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Casino Review

Casino Review

Maple Casino is the Canadian themed gaming destination that will get your games sense Reeling. This Casino offers you great opportunities to line your pockets with its fantastic array of games and bonuses. You can try out your favourite games, and become part of an advanced gaming group. Powered by MicrogamingTM, the graphics and sounds on the games are top quality and the value you get on an entertainment level far surpasses normal games. Above this, you stand the chance of utilizing your skills to make great winnings happen for you.

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Maple Casino Offers you 24/7 Customer Support, whether it be via e-mail, telephone (on any of the International Toll Free Numbers), Fax or Live Online Support. Operators are standing by to assist. If you send your query via email or fax, you will receive a response within 1-3 days. Friendly Operators are trained to assist you with your queries any time of the day or night. Support and Contact details are readily available on the website.


There are over 450 Games available. You can choose between Reel and Video Slots, Table Games and Jackpots. Games favourites' include a variety of Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Video Poker. If you are looking for the big time then, there is also a choice of Progressive Jackpots and Linked Jackpots to whet your appetite.

Games include: Hellboy, Lara Croft's Tomb Raider - Secret of the Sword, Hitman. Mega Moolah Isis, The Osbournes and many more...

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Casino Review Maple Casino is the Canadian themed gaming destination that will get your games sense Reeling. This Casino offers you great opportunities to line your pockets with its fantastic array ...

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Casino Review Maple Casino is the Canadian themed gaming destination that will get your games sense Reeling. This Casino offers you great opportunities to line your pockets with its fantastic array ...

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Casino Review Maple Casino is the Canadian themed gaming destination that will get your games sense Reeling. This Casino offers you great opportunities to line your pockets with its fantastic array ...

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Hi therei was try my first deposite to maple casino with ukash voucher but i got eror mesage and my acoount not credited but my voucher still used. after try deposite to maple casino i just want ...

Players reviews

VB1972 reviewed on 11/21/2013

One month since my last review and I thought an update was in order.

I don't know if I am just riding a lucky wave but I can say without a doubt this is the best casino I have played at!

This place has it all ===> 5 star customer service, withdrawals fast enough to make your head spin, fun video slot bonuses, multi-player slots, free roll games that will not stop and more I am sure I have not even tried yet!

I wasn't going to write another review quite yet but I just had to because since last month it has been a roller coaster ride of fun. It wasn't all highs but what's a ride without lows? I lost my initial withdrawal plus more and was feeling down then hit a big win in free spins!!! I took it out and thought that I wouldn't get another win but did! Left it in and lost it deposited more and won again! Anyway I have had 4 significant wins that I have took out in a month....and they have all arrived by courier without delay or hassle. I wouldn't have even been able to get one withdrawal from any of the other online casinos I have played at before in that amount of time!

Usually after a withdrawal you lose everything but I have had more wins that I could have took out but left in just to play. Very good payout percentage and they must not calculate it like other places that think when you get a 95 cents win on a dollar bet you won. You actually have a chance to win and win often!

Not going to say you won't lose because you might and it is gambling but I have zero worries about getting my money from here or leaving a balance in my account. I think the mediocre reviews are undeserved in my opinion. No other casino has compared to Maple Casino. Thanks!

I will update again in a few months.

VB1972 reviewed on 10/21/2013

I am pleased with this casino after my poor experiences with a few others so thought I would give a positive review.

I signed up, made an initial deposit without using a bonus code and immediately sent in all requested verification information needed (plus more than was required). I didn't win so deposited twice more for which the initial deposit bonuses were credited to my account anyway. I was a little weary that I wouldn't be able to cash out until I played a certain amount but used them anyway since I didn't use a code. I won well over what was deposited.

I sent in a request to withdraw and went with cheque delivered by courier for a $45.00 fee. They had a question about my PO box address which I replied to and verified a street address. Two days later i called and was told they had not received my updated information so I verified it over the phone and forwarded the email to another department. It was received and I was informed the check had been couriered on Friday, October 18th I received it today Monday October 21 to my door. Check was exactly what the courier service charged less with no extra fees or deductions!! Very happy with the service and speed of the withdrawal way faster than any other I have used with less B.S.!

I play video slots usually and they have a great selection of both free spin features and bonus games available.

