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Party Casino has the reputable name behind it, as an affiliate of the Party Gaming Group which is responsible for the ever popular Poker room, Party Poker. The better news is that it more than meets expectations with its game variety and quality experience offered to all players of the virtual casino! Plus, players who already have accounts with Party Poker or Party Bingo can switch back and forth using the same account to widen the game variety.


The software used at Party Casino is internally developed proprietary software, and while for many, this can cause worries of lack of reliability, fair play, and quality of gaming, the Party Gaming Group has more than proved that they can deliver a software product that more than pleases the masses of players out there.


As Party Poker players may already be aware, the Party Gaming Group doesn't provide the widest variety of games to their members, but they do stick to what they're good at and what's proven to be popular. At Party Casino, that includes a couple of dozen slots, including Progressives and Video Slots as well as classic reel slots. Plus a minimal selection of Video Poker and Table Games. Of course, many games are available in multi-player format, and betting requirements are flexible to fit any virtual gambler's budget. The selection may not be huge, but an added bonus is that players are able to use one account in order to play at all of the Party Gaming Group's gambling entertainment sites, so with that in mind, players at Party Casino do have access to more than what's just right in front of them.


At Party Casino, most promotions run along with the release of new and exciting Slots at the Casino. As a result, most promotions change on a regular basis but include bonus promotions and cash and prize giveaways. Players can also receive small incentives for referring their friends, and are automatically entered into the ranks of the VIP club where they can earn Party Points that can be exchanged for merchandise, tournament admission and more.


  • Party Gaming Group has a positive reputation
  • Players can play at Party Poker or Party Bingo with same account
  • Promotions tend to have fun themes


  • No US players welcome
  • Lacking in game variety
  • Bonus wagering requirements are complicated

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Hello, i played on Party Casino slot called "wizard of oz" which is powered by williams interactive and i got stuck my money in it. When i closed that ...

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disputed amount

Sunday 10 April 2016: I was playing slot online Gems, the game just kept spinning and eventually i had to exit the game. Once i logged back in it. it ...

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My complaint is simple, whilst playing Spartacus, the game just kept spinning and eventually i had to exit the game. once i logged back in said ...

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Players reviews

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3 reviews, Australia
Reviewed on Monday 14. March 2016
In 2012 this was a great casino to be a VIP member of. Heaps of 100% and 75% bonus offers, promotions that often netted $100, bonus points every month and a VIP support team that checked your account regularly and if they noticed you were losing then they would credit a good amount into your account.

By 2015 conditions had dwindled, many Microgaming games had disappeared and no more account checks, bonus credits or big bonus offers anymore. Party Casino still had some ok promotions and regular bonus offers. They also gave VIPs a birthday gift like an iphone 6 or a laptop.

stayed with them having probably turned over hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 4 years I played with them.
In 2015 Party Casino told me that as a valued player I had been selected to be part of a special VIP playing group on a new platform called Party Premium. They promised exclusive bonuses and high value promotions. They gave me $100 sign up bonus and on these promises I signed over....What a mistake. Party Premium is a completely different entity of which there is little to no information on the web. The promotions are crap and are continually paying either no prize or a prize you don't want like a $2 ticket into a poker freeroll. They run these really dodgy quarterly promotions where they rarely publish winners - I challenged them on this and was told that it was a management decision not to publish winners. Bonus offers were one to two a month at best and never higher than 50%. Every time I challenged support and threatened to leave I was told to "wait as it will get better soon". Well it didn't get better. One of their games Cash of the Nile would continuously shutdown and take your credits with it - hit and miss getting those back.

Beware Party Casino and Double beware Party Premium. The gaming commissions should have a good hard look at gaming practices especially those at Party Premium. Its really suspicious that this casino has so little written about it on the internet. I hope my review stops other players from joining that travesty of a casino.
1 review, United Kingdom
Pay out is fast (after 1st withdrawal) - paypal is generally within 6 hours.
This will be a long review, but a fair review and based on other negative reviews it is consistent with other users. There are major issues with game play on the site, and to be honest not quite sure how they have any customers - minor issues like every time you go to cashier you have to log out and sign back in, which is very tedious, plus major issues - when free spins or bonuses come up on slots they more often or not either freeze or the payout is nowhere near sufficient for the few times they actually spin in.

