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6.0 / 10

Based on Casino Facts (6.2) and Players Complaints (5.5)

Review updated 5 days ago.
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High Noon Casino Bonuses
Exclusive $61 No Deposit Bonus High Noon Casino Bonus code: ASK61FREE
Wager: 50x
$2000 1st Deposit Bonus High Noon Casino Bonus code: HIGHNOON200
Wager: 20xd+b

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High Noon Casino Reviews from our community

katemak reviewed 15 days ago

Hi Askgamblers !

High Noon Casino runs a RTG platform ,which before were 1 of my favorites,but discovering Netent I totally stopped being depositor of those RTG casinos.
I did registered at High Noon Casino few weeks ago and the only reason was because of the free chip of 61$,well thats an offer I guess no player can refuse.When i took a look about this casino I was disappointed because of the all complaints they have here.

Having few complaints ,maybe its not big deal but having up to 20 and something complaints,well that maked me think twice ,well I am talking about depositing money there.As the free chip why not give it a shot ,well its free anyway ,even if they dont get paid ,there wont be any money from your pocket.
So I start playing Count Spectacular ,but you know when you playing with free chip and seeing so many complaints ,I was playing but not with that enthusiasm and not so carrying will i do something or not with that free chip.

I was playing with 1$ per bet so may balance went down for an half an hour ,then I played Achillies slot for a while but didnt have luck neither on that slot so I ended with few $ on my account and then I played bingo for a while till the end till I reached zero on my account.

So that was from my gambling in this casino,with no interest at all.Dont know ,some of the players have positive feedback but some of them dont .I know for my self that I wont be getting back neither attend to make deposit there,anyway I dont like RTG games like I use to,About their support I did contact them so they respond very quick and were nice and pleasant .Well High Noon Casino you get 8/10 for the support from me.Good Luck!

Awena reviewed 27 days ago

Today I decided to sign up with High Noon Casino for a few reasons . The first thing that caught my eye was the no deposit bonus . High noon casino offers a generous ' no deposit bonus ' for new players which is 61 dollars. Also , I noticed that High Noon belongs to a huge group of casinos and besides High Noon there are 7 or 8 more casinos .After reading some of the reviews here at askgamblers I found this casino is safe to play . What happened? I had a few questions about their live chat so I went to the live chat tab typed in all the required data along with my questions and nothing. I really hope and guess they had technical difficulties today because I waited over an hour for a response. I really can't trust any casino that doesn’t offer a good support, especially if it’s a RTG casino. I love Real Time Game software and their slot games but I also know that a lot of RTG casinos really suck. But I took their no deposit bonus anyway. I really enjoyed playing my favorite RTG slot games. The game I liked the most was LOch Nees Loot. It's a nice 25 line slot with free spin feature and wilds. I tried 10-15 of their slot games for over an hour had a few great wins but not enough for cash out. To sum up for the end. High noon Casino uses RTG software and even though it's one of the most popular casino providers I started playing in these casinos just a few months ago. I like the fact that this casino is a part of the Club World club because this group of casinos is one of the most fair when it comes to RTG casinos. I think this is a casino that you can trust but I won't grade it like I usually do because I have been playing in it only for a day.

zbjeles reviewed On 01/31/2014

Ten days ago I was searching ( on askgamblers ) for a casino where I can play with no deposit . The casino that caught my attention was High Noon Casino where they were offering a no deposit bonus of 61 dollars .Also , I saw on askgamblers many complaints for this casino but the good thing was that most of them were successfully solved .Anyway after I registered an account I switched to cashier section . After I put bonus code ASK61FREE , there was 61 dollars added to my account .Then I saw Play through details : Needed- 3050, Max with drawable- 305 Scratch Cards , Keno and slots games counts .The first game I picked was Alladin Wishes this is one of my favorite RTG games .First spin and I won bonus round plus 12 dollars on bet on 1 dollar . I played 10 more minutes and after I lost 12 dollars , I decided to stop and change the game . I went back to check available slots and choose Loch Ness loot ,which is the same as Alladin Wishes one of my favorite RTG slots .I stayed for 10 minutes and lost 25 dollars . Then I tried on Crazy Vegas , Haunted Opera and some other but for nothing . After one hour , I lost all of my money . High Noon Casino left a good impression on me and maybe , I will be back . I liked their site design and home page a lot . There is some wild west saloon where you can see a sheriff girl holding a straight in her hands 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 in hearts . True western environment ,, only native Americans are missing .

