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10-14 days
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Not recommended Casino

The Casino have been reported to have slow payments. It is also part of the rebranded Crystal Palace Group and is linked with the notorious rouge Virtual Casino Group who are known for slow payments and have been reported of voiding player winnings.

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Bonus: $100
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Cashable: No

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W.R: 30x
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W.R: 50x
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$ 20000
disputed amount

I won 20,000 on 2/13/2015 and put in for withdrawal process that day. which broke it done into 8 $2500 payments. which was fine with me. on 3/6/2015 i ...

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25 hours left
$ 7500
disputed amount

I submitted withdrawal $2500 x 3 on march 6 and today is march 21 and I still have no words from them. The process for withdrawal supposed to be 7-10 ...

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$ 3920
disputed amount

I requested a payout on Jan 1, 2015 and it was approved on JAN 13th. I was told it would take 7-10 business days for payment. It is now February 10 ...

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  • Fax: +1-866-725-1126

Players reviews

Reviewed on Monday 16. March 2015
I haven't had any of the same withdrawing issues as other people have had. I've enjoyed playing at Silver Oak in large part because the bonuses are really good, the game variety is similar to other RTG casinos, and the support staff is prob the best on the internet. I always have qs about bonuses, deposits, and free spins and their 24/7 support team is always really helpful.

Been playing here for just over 2 years and would recommend you try it out for yourself! I
United States
Reviewed on Monday 9. March 2015
The bonuses are great the staff even better. I've played there for years I always get paid I can't imagine why all these complaints keep appearing.
only complaint is that payouts are extremely slow. In this age of technology there simply no excuse for that.
United States
Reviewed on Monday 9. March 2015
Don't waste your $$ here. Scams!
United States
Reviewed on Monday 9. March 2015
Do not play here. Your $$ is practically difficult to get back! Run around answers from live chat representatives!
United States
Reviewed on Monday 9. March 2015
Absolutely nothing! Scams!
Qualified withdrawals declined with B.S. reasons.
Reviewed on Thursday 29. January 2015
I started playing here in early 2014 mainly because of the massive welcome and deposit bonuses they were offering. Thought I'd give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised with the game selection, support staff, and payouts. I haven't had any issues here and I'm surprised to see comments about slow payouts.

RTG usually has some of the best slot games on the internet and Silver Oak is no different. I spent hours playing Sea Captain slot game and it constantly pays out. Add that to the daily promotions and I think this is a really fun place to play at.

I'd def give it a look and see for yourself. Overall I'd give it an 8.5/10
United States
Reviewed on Tuesday 27. January 2015
I just recently won $300. After submitting all the forms they asked for they denied my winnings because they said my deposit didn't go through. At the time when I deposit $30 (minimum deposit) I got an email confirming the deposit from Silver Oak Casino. Also at that time I had plenty of money in my checking account to cover that $30 deposit so it's not my bank. Because I withdrawal my money I won right away they are using the excuse that the deposit didn't go through so they basically said the $300 I won is worthless. I feel like I just got scammed! I bet if I lost the $30 deposit would have gone through no problems. What can I do? I feel this is not right.
United States
Reviewed on Tuesday 25. November 2014
Fast Customer service response
so i sign up for their 100 free no deposit bonus.. and than used their free50 dollar bonus ended up wining $300.. i then deposited $30 dollar of my own and now when i request the 300 withdrawal they denied it..dont bother with this casino they will robbed you.
Reviewed on Friday 20. June 2014
I've been playing with Silveroaks for the last 3 to 4 years, and in my opinion they are great, my VIP hosts is always very helpful and I have no problem getting my bonuses.. And yes there are sometimes that I don't win a thing, but there have been many times I win a lot, but thats why its called gambling right? I would love to see them add a slot game kinda like 3dice has that is the same as the wheel of fortune slots
only issue is the time frame it takes to receive your withdrawals ... takes way to long ...but they always pay out and always pay the amount expected.

gstarboy on silveroaks
Reviewed on Monday 14. April 2014
Some may have their doubts but I came into this as an open-minded individual and started playing with Silver Oak Casino. I only have good words for this company. Payouts aren't lightning quick but they really aren't that bad. Ran up my balance when I first started from $30 to over $1k but unfortunately lost it. I continued to deposit and win here and there, and before long I was up several hundred dollars and decided to keep my profits (at least for now). Got paid on all 5 of my withdrawals without any issue whatsoever.