The main issue I have with payout is they credit your account in Euros rather than sterling, which is a charge straight away - £250 win - after charges, exchange charge etc - £234 - which in my eyes is unacceptable. Payout is quite quick especially through paypal.

The chances of speaking or contacting the site are limited - their live chat is almost always not available, and trying to resolve issues is a waste of time. I made a payment to the site which was not credited and they refused to even suggest they were wrong so £50 down straight away... in fact I had a reply 13 days after initial response by email which was bizarre to say the least asking me for Paypal login details to check the error - decided not to reply to this one... not entirely sure whether this was from Party casino or not, but quoted deposit id - very worrying...

I always spend time checking the games before playing and comparing the odds with other on-line casino sites. Star burst is a game which has a high win opportunity, but as you will know if playing, it can, on a bad day, take a lot of money before paying out. Now on party casino you can only get the wild on reels 2,3 and 4 - all other casino sites the wilds can be on all 5 reels - all have the same pay table - this makes it all but impossible for the occasional really decent win to payout - so therefore be aware that playing Starburst on Party casino is smaller odds compared to other on-line sites. The other game which you must avoid is 'twin spin' which although 'potentially' could pay out a huge amount it really is a slot which will only payout the large amounts, and just getting the stake back on a spin is highly unlikely - which is a shame as the game play and idea of the slot is excellent.

I would recommend using Party casino just to realise how good some of the other sites are compared to this. I have used multiple sites for gaming, not a huge player by any means, and I guess a customer most sites would not blink an eye lid at losing. What really bugs me with this site (not just this site, but this site is probably one of the worst) is that when playing with small bets the game play is excellent, but once you up the bet the chances of winning just seem to diminish. Play 25p a spin on slots and the game play is excellent - albeit winnings are small, but game time for a £10 deposit can be a hour. Deposit £100 at £3 a spin and you are lucky to get 10 minutes of gameplay - it just doesn't make sense - they call it 'luck' and our games are checked 'all the time' otherwise they would not get 'given the license' to run the site...
1 review
Please please don't play on this site. Playing Bruce Lee I triggered a bonus that wouldn't load. Emailed customer service they didn't bother replying so called. Told that there was an issue with a few WMS games that they were working to address. Had to wait 24 hrs then contact live chat and relay this whole issue again which again was met with no apology when I was told that I wouldn't receive any winnings from the bonus round (the reason most of us play slots!). After another hour the funds stuck in the game were freed.

I then trigger a £1.50 stake bonus on Spartacus and the exact thing happens again. I speak with live chat who don't give a damn and say just wait another 24hrs!!!. No goodwill gesture no nothing. Add to this the ridiculously long processing times and I would advise you to go nowhere near these cowboys.
1 review
Nice slots, fast pay-out on the bank (like 2-5 days), realy doesn't matter, please see below.
Hi Everybody,

I'm a very loyal customer on Partycasino. Like last Friday on 30 October I played like 2USD per spin on ZEUS3 and I received the free spins. Wow! Nice! And then the slot was stuck. So I got to the chat support. My slot will be released and i could play the free spins and when so I will receive an email. Like 5 days later I got my 2USD back, but not the free spins. Got back to customer care and they told me, we forward this to tech department and you'll receive the free spins.

I send an email that i'm not happy and never got any email back from partycasino. I got into the chat support again and then they told me, no mr.....the ZEUS3 slot is back in his Original state and you could not get the free spins. WTF?! Your colleagues told me i would get them. So I dialed the Phone number and got a person on the Phone. He told me he knows about my chats and emails, but he cannot give me the free spins. What he can do, is give 2USD. What?! No man, after 1 week of inconveniences, i would like to receive the free spins or like 10 free spins of 2 USD is at least 20 USD. This is also unfair, but a normal deal for loyal customers. Furthermore, I told the man, that they will loose me a customer if their will be no proper solution. The only solution he could give me, is giving me 2USD nothing more.

I think this I really unfair. I think the customer survive are thanking a lot of time and furthermore, the service is very customer unfriendly.