Afi4wins reviewed On 01/17/2014

Hi everyone! Probably up till the year 2013, I am not very sure, High Noon Casino did not accept players from my country. I know because I tried to open an account at this casino on several different occasions but was unsuccessful each time. I even tried again in 2012 and still couldn't. Only recently in 2014, I found out (at AskGamblers, where else!) that they now accept players like me, so I hastily opened an account...purely to have a small free feast on their $61! :D This is quite a lovely amount - a little more than the usual $50s but much less than those $100s, which I am unable to get at anyway. Casinos that offer $75 to $100 no-deposit bonuses are all out of my reach. Perhaps better that way, because most, if not all, of these casinos are not having a good reputation at all. Complaints abound everywhere in forums.

Being one of the Club World Group of casinos, I am more at ease and not hesitant to open an account at High Noon Casino because of the good reputation of Club World Casinos (CWC). I already have existing accounts at all the other sister casinos, except at High Noon, and with this registration, the list now become complete, not that it matters or makes any difference any way, hehehe. Upon logging in, everything about High Noon Casino still looked the same as I knew it years before, with no apparent upgradings of the onscreen pages. But seeing the $61 credit already in my account certainly brought a "yeeee-hah" into my head! ;) Now lets see if I can make a successful showdown at High Noon...starring none other that Wyatt Afi himself! :D With my trusty sixshooters fully loaded, seated nicely in their left and right holsters...and I slowly step forward onto the dusty road, those boot spurs slowly spinning in tandem...

First bullet...aimed at that newbie baddie 'Lucky 8'. A shot rang out...missed! Let out more shots...dang...all missed too! Then second baddie appeared...'Lucky 7'. Must be brothers these two, I thought, but I was wrong. They were miles apart in appearance and character! I grabbed my second sixshooter and let out some shots. He felled to the ground...not hit...just avoiding my bullets! Dang...missed again! Then big brother himself came out...'Paydirt'!!! Geeeees...I'm almost out of shells and he's coming at me. I let out whatever I still have in my sixshooters...Paydirt went down unto the dirt...rolling...then a shot rang out...I felt a sudden deep pain...and Wyatt Afi blacked out...leaving behind a big duck egg!!! :D

Dang! High Noon was over. That didn't take very long...but it's okay...nothing gained nothing lost...except maybe I should have attacked the baddie at High Midnite instead. He's been grinning and laughing away "nyeeah-ah-ah" in his black and red robe...those protruding fangs glistening in the moonlight. Ah well...already too late now! :)


kruno1414 reviewed On 01/04/2014

I am choosing this casino because i had a bad experience wih them .
It is true they have a good no deposit bonus , they give you 61$ and wagering requirment is 50x bonus
,that means you need to wager 3000$ if you wanna withdraw anything and another good thing is you can withdraw 300$
that is really good comparing to other casinos.
I heard about this casino from my brother who already played but didnt wager the bonus so he didnt have any winnings there.
After i claim the bonus i started playing slot name Aztec Treasure , which is my favourite slot of Real Gaming casinos
there is no bonus rounds on slot but free spins are great.
I started great i earned a lot of money on that slot and when i was sure i will wager sucesfully i tried some other slots
and among them there was a good one named Cleopatra Gold.
After i succesfully wager bonus i contacted support and they told me everything is ok and i can withdraw my winnings
and support was good that night , very kind.
Next day when i tried to login i couldnt because they blocked my account .
I contacted support they said i couldnt claim winnings because there was another account with same surname and city , that was my brothers
account . I explained everything that we dont have same IP adress , that we live in same city but dont in same place , I asked to send
documents of both of us to confirm that , but support was so bad and rude he didnt even read what i write and constantly sending me
one line of text which write : "Multiple accounts are forbiden" . So i gave up knowing they were wrong , so for me they are not serious casino.
My rating is 4/10 !

