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Based on Casino Facts (4.5) and Players Complaints (10.0)

Review updated 4 days ago.
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Paf Casino Reviews from our community

aemakgol reviewed On 09/22/2013

Good day to all members. Paf casino is a very unique casino i think, because as i know they sent some of their profit to charity, and this is very nice and cute for casino. At least i think so, so of course i decide to join this casino , and decide to play it without bonus. I made deposit of 50$ and open dead or alive slot with 0.54 bets. I know this is a bit stupid and in most cases it is like suicide, but who knows, i decide play it and this was not mistake. I get freegames and it pay me nice 150$ win, and after it with 180$ on my balance i am happy left slot. And there is always thougts for me as for player, and i am sure that many of us( when i say us i mean gamblers) always think cashout or no in this situation. From the one side you already made nice profit, and can just cashout and be happy, no need to try win million dollars, because you in most case just lost your winnings; but from the other side i just made deposit and play not many time, i made deposit not only for win, i deposit to entartain myself, to have some fun and playtime. With all of this thoughts i decide to continue my journey in Paf casino, because this day i want to play and some really fun, not just cashout some winnings. I open wild rockets game and start playing at 2$ per spin, and soon i get very nice win from freespins and i see on my balance 300$, but i believe that my luck not stop at this, and continue play with 2$ bets, and of course this was error as i lost all my money and at final i left with nothing. This time i should made cashout and did not play, so do not made such bad desicions as me.
Thats all, thank you for reading my review about Paf casino, now i will give them some marks:
Support: A
Bonuses: B
Games selection: B
Withdrawals: not tested

szirtisas reviewed On 06/25/2013

Hello here is my next review from Paf casino:
A years ago they offered some free spins to they new players, this times the Hungarian players was able to take a part of in like me too. So I registered to them and successfully get the free spins on gonzo quest. After I played down my free spins and won nothing I leaved the casino.
A few weeks ago they informed me I can get some 25 free spins if I make a deposit to them.
So I went to their home page and logged in, after it I went to the live support and asked him about the bonus terms and conditions. He was helpful and told me if I deposit minimum 10 euro I able to get my special free spins with 25x wagering requirements.
I asked him to help with my deposit too, so after I deposited 10 euro via by neteller he credits my 25 free spin bonus on starburst. I went to play down my free spins because I was curious how much I can won from it. After I finished my spins I collected 6 euro from it, so I had 16 euro with 25x play through requirements, it is means 400 euro turn over needed before I was able to cash out.
I tried to search my favourite slot Flowers but they didn’t own it, (like many other slot) so I picked the dead or alive slot with 0.45 euro per spin. I get the free spin feature within ten spins, I successfully collected 20 euro from it. I stayed at that slot and continues the play but finally I lost my money.
I think if they offers any free money I will use it but I never want to deposit again because they didn’t have all the slots and they machines pay out rates very low I think.
Thank You!

cocopop3011 reviewed On 04/28/2013

I signed up at Paf Casino about three weeks ago. I had heard of the casino before and seen it about here and there, my partner had also mentioned it to me a few times, but sometimes with me things go in one ear and out the other!! It wasn't until I found an offer for Paf Casino that offered £5 free no deposit bonus that I actually took some interest. Typical of me that is lol.

After a browse through their casino I realised that they had slots from 'NetEnt' and 'Play N Go' which I like and also slots from a few other softwares...I know there are some from 'Boss Media' too. I registered and received the free £5 bonus straight away. I tried to load up one of the NetEnt slots but my balance was showing as zero! I then discovered the bonus was only eligible to use in a selection of their slots, there is a section you can click so it only shows you the slots where your bonus money can be used. I looked through them all but I hadn't heard of any of them, so playing them was very new and exciting for me....until I actually played them. What a pile of rubbish!!! And trust me if I could have used a stronger word than rubbish on here I would have lol. I went though a few of them just looking at first, not placing ay bets, ones like 'Alpine Adventure' 'Time Machine' and 'Robin Hood', but 'Robin Hood' was definitely out of the question it was something like £2.50 a spin..I would have had like two spins lol. I decided on playing 'Bee Together'. None of them appealed to me in the slightest and I knew before I took my first spin that it was going to be a complete waste of time lol and it was. I managed to get a few spins out of it but nothing to talk about really...stupid slots...slots I don't even get.

I honestly don't understand why a casino would have these slots, and I don't understand the
people who play their hard earned money on them even more! Maybe it's just me...maybe I'm just missing something that everyone else can see..I must be because I know it's not only Paf that has these rubbish slots and that are actually profiting from them, there are plenty of other casinos doing the exact same thing.

