky Ladys Charm!
I managed to catch only one time the 3 scatters that awarded me 10 free spins with J symbol and I won only 5.4 euro!I was very upset because 2 hours later I lost all the money because I didn’t changed the game!
Overall it was a good experience at this casino even if I lost the money and now I will try to rate this casino from my own experience!
The games are very awesome,I like very much Novomatic games and I think they deserve a 10,the welcome bonus isn’t very great because of the high wagering requirements and an 8 will be just ok!I didn’t tried the support team because it wasn’t needed so I wont rate the support team,for the payment methods I will give an 8 because they have only skrill,neteller,credit cards and paysafecard!
The payout rate is acceptable and I think that if you wont take the welcome bonus you will have more chances to win some money!

clement reviewed on 02/07/2014

Hi everybody.

I would like to notice that i registered here just now to write down my experience with stargames casino. Beside that I regret i didn't read this reviews before but nvm. Somewhere in net i found out advertising about this casino, checked slots on their site and like donk without brains after reg(2 days ago) deposited 1k euros there since Novomatic slots can be tough:). I'm playing online for 1 month now (but played many times in land casinos), and I play usually from 10-30 eur per stacks, depends on situation. This review is not about making bad commercial, its JUST about my experience with them.

Deposit via Skrill, just to mention that 1k is one time limit transfer and this can be frustrating for big staked guys( there is also 1k play session). After session expired i had all the time problems to reconnect back on same slot machine because there were many players online, so basically when i leave session and tried to reconnect back slot was already busy . I always like to play on same machine until collect funds and I don't give up easy.

Lets go now to day one: as i said started with 1k eur, I was playing Dolphin pearls, Lucky lady charms and Katana and cashed for about 3,5k when i decided for break. First impression was great, everything went smoothly, great payouts for 10eur stakes. After small break and with around 3,5k i switched to Chicago(10 eur per spin). No bonus, no win no nothing for around 2,5k. Meanwhile i raised stack to 16 and finally hit 3 cars, in bonus rounds i cashed out for 1k. I continue to play and ofc i lost. Left with last 500 eur, raised stack to 20 and again bonus rounds. Bonus was retriggered and in last round i hit 4 officers with 5x(2500 eur), in total 5,5k. After 2 hours of playing. On the end I was happy, returned invested+earned money. Great session

2nd day: To be short, I lost all 5,5k from day before+5 new, played only Dolphin pearls deluxe and Lucky lady charm with 15, 20 and 30 eur stacks. For 5k no single bonus rounds, biggest award was 1k, when i finally hit bonus round on 30 eur/spin i cashed out 1,7k.

As many of you above already mentioned wins here aren't same like in other casinos. Especially I don't recommend this casino for high stake players. I play in other casinos and its huge difference when its about winnings on same stacks. Maybe I can't judge this casino coz i played there only 2 days and I'm aware of losing a lot of money on this stacks but anyway this is just not normal. For me this casino is closed subject.

Unfortunately I didn't request withdraw so i can't tell you how long it takes. There is also one thing which is great, they have a lot of nice games. I didn't tried them so i can't comment this. I also screenshot my account overwiev, if some one don't believe me…for those who still want to try luck there: GL guys

gamers reviewed on 09/26/2013

Stargames NOT PAY 1130,05 EUR account blocked! NOT PAY STARGAMES CASINO!!!!

aemakgol reviewed on 09/19/2013

Good day to all members. Stargames casino have games from greentube, which provide to players opportunity to play novomatic games. I decide to play there, made deposit of 30 euros and have 60 euro on my balance. As my friend describe to me, on stargames you can did not wager your bonus, if you hit something big, you can just cashout and bonus will be deducted. I am like this system, and i wish to all casino have such bonuses. I start with mermaid pearl slot machine. One time, when i play in another casino, i played 700 freespins in a raw, it is just retriggered and retriggered... My total win was over 1000 x total bet, but unfortunately i did not make screenshot and can not show it you. Or probably save, i will check this out and post on forum if you want to see this nice win. But this time this machine even do not want to trigger freespins( you need 3 chests for this, it gives 40 freespins, for 4 chests - 50, for 5 - 60). So with 40 euro left on my balance i go to famous book of ra, of course, if you play novomatic casino, and if you do not enter book of ra at least once while playing, your not a novomatic gambler, i am sure every player knows about this slot and love it, or hate, depends on results. I play it at 0.40 euro spins, and first feature pay me around 10 euro, expand scatter was an ace, but it do not want to come and pay something, pretty bad. With 30 euro i go to dolphian pearl delux slot machine, this is also very popular game, due to high potential in freespins, but there is also no luck and i got busted. As for me i preffer quasar gaming casino for novomatic games, but stargames have more slot machines that quasar.
Thats all, thank you for reading my review about stargames casino, now i will give them some marks:
Support: do not tested, but they have no live chat, thats bad
Bonuses: B+ ( nice bonus for first deposit that you can even did not wager)
Withdrawals: not tested
Games selection: A