I send them an email to delete my account or give me a proper/fair solution. I don't think I would play again here. Be aware of any injustice on this online casino. Because they give you free spins and then let the game be stuck, so they have not to pay out any (big) winnings on the free spins. Please think about this, when signing up for PartyCasino.

Kind regards,

25 reviews
Reviewed on Monday 13. July 2015
FREESPINS50 bonus is attached to the WELCOME BONUS code as a deposit is needed before claiming the free spins. Cannot play any games for free to try this casino as a deposit is needed to open the games up.

Good Luck trying to get live support. Tried several times as it said I was 1st in line, to wait 11 seconds every time but no reply at all.

Seems to be a very money orientated casino with the player coming second to the mighty $. A few tricky T & Cs and word play so be careful.
1 review
These people have a good enough set up with plenty of variety and offers. But what really annoys me and PartyCasino (and many many other online betting sites) is the fact they accepts deposits in seconds from your account, but when it comes to payout time, they drag their heels for days on end.

Paypal is instant, but not with casinos. If they and others like them don't sort this out, I for one wont be depositing with them. If I pay in fast, I expect it paid out fast in return!
791 reviews, Belarus
Reviewed on Sunday 27. July 2014
Party casino belongs to Party gaming group, and this brand including lot of sites: poker, bingo, casino, few others. Software in casino is good, Cryptologic, IGT, Betsoft, and few others. I do not very like Betsoft, but games from Crypto and IGT are interesting, and sometimes I play it.

I decided to try Party casino from my friend suggestion, he told me that it is good and decent brand, and he recently won good amount of money on this slot. I played only once, since I did not think that I can often can use games from this softwares.

I made 40$ deposit using Moneybookers account, and also take casino SUB (sign up bonus) which was 100% for me. From begin I decide to try few Betsoft games, and start from game that name I forget, it has something linked to movies. I did not so bad, and after good paying feature, which was 50 x total bet, I left slot and try few other Betsoft games, but they were not so good, but from the other side I did not lost much, since I think probably all Betsoft games are ultra low variance, and it is hard to lose a lot on this game in short period of time.

After this I tried few IGT games with stacked wilds, I am pretty happy that most slots from IGT have stacked wilds and 243+ lines, and since that most their games is high variance. But my luck was not very good, and I quickly drop to 20$, so I decided that I need a hero who save my balance, so I decided to play Batman slot from Cryptologic with 0.5$ bets, and like this happens with me most times when I playing online casinos, I lost very quickly, and without any chances to win some more money or longer my gameplay.

I rate Party casino with 6 stars, and this rating can not be higher, because I did not test payouts and customer support.
908 reviews
Reviewed on Sunday 27. April 2014
In march and april I tried many casinos and Party casino was one of them. One of my reasons to choose this particular casino was the fact that it's provided by Evolution gaming. For 3 years in a row Evolution gaming has got an award in my country as Best Online Gaming provider. I'm interested in Evolution gaming because about a year ago they offered me a job in their company and I visited their office and game rooms. So this experience was very exciting for me.

Party casino offers to download their app or instant play, this time I chose instant play. And as a new member I was given a cool opportunity - get the same value bonus as my deposit and use it for 20 rounds at slots or get two times bigger bonus and use it for roulette with the wagering requirements 30x bonus. I like the roulette better and I thought that there's a better opportunity for me to win, so I chose it. I deposit 30 euros and got my bonus few minutes later. I wanted to try this technique when you put bet on a colour and double your bets when you lose, so eventually you'll get your loss back. It takes more time but it's actually working. I didn't use all my bonus money because I kinda get bored.I won 5 or 6 euros and decided to gamble my deposit in slots. I really liked the design of them, but I don't know why the slots were lagging all the time.

Then, customer service advised, I downloaded their app and the lagging problem was gone but then it was harder to log into my account and accept my bets. Guess it wasn't good technical day for me.