I honestly believe that most people who complain (at least 90 to 95 percent) do so because 1) they either clearly violated the terms and conditions and are lying to everyone on this board OR 2) they are expecting a lightening quick payout. Relax, you will get paid. Sometimes you'll get paid in 2 weeks and sometimes you'll get paid in 5 weeks. But you will get paid. Great company. Great staff. Great service. Payout % is very good.

My Honest Review: Rating A-
United Kingdom
Reviewed on Monday 15. July 2013
I was actually just considering signing-up to Silver Oak before Googling reviews, thank god I didn't, I've never seen one so bad!

Good luck getting paid guys.
Reviewed on Sunday 24. March 2013
This casino is for me very dubious.
A casino what a week for at least 2 free bonuses awards can not be fair. And this is also my experience. The rollers do not roll properly when stopping them roll on, or the best, the display changes after stopping.
I've tried many online casinos and I have to say on a scale from 1 to 10 this casino only gets 1 point for very bad and unfair.
The best part is, I've played a Free bonus, after I won and wanted to cash out my profit, everything was done away with and as a justification: I have after every free until a deposit bonus active, to win a free bonus can be cashed
United States
Reviewed on Saturday 6. October 2012
A couple of things to do before playing at any casino...READ THE RULES.....I was playing witih a free chip at Silver Oak and played a tournatment..which I won.....I then used that money to play the slots and won 7,158.00 but this win was voided BECAUSE YOU CAN'T PLAY A TOURNAMENT ON A FREE CHIP!!! I could not be mad at Silver Oak as this rule is CLEARLY STATED EVERYWHERE ....If you win on a free chip..wthdraw immediately once you make the play thru because that is ALL THERE IS to that!! My personal experience at Silver Oak customer service was with the VIP managers and they were OUTSTANDING. The MAIN downside at Silveroak is the incrediably slow payouts and ONE TIME a regular customer service person miscalculated my playthru telling me I had not met it when I had. Most casinos have (in the cashiers secion) your playthru details...Silveroak does NOT have this and you have to keep calling the reps to see if you have made your playthru. I don't play at Silveroak because of the slow payouts...other casinos can pay out why does SilverOak have this continuing problem????????
... .
Reviewed on Wednesday 22. August 2012
Wow, I'm glad I read this page first. I was thinking of becoming an affiliate because they're ranked no. 1 in the top ten casinos. I don't get it. Can anyone suggest some good honest ones for becoming an affiliate?
Reviewed on Tuesday 24. July 2012
I had a complaint against this casino, it took a little over a month to get paid-but in all fairness they did send me the $1000 that I won!!!
Reviewed on Tuesday 24. July 2012
Why am I not surpried to find all these horrible reviews about this casino.
I will [bNEVER EVER EVER EVER play in this casino ever again.

I learnt the hard way about the "no 2 free chips in a row" policy with some RTG casinos.

I only discovered the joys of online gaming last year. so was very naive to some of those so called blacklisted casinos.

My personal experience with this one was horrible, I played a free chip. Made the playthrough.
they took whatever I was @... I was left with the $100 Max cashout amount.

So I played a bit more. In theory the 100 is mine I would assume. So I played and played with my so called max cashout money made abit more. did a withdrawal of 100 only.

With my change I played a tournament won the tournament of $120 my first tournament win ever. YAY!
I sent through the necessary as I had my 100 and another 100 from my tournament.
I spoke to live chat after sending my docs... I was informed it would take a few days.. blah blah.

Eventually my money disappaeared, when I contacted chat - I had the most unpleasant help give me the 3rd degree and tell me no I played the tournament with my free chip money which wasnt the case @ all.

He was so rude and made me so mad I started to write a letter of complaint with every screenshot etc,
I eventually did not send it ... I took it as a lesson.

But after reading some of these reviews. It looks like Im not the only one :(
Reviewed on Sunday 29. April 2012
STAY AWAY FROM SILVEROAK CASINO!! they will do nothing but take your money, and leave you feeling pissed off that you allowed yourself to get sucked into the BULLSHIT they call "online casinos". I don't have much experience with gambling, but I know this... you got to give a little and make a "patron" feel like they are going to win to keep them coming back. Yes, I played... and I lost. I tried my luck again... and lost again... and went back for a third time... and guess what, lost again! I know this is my fault, and that I am grown, and able to make my own decisions, but damn... can I get a little payout, maybe not be so tight with your slots?? This is horrible for business, and you have lost a customer for life due to your money hungry ways. If you have a little extra cash, and have an itch to do a little slot play, don't do it here... go to Bovada, at least they make you think there is a chance of "hitting it big" instead of taking all your money within the first 30 min of playing. I can only imagine how many others have lost as much as me, and never received a dime back.. *#*$ SILVEROAK- EAT A @$*?!!! Oh, and if you call to see about why/how your transaction was messed up don't expect any kind of decent customer service, they will only tell you the minimum and then go back to the conversation they were having with the other soul sucking, money hungry dip-%*@* co-workers. I know this sounds mean, and like I'm a sore looser, but this is how YOU will feel too if you go onto this site and put any of your money onto it. This is a fore-warning... I hope you can learn from this review and not make the same mistake I did. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me... fool me a third time and it just goes to show you suck and you shouldn't be in business.
Reviewed on Saturday 21. April 2012
Silver Oak Casino Review