aemakgol reviewed On 08/31/2013

Good day to all askgamblers.com members. Casino which give no deposit bonus of course can not be unpopular, so obviously that i also played in High noon casino, and now i describe you my experience with them. Everything started with registering and getting 61$ no deposit bonus. Bonus itself not cashable, so will be deducted on withdrawal. Also max. that you can withdraw x 5 of your bonus, so max you can withdraw from this no deposit bonus it is 300$. This is huge amount, and it was interesting to play with this bonus. Wagering requirements was x 50, and this is mean that i should wager 3000$ before i can withdraw and bonus cleared. I start with aztec treasure feature guaranteed, i like such thing as feature guaranteed, it is simple, if you hit freespins in something like 170 spins, you get it automatically. Of course you pay some more money for this feature guarantee, but i like and happy with such feature, because you did not get bored playing a lot of spins without bonus round. Azter treasure was nice, and i did not waiting for feature guarantee because i get 3 scatters in probably 30-40 spins, and it pay me around 20$ with 1$ bets, not nice result but i had 80$ on my account and switch to paydirt slot machine. I should tell you that i can play this slot for a ages, due it features. It has 3 different freespins rounds every time it is chosen by random, and i sure that you never get bored in this slot. Long story short, but paydirt kill me , when i was around end of my wagering requirements, probably because at the end i start betting 2$ to end wager soon...
Thats all, thank you for reading my review about High noon casino, now i will give them some marks:
Support: Not tested
Bonuses: A
Withdrawals: not tested
Games selection: B

Sup3rma17 reviewed On 06/27/2013

Hign Noon casino...the baddest of the west! This casino is in relation with the Club World group. I like casinos for it's Wild West scenarios and also the bonus that comes together with it! It interested me to take the 200% match up to $2000 right after I requested details about this bonus from High Noon's incredible support! All they wanted for this match bonus is 20 times my deposit and bonus just to make a cashout. The other offer was more of a jail cell for anyone that takes it, 50 times for 100% that allows table games. I will take my chances on 200% for slots only! Now I don't like to play favourites here although I appreciate many match bonuses any Real time gaming casino would give me. I made a $40 deposit for the 200%, have gotten $120 total and I was ready to "hold the gold" if I became lucky! The rules of the bonus made strict prohibition on games that normally wouldn't allow me to make contributions. Games that weren't included are table games and blackjack. Just slots literally for this exact bonus together with scratch cards and keno which I find to be a waste of time! They don't pay like the size of a house unlike my casino friend slots! In my choice to take this bonus I was much impressed by the long lasting ability to win on 4 and 6 coin bets. Sunken treasure has now become one of my favourites because of it's feature. It's a pick feature depending on how many scattered shipwrecks I landed so if I got 3 ships I would get 3 picks. The bonus is more of a surprise because many picks can strike random qualities. Could be 5 free spins, win amounts or one of the prizes I said accompanied with a Blue or Red Jewel. Surprising as it is my 3rd last pick got me a red jewel and do you know what this gave me after the picks? One pick from a chest got me $240 from my one and only chance after my 3 picks on a $1.20 triggering bet!!! How can I resist a huge win like that! Normally red jewels are very rare to find and I mostly find blue jewels in my bonuses so on this pick I just got incredibly lucky for it! I constantly begged for another bonus to give me another red jewel but the fact that begging didn't work I downgraded to having only blue jewels after that sweet experience. That moment got my hopes up much farther than a normal bridge could extend!! Another great quality of this bonus is it retriggers, giving a brand new bonus round to make 3 or more picks and any free spins I gotten were tripled! It's the feature that's worth the hassle if a jewel comes out, blue or red only much more preferred if more red jewels come out from the chests! On the completion of my wagers playing for many hours and days I captured $276.82 playing on other slots too!!! Great theme for High noon, old news for the common bonuses, cashing out was normal and support didn't become an issue on my withdrawal. They were willing, able and friendly enough to help me out! Assistance with them is sometimes needed. Sunken Treasure seized many fantastic potentials for me and the exact same thing could happen to you....just be careful when you pick those chests because if there is a red jewel it will MAKE you beg for more! High Noon and it's trusty revolvers can get a 9.5 out of 10!