I really liked the games with live dealers, and in blackjack I won many times, but then I played poker. I had surprisingly good cards and combinations, so overall I won like 60 euros which is pretty good for one evening. I still haven't withdrawn because I'm still thinking whether keep playing there or not. I really liked their games and the variety, and live support, but I had few technical problems I wouldn't want to deal with in the future.
447 reviews
I used to be a frequent Party Poker player in 2009-2011 and played a lot of hands there. In the beginning I usually would lose my money most of the time, because I wasn't too knowledgeable and skilled enough. I guess you could stay I started off the wrong way. The platform offers a lot of freerolls though, and looking back at that time I should have started with that before losing hundreds of euros on their poker platform.

However playing poker wasn't the only thing I did, because PartyGaming tends to have way more offering than just poker. Through the poker platform I got introduced to play RNG roulette and blackjack, which eventually led me to install their software on my computer and also play other games.

I did not grab any bonuses since they had and probably still have massive playthrough. They also offer sportsbetting, which is outstanding in my opinion. I like when a provider has everything a player wants. During my time at PartyPoker and PartyCasino I managed a couple of cash outs. The nice thing about them is that it isn't a whole hassle to get your money paid out just like some other casinos.

First time it took a day after I scanned in my documents. Their live chat is extremely friendly and took care of everything the way it should. After my first withdrawal it only kept taking approximately 2 hours to get my winnings paid.

Although I probably lost more than 1000 euros at PartyGaming in total despite some cashing out, I think they have a very decent operation. Lots of promotions and sometimes even freebies without any obligations. Only bad thing is their high wagering requirements which make taking a bonus too risky and non-profitable in my opinion. The rest is perfectly fine without bonuses though. They have nice games, decent support and fast cash outs.

Overall I'll give PartyGaming an 8/10 rating.
60 reviews, Norway
Reviewed on Thursday 30. May 2013
I first opened a Party account way back in mid-2005 when I was just getting into the online poker craze. It however lay dormant until early the following year, when I closed it and opened another one linked to a popular affiliate. Eventually, as happened at virtually all the other sites I originally registered at to play poker that also offered casino games, I decided to branch out in that direction. The welcome offer was a 100% up to $200 match bonus, which I claimed and cleared successfully as I did most of the other numerous casino promotions that I participated in after that.

Since I was playing towards the end of what might be considered the golden age of online gambling, the generous bonuses and fairly easy wagering requirements meant that I not only deposited but also withdrew frequently from Party. All transactions were handled by the Pay-Pro service and, apart from having to go through the security verification process a couple of times, cashouts were always received without a hitch. In fact, the speed and no or low cost of financial processing here meant that it became my preferred means of moving cash offline to my bank account.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end – especially in the online casino world. The promotional restrictions tightened up at Party, as they did elsewhere, and my wins diminished along with my luck. By one point I was going through an awful losing streak, especially on video poker, yet repeated requests to have the casino’s overall payout percentages revealed so I could compare them with my own results were denied. I also ran into a technical problem with the download casino unable to load any game except blackjack after an update, meaning I had to periodically upgrade the entire client manually from scratch. Ultimately, I felt playing at Party was no longer worth the effort.
172 reviews
Reviewed on Monday 27. May 2013
Before I start to write a review on Party casino can someone tell me why Bwin casino is in the top 50 casinos and not Party casino being involved in it? Either you ran out of space or Bwin is much preferred over party casino. Anyways Party Casino, Bwin and Gamebookers seems to run on the same softwares.

Their games are very similar to each other and with them I cannot be miserable with the games they have. This casino is one that I enjoyed playing on! It's got great potential when playing on a bunch of slots including their progressives. I haven't won or landed one of their random jackpots yet but I will keep trying to see if I can. I liked this casino a lot based on my experience on Bwin, that I had $100 transferred into my casino account. I disregarded having the 100% match to double my deposit because it halted me from playing on Classic slots. To name a few classic slots they are Call of the Colloseum, Irish Eyes, Ramesses Riches and Crocodopolis.

he bonus is fair that it stood up to only 20 times but I did not want to risk losing my $100 just for the purpose of doubling up to play longer. My balance only needed to be stretched further while getting an unrestricted cashout. I had some regrets turning the bonus down but it is for the best! I played for $0.45 on Superstar, had a couple of fair wins. Often times 2 scattered stars lit my way as I spun this star-lit wonder. This allowed me to avoid losing my bets, instead it doubled them each time. After 23 spins on Super Star a bonus appeared before me. It had $27.90 with my name tagged with it. They should consider adding more Wild galaxies to allow constant wins to unravel, being only a 9 paylines slot. The only wilds that showed up are on 2nd and 4th reel only.