Great online casino if problems arise at a future date i'll update but happy for now. Thanks Maple Casino.

aemakgol reviewed on 09/26/2013

Good day to all members. Maple casino is a part of vegas partnere lounge group of casino , and as in river nile casino i did not take their welcome offer, but because as i describe i play sometimes in this group big freerols, i made one 1 deposit to every casino of this group. In this casino i deposit 50$, and this was specially, because i would like to start from dolphin coast slot but min bet there is 0.50$, so i need big deposit to play it, as i did not get any bonus on my deposit. I start playing this dolphins, and it was very lucky start for me because i get few features, and when i see nice 100$ on my balance i decide to switch to something other, and it was thunderstruck II slot machine. I play it only at 0.6$ bets, as i am always a bit scary to made big bets with real money without bonus, my continue in this casino was not so nice, and with 65$ i left thunderstruck II , i hit 3 time freespins there, but it pays crap, not lucky day for Thor probably. After it i open throne of egypt slot machine, play a bit there, but also no luck and i am again with 50$. Then i decide to try video poker, and i almost made flush royal!!! At 1$ bet i get Ace of clubs, King of club, Queen of club, and Jack on club + blank card, i change it and there come 9!!! of clubs, damn, i was so sad, this is was almost big win, very big win because video poker pays a lot of money for flush royal. After it i became angry and go to blackjack table, and like almost every time in such cases i lost all my money.
Thats all, thank you for reading my review about maple casino, now i will give them some marks:
Support: A
Bonuses: did not test
Withdrawals: did not test
Games selection:B
Damn, i always get royal flush there...

mpane80 reviewed on 07/28/2013

hello gamblers maple casino is a microgaming casino that belongs to Vegas Partner Lounge group of casinos.
Vegas Partner Lounge group of casinos is a dissent one in my opinion even if you can take only once the bonus of the first deposit from their casinos .well i took advantage at some offers at casino rewards end when i deposit to one of their casinos they didnt gave a bonus because i was abusing their why the make all that offers ?so from Vegas Partner Lounge you know from the begging that you will not take bonus lol.i dont say is nice to have only one bonus but is better from taking a bonus and not get paid because of abusing the at maple casino the first time i deposit 20 euros that is the minimum deposit before i deposit i received an email that they gave me 20 free spins,when i played that 20 free spins i won only around 2 euros i deposit another 20 so i had 22 at my bankroll i started playing as always agent jane .9 line slot if you hit 3 scatters you win 15 free spins each win multiple 3 times.after few spins iht 3 times times 3 scatters i won 45 free spins ,from that 45 free spins i won 12 euro not much but i was only playing 9 cents per spin,i change slot after that and i went to play adventure palace another 9 line slot similar to agent jane at the beggining i was really unlike my bankroll went down to 15 euro but i continue playing the same slot ,i hit 3 scatters that won me 15 free spins multiple 3 times each win one of those 15 free spins i had the 5 lions at the line with a wild and that gave 45 euros after finishing the free spins i had around 60 euros at my bankroll.i withdrawl them and after 5 working days i had the my opinion maple casino is a good one and its worth trying,if i had to rate this casino i would have given it support7/10 pay out 7/10 cash outs 7/10 bonuses 3/ arestis 80:)

goldenmember reviewed on 05/25/2013

Maple casino is one of those casinos which has a rather special deal for new customers. They offer you a chance to play with $1250 for free! Whats the catch you may ask - well the catch is that the $1250 is what you have to play with if you manage to win any money with it over an hour. Of course, you might end up blowing the whole thing, or you might only end up winning a small portion. Its also worth noting that this money isn't withdrawable. This money actually becomes a deposit bonus that you get if you deposit money - so for example if you put your own money in, then you can have the extra bonus to play with. That's not all of the catch though - the deposit still needs a playthrough to be able to withdraw anything including your deposit. So you could end up with nothing, very little and still have to play through to take your money out. Its not the best deal in the world! The alternative deal is a $150 bonus with $60 for free on top that again requires quite a lot of playthrogh to withdraw. I opted for the first option because if you do not make any or enough money, you can always leave the casino alone, not place any money and be happy with it. The hour of playing is actually quite fun as you try to rack up the money. It really is not worth your time playing the card games because you will be scrapping away at break even for ages. Where the real money is to be won is only in the slot games. I didn't have much luck, but a friend who went in for it after I told him ended up pulling a huge win within his first few spins to give a significant bonus. Maybe I loaded the machine for him! Who knows. Anyhow, I did not make enough money to warrant me playing any further. The games themselves are Microgaming, so you know what you are getting if you have played in the hundreds of Microgaming casinos out there - in case you didn't know, that's 100s of games, decent graphics, some ropey slot games, but general high quality. overall - I would rate this casino at 7/10 - fairly decent - didn't have much luck on the bonus though!