szirtisas reviewed On 05/21/2013

Hello I would like to share my experience from high noon casino with the no deposit bonus,
I registered last week to try the casino without risking my money (because i saw a lot of complaints from this and some rtg casino) and i was curious.
So i downloaded trough the askgamblers and register via the software. They have a nice lobby with good designed falsh graphics. The registration was easy and claim the no deposit bonus was easier
(only need to enter the SIXSHOOTER code to the reedem cupon section). The 61$ was instant on my
balance with 50x wagering requirements. I decided to play at count spectular slot (i played this slot on 1$ / spin). I played about 15 minutes than i hit the three expanding dracula on 1st 3rd 5th slot so
i get the free spins (you can choose from 2 type of free spins: 1st: 14 freespins with 3x multiplier or 2nd: 4 free spins with the stacked wilds and 4 or 5 x multiplier). I choosed the stacked wild freespins
and i reached 276$. I played a little more than i went to the hockey hero with 250$. This is one of my favourite slots on rtg so i decided to play 2$ / spin. After i played about 120$ i get the free spins.
I collected all the penalty simbols and get 800$ from it. So i spin all night than i had 200$ cashable money. So i contacted with the support but he didn’t was so helpfull. He told me i need to deposit
and send all of my document and a faxbackform than i able to make a withdraw.
So i decided i sent my documents first and if i’m verified i make a deposit.
After 4 days they told me they cannot accept hungarian adress card so i need to send a bill.
I sent that then they told me i need to send my id again and a another utility bill.
So i decided to play my whole balance on 5$/ spin.
I hope you get a better experience.
Thank you.

Efti reviewed On 05/01/2013

About four months back, I finally got around to signing up at High Noon Casino. I phrase it that way because I was actually interested in signing up soon after it first launched perhaps two or three years back, tempted in large part by the $60 (or $61 through certain affiliate sites like this one) welcome free chip. However, I soon ran into a stumbling block when the casino setup file repeatedly refused to download properly for some reason still unknown to me. Since at the time there was no instant play version available, I basically shrugged my shoulders, gave up and moved on elsewhere.

The situation was different this time around as flash games are now available, meaning I could open a new account directly on the website without first having to go through the whole download and installation process on my computer. After filling out the simple registration form and claiming the no deposit bonus by entering the unique code in the appropriate section of the cashier, I prepared to while away some time at the casino and hopefully end up as a winner. Upon entering the games page, I was immediately struck by the pleasing graphics and easy layout that conformed to the casino’s overall American West theme.

Being quite familiar with RTG at this point, I began by playing a couple of my preferred slots in Achilles and Caesar’s Empire and got off to a quick start with some nice free spins, boosting my balance upwards of $100. Unfortunately, my winning experience was marred by constant interruptions that repeatedly forced me to exit and reload the instant play games. I ended up downloading the software – this time with no problems – and continued playing after installation. While the performance and stability increased greatly and I was able to spin the reels smoothly for a long time, my profitability gradually declined and I eventually was down to zero.