Once finished I continued with a now $0.90 bets towards this slot to come up with 3 more bonuses to get a total of $238.50. Most often $36 and $18 would appear in some of the 9 boxes. Once I finished the bonuses I concluded with the said slots above and a slot called Intensive scare. It's a zombie slot containing 50 paylines with a bonus feature. Now when it comes to winnings I could say it pays decent to less than decent in normal games. 5 of a kind nerds would pay $0.12 on a $1 bet. You would need a few wilds scattered around with combos to hit about $3-$6 on a $1 bet. Without it became a waste.

What I like about this slot is when a wild logo appears a person or patient on the reels randomly turns into a zombie, becoming an additional wild. After some unfair payouts I hit the bonus for $23.50. I probably won't return here because it isn't worth it. Besides that awful experience I kept a nice $316. Cashouts are quick when using E-wallets like Moneybookers and Cheques took weeks. With support they only answer if you are a depositing player. This is an inconvenience from the very start! Overall they are what every support everywhere appears to be, nothing but friendliness and being supportive!

Conclusively, one of the best places to gamble your money on. Just avoid the slots that take away big chunks of your cash (Intensive scare is one of them). You will come to realize regret later! An 8 out of 10 for Party casino!
693 reviews
Party Casino, part of the Party Gaming Group made me witness another superb experience! With it's huge selection of games to choose from you cannot go wrong or get bored easily. In my experience years ago, back in 2007 I have had such a great time, but great wasn't exactly the type of word I would use because it was so much more!

When I played on some of Party Casinos Progressive Slots they were truey the best I have seen. To my knowledge towards Party Casino there are two separate Jackpots, the Gold Jackpots which are 4 different jackpots within specific video slots. They are from least to most the Gold Blitz Jackpot worth at least $500, Gold Quick Jackpot for at least $5000, Gold Super Jackpot for $50,000 and the most important but very rare Jackpot pot to win is the Gold Mega Jackpot valued at a high $500,000. As we all know each jackpot grows until a player wins it and when a player does the Jackpot on whence the player won resets to that value and continues to accumulate from that point on.

Another Jackpot that is different from the Gold Jackpots is Party Casinos "Ca$h Fla$h Jackpots"! Ca$h Fla$h Jackpots are usually worth at least $1000 to begin and they pay frequently on a daily basis! This is of course what I won in 2007 playing on a Jackpot slot called Golden Oasis! Golden Oasis is a 9 paylines 10 coin video slot that only gives players just the Treasure Cave Bonus. Although it may only have a bonus the Ca$h Fla$h Jackpot may make up for the lacking features! As I was playing on this marvelous video slot for only $0.27 per spin I first grew tired that it did not go as what I expected, "to shower me with multiple big wins as it used too". But just before I gave up on this video slot I played 25 more free spins to see if there are big fishes to catch before letting go. On the 17th spin I received a pop up message saying "Congratulations!!! You won the Ca$h Fla$h Jackpot!!!" with the amount on the bottom of the message. The amount contained in the message is a whopping $1890.87! When I got caught off guard from this unexpected message I continued to play on this slot and moved to Super Star out of greed. My greed may have won me the Super Star feature but in the end it costed me $196.20 leaving me $1694.67!

After that costly display I immediately withdrew my funds via cheque to ensure I do not lose anymore funds. The curiosity of winning more may be too tempting but since I had all this cash I might as well walk away with it than lose them all.

An unexpected yet fortunate occurrence to witness which made my "great" opinion towards Party Casino into a "truly remarkable" one! And what I can't believe is how I still have the letter in 2007 from pay-pro stating my cash out of $1694.67! Everyone must try Party casino out for a good chance at winning one of their remarkable Jackpots!