I didn't get to play any of the slots I wanted to, as you have probably guessed I did not make a deposit here. I don't even know if players from the UK can claim their welcome bonus here but I don't care to be honest, because I would never consider putting my own money into this casino. Any casino that has slots like matter what other slots they have that are good...have to be a con!!! I'd love to be proved wrong though. There are a few casinos that I have restricted myself from playing at because of this to be proved wrong would open up more doors of opportunity for me but some how I don't think that's ever going to happen!!

Never say never though .....right?

Mahamedau reviewed On 03/30/2013

Hello, paf casino it is another netent casino which i obviously try, because i am a big fan of netent, i am actually do not know what software i like more - netent or novomatic. Also as far as i know paf casino send some of their profit to charity, and this is a very nice move for casino, and i should all casinos should do such things. I made deposit of 100 euros there, this is big, and i also do not take any bonus, but i think if i lose some of my money will go to charity, and this is a good thing. I start with jack hammer 2 slot, really, i preffer jack hammer 1 slot, but sometimes i play jack hammer 2 , but few times in features i get message 'congratulations you won 0 coins' and this is really funny thing, thats why i sometimes hate this slot. So, anyway, i betting 1.5 euro per spin and have no any thoughts about how it will go, but then i get all screen in low symbols, and with 130 euro decided not play this slot anymore, because i hate it and even 30 euro profit is nice for me in this slot. After it i try evolution slot, this is one of my favorite netent slot, i love graphic and sounds there, you should try this slot if never do this, i am sure you will like it. Anyway, i bet 1.5 per spin, and finally see freespins which increase my balance to nice 200 euros, after some thoughts i decided to stop playing slots, and try to win 100 euro on blackjack, or lost all. I enter blackjack and start playing with 25 euro per hand. After about 10 minutes my balance drop to zero, and i understand that i am pretty stupid player, and bet 25euro with 200 balance is suicide. Anyway i have great playtime, and some of my money will go to charity, so its ok for me to lose there.
Marks for Paf casino:
Software: 10/10
Bonuses: do not take any bonus
Support: do not speak with this guys
Cashouts: do not made any cashout
Total: 8/10 i am pretty sure that paf casino is ok casino for players and you can trust them.

Icymod reviewed On 03/22/2013

I can't get enough of NetEnt casinos with there potentially monumental paying video slots. The only thing I dislike about them is bonuses aren't available to me to claim unlike the other casinos which welcomes me a handful of bonuses to take up. Every NetEnt based casino I have been to exclude me from this. I get a mixed feeling about it. On one hand should I be able to take some of NetEnt's bonuses I will be able to have some advantages like playing with doubled my deposit but on the other hand without bonuses may sound like someone who is a risk taker but this allows no games to be thrown in prison (excluded games). With a bonus attacked this might may exacerbate things. The good thing about bonuses are longer play times. But other than that they stand in the way. This applied to me when I met this Mixed Netent Casino known as Paf Casino. Most of the things I went on doing are Video Slots, Live Dealer games and some Poker! Since this review is only focused on casinos I will stick to the first two. On video slots while holding $40 on hand because I like to start up small then work my way towards something bigger for less I basically went on the familiar games. In this casino the results were more positive towards me. As I was playing Crime Scene there were more lemons than rocks. It gave me a chance to make lemonade (it allowed more wilds and bonus triggers to appear) after I was collecting them. This made a difference towards the other NetEnt casinos I have been to. Can this be good luck? Was I at the right slot at the right time? All I know is it gave me about $129 of profits just for staying for two & a half hours on a $1.20 bet (Level 8) while triggering not 1 but 4 bonus rounds that payed like fireworks in the 4th of July or to put it basic (the killjoy way) I won a moderately big sum of money. Those sticky wilds cannot catch a break. I just loved the way after each fingerprint found what ever wins are collected get added up to it each time. It was intense (think of a crowd singing Ode to Joy in the background, a rocket launch, towers falling to the ground and a mushroom cloud after an atomic bomb detonation. Then after a hefty sum of $133 I went on to Live Blackjack. This was the same experience I had with other casinos only a different setup and style to accompany my tastes. At first in my first 3 hands I lost $30 worth of bets for $10 a piece but kept pushing my luck. It turns out pushing my luck turned good after that ugly experience. Hitting normal wins and two Blackjacks within 10 hands. I now have about $183. And finally I went on to Paf's Poker Room and in short won a few dollars $11.90 to be exact for winning on a full house (4s,4d,5s,4c,5h) during an all-in moment and you know what take that Freush133 for talking bull***t towards me and another player. Seriously "Don't hate the player, hate the game!". Excellent triple based action I got from this marvelous casino, Paf Casino, a place where good luck and trash talking collide!