AlexMou12 reviewed on 06/30/2013

Hihoo! Stargames casino is powered by novomatic games, and offer only their games, but they have a lot of games there. Also their welcome bonus is amazing, because you can cashout even without clearing wagering requirements. So i decide to play big, and made deposit of 100 euro in my account, and start playing with 200 euros. If i hit something big, i can cashout without clear any wagering, they just removed this 100 euro of bonus. Okay, i start with game named pharaon tomb, and i like how freespins work, every symbol evolution and became other, so if you lucky you can see only best symbols. So i start spinning at 2euro per spin, not so much luck, but finally hit freespins and already start thinking how big my win will be, but nothing. I win only 40 euro, and with balance of 180 euros i move to book of ra, famous book of ra, great book of ra. I think this is my favorite slot ever :) I decide not to take risk, and start spinning at 1 euro per spin, got books few times, and last time when i again hit nothing i become in rage and decide to play 2 euro per spin with 130 euro on my balance. Get 3 books on my last 10 euros, was very happy. Special expanding symbol was A, and you can not believe, but while 20 freespins spinning i get 5 of them 4 times!!! Yeah , retrigger + lot of money. With 830 euros on my balance i was more than happy, and decide to cashout my money. Also i see that i clear my bonus, so all 830 euros is mine! Ok, request cashout and get autoemail that i need to provide my ID. Sent it immideately and money comes to me after 3 days of waiting...
Stargames casino is amazing, it uses amazing software, it have amazing bonuses. All here amazing except their cashout times and speed of support. That a shame for them, because if they will cashout in few hours, and add live chat, i think they will had lot of players.
Alexmou12 for ;)

mpane80 reviewed on 06/08/2013

Hi games casino i ye played few times,it has Novomatic Games.the first time i ve played at star games i reveive an email for 10 euro free when i open an account so i open an account and receive 10 free,i started playing golden ark similar game as book of ra a 10 line slot.i won arount 120 euro with tha slot after went to play fruits and seven i was also lucky and finish the wagering .the next day i also deposit and play again golden ark and i was lucky again for some reason when they have new games as golden ark was at that time i get lucky at that games has also rummy which i like to play and belote which is amazing.i could play belote for hours with out get bored.anyways i had 240 euros at my account and i ask for withdrawl actually i sent an email if the need any documents becose they dont have live chat support.i sent my id it was approved i call my bank to tell me my iban number and i made an withdrawl after 1 week i lock in again and the money were back at my star games account so i sent an email to ask why and they told me that probably my iban was wrong thats why the system didnt sent me the i call again my bank and ask again the iban and it was right the first time .so i made an withdrawl again and after few day the money were again back to my account .so i desited just to play them all i couldnt fint a solution with them and becose they dont have live support is even more defficult .i lost them all .the next think i did was opening multible accounts so i will always have enough star to play for fun belote lol.thats my story with star games.if i had to rate this casino i would have given sortware 8/10 pay out 7/10 support 2/10 becose i have a nice heart and cash outs 1/10 actually is zero but i am nice person.if you ask me i wouldnt deposit again at this casino i would play only for fun.i forget to tell you that for time to time they sent you free money to play but never got lucky as the first time.well that my review for star games good luck arestis 80:)

sultansam reviewed on 04/21/2013

I have had an account with star games for quite some time now. Reading these reviews is a real shock to me. I can not believe that so many people are having problems with star games. Note, that I only play slots. They have all kinds of novomatic games with high volatility. I have won over 4,000 euro in one month.

There are many great things about the site. First are the games. They have book of ra, lucky lady's charm, dolphin's pearl, etc. All these games ensure that you are enjoying a real casino in the comfort of your own home. I think most of the people here who have had problems did NOT read the terms and conditions. I personally know a few people in real life who have played on star games and did NOT receive their winnings due to violating the terms and agreements. Now the issue with that is that you won't know you violated them until you attempt a withdrawal. They will allow you to put as much money as you want into their site, but once you withdraw, they notify you of the issue which I personally find wrong.

The ONLY thing that I can complain about with star games is the customer service. Absolutely terrible for an online casino. For a company that makes millions of euros from its thousands of players, I'm extremely disappointed that they can not make amends to their customer service. There is NO 24/7 chat support that is seen on all other casinos. I believe this is a huge reason people don't play here. Also, there have been plenty of e-mails I send that have never seen a reply.

I have never had any problems with withdrawing my winnings. You can only make 2 withdrawals per month if you are a bronze member. 3 if silver, 4 if gold, etc. I find this extremely annoying. As a casino, they should allow you to make as many withdrawals as you want so you can come back and play more.

If star games fixes their customer support and makes changes to their withdrawal limits, they can easily become the best online casino. This I have no doubt.

I have played MANY online casinos and seriously seriously believe this is the best site out there.

cocopop3011 reviewed on 04/17/2013

Why didn't I read the reviews on this site before I deposited?? I never learn from my mistakes, but hopefully whoever reads my review will never consider making a deposit here!!