My ratings for this casino are:

Support: 10/10
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Withdrawals: 8/10
Deposits: 10/10
Payouts: 10/10
96 reviews
The party casino is part of Party Gaming Group, the one since 1997 to the most rankedd online games enterprise heard and altogether 4 different Gaming portals contained. Be included this party casino party bingo share gammon as well as party poker. All these platforms are connected through party calls itself a register system account, this so one only needs account for all sides.

Party Gaming is licensed and is regulated of Alderney Gambling co. the government of Gibraltar and it become most modernly control Commission and
Security systems used, the ones for highest safety providing.

The games are going on about the PartyGaming system, called iTech Labs. It was tested by the independent test enterprise lches.
Casino softens a very proper impression and b the web site of it party
ietet unlike many other casinos with download all important one–Party city center casino.

The party casino is part of Party Gaming Group, the 2 clicks without long search, as well as the possibility round-the-clock with this getting customer service in contact by chat, mail or telephone (English).

What isn't the only one, felled for us so that not all games about
e disposing German-speaking instructions.
Although large part of the games can one do one without download over the web site however we have made up our mind and also recommend this one software and install.

The choice of games is very wide, alone this party casino offer yes, the great game supply far more than 200 games and then still comes this one other party Gaming platforms like party poker, Gammon and bingo there.
The games are graphically and sound technically really attractive and you find games, such as the Terminator Slot or the Tarzan video machine.

The register system of it very advantageously shows the possibility offer to play without problems several games at the same time.
1 review
I really enjoy playing at Party Casino. They have many games in their casino and they also offer bets, bingo and poker. This is my first address for online gambling.

Right now you get a free gift card every day, which could be 1000$ worth. I got more then 8 dollar for free over a few weeks and everything is cashable. Nice, right? They have fresh and funny promotions every month and as i could see so far, being a vip seems to be very nice at this casino. Maybe one day ;-) I played almost every slot and many spins. the software works very well. You can play it in your browser or download the casino. You get personal Bonus Offers by the casino team and the best is their loyalty program. you can either change your loyalty points into bonus and real money or buy things like tv, ipadsor a lamborghini in their own store. You can cash in and out through credit card, Netteller, Moneybookers.

You like playing progressive Slots ? The Mega Collossal Cash Jackpotclimbed above 7 million dollars! Also try the Marvel Jackpot or Cash Jackpot or Mega Gold Jackpot. Cashout works without problems but could be a bit more faster in my opinion. Sometimes the support isnt very helpful too. I made enough wins there so it doesn't bother me very much ;P But I hope they will fix this in near time. I really recommend this online casino to everybody.

he wager requirements are low. I made it easily with a profit. PartyCasino belongs to the biggest company in the online gambling industry and there is no reason to believe thing ain`t running right at this casino. If you have any questions about this casino dont hesitate to ask. I will help you if I can.
263 reviews
This is another gambling site that played in right in my early days and at the time I was a big bingo addict. I was unsure at the time even for bingo whether or not I should play here, but I did and I actually enjoyed it. Then about a month later they sent me an email saying they had given me a free £10 to spend at their casino. I had only just started playing slots at the time to so it was nice to gain a bit of experience.

One of the first things I recognised with this casino is the amount of slots they have available. There are loads to choose from and you can play in practise mode too, this was a real help for me to be honest. It allows you to rule out the bad slots from the good ones without loosing your money in the process.

So far so good, until I contacted Live Help. It all started off very friendly and I was offered their new player welcome bonus of 100% with a minimum deposit of £20. So if you deposit £20 you get £20 so have £40 in your bankroll. I asked the agent what the wagering requirement on this was, and her reply was “yes you have to meet wagering before you can withdraw”. I informed her I was aware of this and wanted to know what the play through was, she then gave me a link to their terms and conditions! And let me tell you it is an essay! I wasn’t going to read through all that just for one little question so I asked her again and she just gave me the same link. I told her I would just like to know how many times I needed to play through the bonus money and she told me I would need to read the terms and conditions then she had the cheek to just end the conversation! Now I might be wrong but aren’t Live Help supposed to be persuading you to make a deposit at their casino...this kind of service is definitely not doing that.

I lost all interest and faith in this casino, just wasted the £10 I had free couldn’t even be bothered to try winning from it. I wouldn’t bother wasting your time here guys.

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