chriskay reviewed On 03/10/2013

Paf Casino , it is the best thing which is happened to me in my casino-netent way of
In my opinion Paf casino is one of the best Netent casinos on the market.
In the past once, I have registered me there with a expressed 5 Euro No deposit bonus,
which ones hast to wager only 1 time. So I i had just imagined, everything or nothing and
placed all the 5 euros on a Blackjack seat.The dealer has Kicked himself out of the
game play with a 24 on his hand. I just had a 10 and a 8 and won with my hand of 18 here.
10 euro where in my account and And the wagering was just finished.But i don't stopped at
this point.I have playced one more time 5 euro on the blackjack seat and could win now
with a Blackjack hand for me against a 20 from the dealer this was really crazy.
I have tried to make a withdrawal of 10 euros to my Neteller and after incomprehensible
10 minutes the money was transferred on my Neteller account! With the other 5 euros I have
many free games on the Slots Mega-Fortune, Reverberation of Gods,Frankenstein, Fruit shop
and many others.
The design of the Paf casino Web Page i do like really much and isn't arrogant like other
Online casino which promoting there Bonuses aggressively. The Paf casino is a pure
flash casino and i cannot download it.
In the live casino I also have couple of nice one winnings and times and also enjoyed the
talks with the beautiful live dealers after longer seasons of gambling. . This Paf casino
pays out faster than Betsson and one can rely on the Paf casino.
I still become here a huge fan .I like the Paf casino and would not know how my life
be without the intensive Paf time .

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Casino Review

Paf offers a complete online casino, as well as poker, a sportsbook, bingo, backgammon and more. Since it uses a software that is developed internally, available both by download or instant play, it offers players a gaming experience that they're not likely to find anywhere else. This is one gaming provider that doesn't just operate online, although the experience offered to internet users is something memorable; but Paf does have games onboard ships and at organizations that support gaming on the Aland Islands. Players who gamble with Paf can also feel good about what they're doing, because part of the proceeds from player's losses go towards various charitable causes, so it's not just all about the casinos profits whether you gamble online or at a land-based casino.

Customer Support

Although Paf Casino offers a superior gaming experience to their players, their Customer Support does leave something to be desired. Although they are available to deal with questions or concerns of any variety - from answering questions about available bonuses and promotions, to dealing with download issues, and handling inquiries about money transfers - the casino's support is available during limited times. Customer Support at Paf is only offered from 7am to 10pm daily, and unlike many other casinos, they've yet to embrace live chat which offers player's immediate support so they can get on with playing. Those in need of a little bit of assistance at Paf need to rely upon the toll-free phone or email support options, and if gaming outside of business hours of support, might have to wait for another day to have their inquiries answered so they can get on with playing!


All of the games available at use a software package that the brand internally develops, which makes their game variety unique. The software that they have developed is also used by other casinos which are run by the Paf group, so it offers reliability from being tried, tested and true. Each of the software packages by the Paf group operate primarily in English and are available by download or instant play.

Game Variety offers sports betting, poker, casino and slot games, so there is something for everyone to be found. Under the main casino section at Paf, there are table games including roulette ( regular, French and premium), Blackjack (traditional, high-roller, multi-hand, premium and professional), and baccarat, high-low switch, red dog and red dog progressive. For slot games there classic reel slots, video slots and video poker. Although the games are internally developed, there are some titles that are recognizable like Gold Rush, and Lucky 7's. Most of the games are available in the download and instant play version of the casino, and there are also demo options available right off of the website for those who want to check out the games before playing. To make game selection easier for players, Paf also sorts the games on their website based on those suitable for beginners, those that are available only at Paf, the ones with the biggest jackpots and the most popular games with players.


  • Unique software available at few casinos
  • Great game variety
  • Sort option for games helps players choose


  • US Players not accepted
  • Limited Customer Support hours
  • No live chat


Official Website:

Languages: English, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish

Deposit Methods: Bank Wire Transfer, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Skrill, Solo, Switch, Visa, Visa Electron

Exclusive Payment Partner:

Currencies: Euros, UK Pounds

Restricted Countries: United States, Turkey

Software: GTECH G2, Jadestone, NetEnt, Play ‘N’ Go

Established: 1999

License: Aland Islands

Casino Type: Instant Play

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire Transfer, Laser, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Solo, Switch, Visa, Visa Electron

Withdrawal Limits: Not stated

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - 1-2 days;Credit/Debit cards - 2-5 days;Bank transfers - 3-7 days;Cheques - N/A

Pending Time: 24 hours

Allow Manual Flushing: No

Contact Paf Casino

Owner: PAF Group

Email: Info

Live Chat Support: No

Fax: +358 18 22 030
Head office: +358 18 24 200

Affiliate Program: Paf Partners

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