Sup3rma17 reviewed on 05/23/2013

Maple Casino, a Canadian casino taking control of it's red and white colors known as the Canadian flag with the exception of a black background. This Microgaming is the only casino within Vegas partner lounge that took me to bizarre turns and heights, sometimes useless attempts to hit features with built up momentum. My conclusion with my freeplay bonus gave me a good ending. Before I talk about this I did some starting up, cleaning my computers hard drive and programs to make it run faster while making room for Maple casino. I then created an account as a new player would and gotten a chance to read the terms. To explain it in a short manner the gist of it would be that if I took the Freeplay offer I won't get the 150% match and vice versa. The 50 Free spins would be combined into my choice of the two welcome bonuses.

Support left me confused for a moment. He said I could have both offers, the Freeplay and the 150% match but I think he is lying through his teeth because I read through the terms and in Paragraph 18 it says the following:

"18. Players who claim the winnings of this Free Play Promotion will NOT be eligible to claim the Initial Match Bonus."

I think he was eager to get me to deposit. I was going to make use of the freeplay anyways seeing is how I don't like any new boxes "left unopened" when it comes to online casinos. I have the chat transcript still inside my email come to think of it. Once the bonus was released with my deposit of $40 I got into some good slots especially the slots I already experienced. In some cases like Centre Court I would experience about 5 spins that resulted in 2 scatters being held trying to trigger the feature before I would actually land on one. Two of the times happened to be very close to the end such as scatters being on Reel 3 & 4 with having the last reel come up empty. Few spins would also give me a missing 5 of a kind combination whereas say a 5 symbol win would have either a missing symbol with four symbols identical to the missing symbol on a payline or the same exact result with a scatter to block it in the middle. They came in a few more ways. Some were decent enough to give me a broken 5 of a kind while still hitting 3 symbols. For example Symbol, Symbol, Symbol, empty, Symbol. The overview when seeing the whole slot made me realize this. These were the "bizarre, useless attempts" I was talking about. This happened on Loaded and Centre Court! With the overall performance and cashout of $175 I would say it is still very good. To put it in basic terms....can't get enough of the Freeplay + the Free spins....hated some of the results. It could have been just me or maybe I stumbled on a day where good luck meets bad luck but one things for sure is I had a very good time here! Maple 8 out of 10!

FCR reviewed on 04/28/2013

I knew the existence of Maple casino, but I only tried it recently. Knowing it was powered by Microgaming, I was reassured that I would at least spend a good time at this online casino.

I liked their website with the maple leaf on the bottom and the mix of red and black that generally delivers an elegant setting.
Maple casino is offering a 150% match-up bonus as well as a $ 1250 non-deposit bonus to play with during 60 minutes. As usual, I held back because they have severe wagering requirements. Let’s just say you accept that 150% match-up bonus, you will Have to play with $100 and wager $60 X 30 = $ 1800 before you will be able to Withdraw your money. This is not for me, thanks!
I only deposited $20 and played Roulette. My bankroll heightened a bit but not enough to ask for a withdrawal. The tide started turning in favor of the lobby, so I preferred to stop and come back another time. My goal was to achieve a minimum of $50 to be able to cash out, but playing conditions wanted it differently...
It's very enjoyable to play at Maple Casino, but it this is not surprising, since I am used to the Microgaming platform.
Before starting to play, I always prefer to contact the support team. First, to see if they are available, because for me it is a guarantee of reliability in a way... and also because I always want to be sure to avoid any possible confusion about them. Maple Casino’s live support proved to be obviously uninformed. The first time, I talked to a man whose responses were very slow and incomplete. He made me lose at least 20 minutes of my precious time. Seeing that things were moving very quickly, I disconnected hoping I will find another representative when I get back. This was the case, but the second was as incompetent as the first one.
I will give a mark of 5/10 for Maple Casino.