I had already written a review on Silver Oak Casino, a review that offered detailed on information specific to this casino, but it was deleted because I reviewed 25 casinos in one night, and who ever looked at them didn’t read the entire review, and/ or has a grudge against me, because they would have seen I specifically went into detail about this casino. The only reason I am re-writing this casino is because I have more insight on what to look for in a scam or con that most people don’t, and if I stop someone, anyone, even just one person from getting taken for their money, and probably spending hours on emails back and forth with the company (time is money too) then it will have been worth it. I have the credential’s I’m 24 I was a bad drug addict from the age of 17 to 22, from age 18 to 22 not only did I work at a few jobs that scammed people, but if I had the opportunity I would get your money without a second thought. A general rule of thumb, especially for RTG casinos, is to stay away from depositing at the casinos that give away 2-3 of their “Free Chips” but you can’t withdrawal the money if you use two in a row without a deposit in between. First of all, I think a legitimate casino would not even let you cash a free chip knowing that you won’t be able to withdrawal. It’s a win-win situation for them, if someone hits a random or progressive jackpot, they will not be able to keep it, and it’s reset to zero, or on the other hand it beefs up the random and progressive jackpots to make it seem more enticing, knowing they will never pay, especially players from the US. Second of all when you search for No deposit bonus codes, often times one of the first sites that pops up is a site that lists all the no deposit bonuses, posted by members daily. So if you’re new to online casino and see that this casino offers 50-100$ bi-weekly on top of their match offers, it may come off as the “best deal” to an uniformed player. I don’t know about most people, but I know gambling and I know very few people win so it’s a perfect trap for the new player, who makes a deposit, loses, and then redeems a chip, doesn’t make the play through, and repeat the process over and over. If that was enough, once you sign up with one RTG casino that is one of the many that will straight up not pay you, they email you, not from the casinos support, but from a person’s name, and the emails will say “You have won $50 sitting in your account” or “you were randomly selected for this bonus”, my favorites are “You have won $10,000 free” when all it is, is a match bonus, or my favorite no deposit email “You won $50 where do we send the check?”, and these usually come from other RTG sites once you’ve signed with one. If you are going to spend your hard earned money, the best thing to do is find out what casinos have the best reputation, RTG casinos such as High Noon, All Star Slots, Club World, and Manhattan Slots have some of the best reviews for sites that allow US players, while sites such as Silver Oak, Cool Cat, Slots of Vegas etc.. Have some of the worst reviews out there. Usually 99.99% of the time if seems too good to be true, it’s usually not.
Overall review don’t ever spend a dime here, and take the words I have wrote and spread them like you were back in college after a party, and you just put a sock on your doorknob to let your roommate know to come in, which will usually lead to other things spreading, I got mono in college, it wasn’t fun, but neither is getting robbed, so just like you were taught in high school using a piece of fruit, use protection, yes, even when gambling, protection such as reading from others experiences, and learn from it, just think if you’re a man or a woman and your friend caught something, you wouldn’t go “play” with that person you would listen , the same applies here. Sorry if this offends anyone but I love analogies, wow I was dying laughing writing analogies like some 14 yr old kid lol, but analogies help people understand, and everyone who is gambling is old enough to understand sex, so it’s a perfect analogy, and remember for this purpose it’s not the size of the bonus that counts, it’s the motion in the reputation’s ocean ;).

Reviewed on Thursday 8. March 2012
I have a complaint filed against this casino and have waited over 30 days for payment. They have acklowleged my withdrawal and that I won the $1000 but have told me that my payment was sent to their processor almost 2 weeks ago. I've asked several times for a tracking number but they either don't want to give it to me or are lying about sending my withdrawal. Only time will tell but if I was holding my breath waiting for my payment I would of been dead along time ago!!!
Reviewed on Tuesday 12. July 2011

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