Everything started out good at Star Games, I seen a promotion where you could get £5 free no deposit required, but I had to email them for it to be credited. To be honest I never thought i would get it and forgot all about it. Then I received an email a week or two later saying the free bonus money had been credited to my account. Ill be honest, I hadn't even bothered looking at the slots they had...I purely signed up for the free bonus money. So once I had it, I was quite chuffed because at the time I had done all the free money promotions EVERYWHERE so it was nice to have somewhere to play. I was really disappointed when I learnt the majority of their slots were like 50p/90p a 9 or 15 line slots allowing me to place a minimum bet per line of 0.01p, so I knew my fiver was not going to last long. All the slots were completely new to me I hadn't played any of them before. I don't even remember what I played back then but I know I lost my money. Then as time went on I came across these slots at another casino and started to like one in particular called 'Royal Dynasty' and I also liked 'Book of Ra'. I thought I may as well give these a go here and I made my deposit of the minimum required which was €10 and I received an instant match bonus of 100%.

I went straight to the slot 'Royal Dynasty' which is a 20 line slot but it's a minimum spin of 40p. The wins on the lines don't pay the best but if you get the free spins which is the reason why I play it...then normally they always get repeated loads of times making you a nice little earner. I think the most free spins I had were repeated about 12 times, maybe even more and it got me just over £90. I was well happy with that. To be honest I spent most of my time on this slot, I played a few others like 'Lucky Lady's Charm' and 'Dolphins Pearl' but I just couldn't get into them. After I few hours spinning I was starting to loose interest and noticed I was able to make a withdrawal, at the time I had €98 but I would have to forfeit €4 bonus I still had, but I didn't I requested a withdrawal. The next day I had an email asking me to send in verification documents which I done and I expected everything to be fine from there on. However I heard nothing for about two days, then to my horror I tried logging into my account only to learn it had been blocked. No email from them or anything and of course no money.

There is no live help facility on here and I couldn't even phone them because the only number they had was for Germany and there was no way I was paying for that. I finally got a response from them and they had the cheek to accuse me of a duplicate account!! But it wasn't in my name it was in my partners name, but the thing is my account was registered at a different address to his so I can't see why that would matter??? I am assuming they picked it up under the IP address, and I know casinos say that it's one account IP address, but both me and my partner are gamers and we always play at the same casinos with normally no problem at all. I was furious and sent a stinking email to them asking for my deposit back...surprise surprise I have never had a reply. My account is still blocked and I still don't have my winnings, which I will never get.

There are so many complaints on Ask Gamblers alone, I wish I had read them first. DO NOT deposit your money here, even if your account is verified they will try and do anything not to pay you out your winnings. I don't know how casinos like this are still in business honestly!!

jaismin reviewed on 03/07/2013

I’ve been involved in a lot of poker play in the past few years and I though I’d tell everyone with a passing interest in poker. At face value they are not the best: not many players online, average promotions, scarce tournaments...but this is where i always end up playing because of the pond quality.

As a decent player I look for a less experienced opponents, it gets me the best of both worlds in terms of experience and winning. A well hidden poker gem, and I suggest you give it a shot!
One site in which I play most i.e. dbgpoker

Mahamedau reviewed on 02/28/2013

Hello. I just read here another posts about stargames casino, and also read some complaints with this casino , and i am trully shocked. I made about 10-15 deposits in stargames( not big deposits, but anyway), and i had about 5-6 times withdrwalas, two of it was 900 euro each. I and alway get my money in standart time for them, 2-4 days. Never encounter any problems with this casino , they check my pasport on next day after sending, and after it never ask me something. So i am not sure why so many bad posts here, as my experience with them fully nice and no any problems with anything. Stargames casino is located on malta i think, and they licensed on malta. I made deposit of 50euro, and get 50 euro bonus, that is a 100% match deposit bonus. But the nice thing with this bonus, that you can cashout anytime, because they just remove bonus from your cashouts and thats all. Not need to clear any wagering, or else, if you hit big in begining, you can cashout any time, they just remove your bonus and thats all. Also stargames casino usually send me no deposits with wagering , and deposit bonuses for their new games. New games appear every month and this is a good sign for casino, no? So, as i told, i myself never had any problems with stargames casino, i always got my money in the times that casino provide on main page, they had nice bonus system, and also you can call them and ask everything you want for direct and nice support.
So, here is my marks for stargames casino:
Software: 10/10 i love all their games, and they always add new!
Support: 6/10 no live support, email support answer few days, only phone support works good.
Bonuses: 10/10 nice welcome bonus even withoug wagering.
Cashouts: Casino promises that it will process any cashout in 10 days time, and they always do it. They do it for me in about 2-4 days everytime 7/10
Total: 8/10 . I really dont know why stargames have so bad posts here, but i like this casino and play with it on regular basis.