Irine reviewed on 04/24/2013

Hello, players from askgamblers i would like to share my experienced here at the Maple casino and also it is powered by Microgaming casino my 2nd favorite casino software. Do you love low wagering requirements until you achieved the goal fast then make a withdrawal, when i started to play here i place bets into their slot called porky payout thats a funny and good to play when i play microgaming powered casino even those software that also had it :) Actually this casino are the recently casinos that i played since this 2013 and i am very happy to this casino because it is listed to the top 50 best casino on askgambler nice one Maple Casino. Okay, when i played i deposited $40 for their casino bonus 100% the good thing is that the wagering requirements of this bonus is only 30 times the deposit equation of 40 x 30 = $1200 .... I have been placing $1.00 at 0.02 coins and i increased it to $1.60 per spin. Upon spinning i hit their a featured game that you will only pick logos and win a random amount that the exciting moment when i played that slot i won $89 and spin again and again i will say this casino is very fair casino because i experienced how their casino really works, that featured bonus, thats help me to wagered the requirements because i made is as a profit then sometimes won and lost but the important thing is i wagered it and theres a credit left ......Oink Oink :)

After i wagered the requirements i made a withdrawal i ( thats the first withdrawal ) and i need to submit my documents they verified my documents after 24 hours thats nice then after that they processed my withdrawal takes 2 days. I withdraw here 2 times and it is great when it comes to finance.

Guys, I will not say Maple Casino is a bad casino but a very good one. I experienced one of those days where my action playing casinoo games turn bad or they don't go the way you would expect. Very amusing casino and also their bonus low wagering, Please i recommend their first deposit bonus because of newbie friendly when it comes from 1st deposit.

I rated this casino 9/10 overall!!!

cristinaxx reviewed on 04/11/2013

Hello everyone! I do not know if you read my last reviews, but this month I have decided to try one casino each day.
On the 8th of April I tried Maple Casino, another casino I have not heard about before. Its games are powered my Microgaming, so it should be fine.
Their website is not really outstanding, it is just an average website with a Canadian (Maple, duh!) theme. The casino can be played by downloading or without (instant play- flash version).
They give you 50 free spins on the first deposit plus 150% first deposit bonus. On their bonus page they have more bonuses, like „Freeplay No Deposit Casino Bonus”, where they give you 1250$ in cash and 60 minutes to play. Plus, they give you 50 Free spins on the „Loaded” slot. Anything more than the initial 1250$ can be withdrawn with a limit of 100$.
The casino has more than 20 ways to deposit- they really want you money! 
I have decided to take advantage of the 1250$ and 50 spins (in one hour). I ask the help of the support team, because I could not get my bonus. They were very friendly and helped me in a few minutes. I started playing and after one hour i only had something like 600$, so I could not withdraw anything. However, it was really fun. Their games are, as expected, really good and fun, and I can’t say anything bad about them.
The conclusion is that you should really try it if you’re looking for something fun.
My rating are a follows:
Software: 9/10 Microgaming
Bonuses 9/10 love their bonuses!
Support: 9/10, i do not have anything to complain about, but there is always place for imporvement
Cashouts: never made a cashout so I would not know

sencize reviewed on 03/31/2013

Unlike other casinos from vegas partner lounge i did not like very much Maple casino.To begin with their theme for this casino sucked big time because it was all about Canada maples and stuff who likes cold Canada anyway :D.They offered similar free play option as in other casinos from this group but i decided to deposit a little money and just see is there anything good about this casino.Platform microgaming provides huge options for players.Wedder you like pokers and roulette or you prefer video slots you can all find it in this great software that is why this platform is greatly appreciated among players.Back to my casino story i started my gambling slowly with small bet spins on few of the popular slots like leagues of fortune,phantom cash,and Ramesses riches.Things were not going in my interest at any of them.I kept loosing bit by bit and all that was left after my playtime on this slots were few cents in my balance.Guess this one casino from Vegas partner lounge had different payouts percentage because seemed impossible for me to hit anything here.That was my only deposit here since i did not like casino very much.They offer instant play option too so you can try out your luck straight from your browser.Like mentioned above their targeted market is mostly Canada and they have Canadian dollars in option for funding your account.Unless you come from this country there isn't really much to see here just a simple microgaming casino with standard games as in others.The only thing good is that maple casino is part of strong and trusted group of casinos and you don't have to worry about safety of your money.My grade for maple casino will not be too low because of great software and the fact that they are trusted to deposit in.All other stuff did not made a big impression on me so i give them 6 out of 10

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