Irine reviewed On 04/17/2013

High Noon Casino is the one of the Real Time Gaming Software that i played but i don't want to play this casino again if i change my mind i try to deposit :) even it is a real time gaming i tried their no deposit bonus before because i saw that offer via askgambler affiliate and no deposit listed. The reason for this are i had many real time gaming favorite casinos and i don't have time to play high noon casino but i tried it again if they send me a good bonus offer or special offer :) I will tell you the story about this no deposit casino, When i saw this high noon casino listed at no deposit list i claimed their offer because it is free thats why then i register via the link of askgambler and explored their casino website i noticed that this casino is based from the mexican culture or something because of the props and weather, environment it is like old town in the vegas and the people are like cowboys if iv'e not been mistaken that is based from my opinion and observation. When i clicked their promotion menu i am very surprised on how does it works you will need to click at the moving train boat or other object moving then youll see their promotion information thats cool for the casino attraction for their customer nice one high noon casino. They also offer instant play if your not like to download a software. Okay back to the no deposit it is worth of 61$ the wagering requirements for this no deposit is 50 times 60 x 50 = 3000 thats the wagering i must achieve so i decided to fiind a game and explore their video slot i find and choose the video slot called Hairway to Heaven because of the high paying symbols and the featured game so i bet around 2.00 per sin maximum of 50 lines 0.04 per line then i hit the princess one time it is always appear to the reel or line 3 the princess doubled or substituted to the other symbols like the soldiers that i hit the 5 keys is equivalent to 400 with the princess so i won 40$ for that line and from the another line is 70$ i don't know how does happen but the total are 110$ point something YAHOOOOO!!!! so my total balance are $142 point something i have no idea how that happen i don't know :) Unfortunately i didn't achieved my goal to wager because i lost all of my credits when i play again after i hit the princess, its okay its a free money i didn't deposit any amount from this casino but it is very fair and amusing casino. I rated this casino 6/10 over all excluded their withdrawal because i didn't deposit yet ....

slobobwin reviewed On 03/24/2013

This is an interesting casino. Unlike most casinos which topics are based on luxury and elegance casino is a real refreshment. Wild West theme you can create the illusion of a western saloon casino filled with big men with big guns, big egos and big mouths. :) But it certainly is not crucial in the decision on which casino to play and I must say that apart from a rather well-balanced look this casino does not have much to offer. It all looks good, but actually have a lot of flaws especially about wuthdraw money from the account. But first things first. This casino is powered by Real Time Gaming and as such has a more or less ordinary game that the platform offers. And what I liked the game "virtual derby." Simulation of horse races and betting on it really amused me  And of course (at least for me) Fun and earnings do not go together. This is why I do not expect any big money on this game but the fun is guaranteed . As for the bonus here is the story at first sight really good. Huge no deposit bonuses attract enormous attention. No matter whether you're a new player or an old occasionally throw more coupons no deposit bonuses but when the conditions are met and come to a bonus payment that things go a little harder. I had a lot of problems with them just about the payment of money earned in bonuses. By the appeal of which there are plenty on this casino I would say that I'm not the only one. Support is often not responded to my email and when they would answer it would be vague and unprofessional. Another of the objections is that they do not make payments on a credit card and this is my problem. It seems to me that it is missing a lot of the casino, especially safety and reliability. So to me this casino has a good idea but poor implementation. So this casino is nothing more than a well-conceived layout that lacks a real and serious support. All in all, this casino would recommend it just for play on fun money and not for real.

chriskay reviewed On 03/10/2013

The High noon Casino is a very good place for a high non deposit bonus of 60 Bucks.It is
a realtime gaming Software casino, and they do payouts without any verification .So i
made a withdrawal without a verified account but more in the end of my review.
They had a flash software integrated on the Webpage or a download version which i had
used for my self . After a quick install , i had redeamed the amount of 60 bonus bucks in
the cashier of the High noon Casino.
In real time i had the money in my account and i started to play the Slots which i like a
I had the 60 Bonus bucks in my account and one good taktical of my side is to bet the first
50 percent from my bankroll on 1 euro and when i go under the 50 percent i raise my bet
down to 50 cents per spin.
I really liked to play Pay dirt cause in the first 5 Spins i had Get the three funny
Scatter symbols and i had a qualifi to choose two entry's to the goldmine . I started
now with the wild symbols and more free spins on top to my game. I had a Nice picture from
4 wilds and the first best Payout symbol where i had get the nice coins value of 2000
what was a amount. I had nice big luck in here and could get made my paout in the
cashier. Skrill is always my favourite and i have to say you can make you money with this
bonus really god. The payout was made after 4 days how i can response. it was along time
So for real i like to play in the high noon casino really much.
best regards

sencize reviewed On 02/28/2013

I must admit that High Noon casino is one of my favorite rtg powered casinos.I signed up like most people because of no deposit bonus promotion of 60 dollars which is amazing amount compared to the other casinos.The wagering requirements are also decent when you take in consideration the big amount they were giving out to new members free.The complete thematic of this casino is so cool because i like old cowboys times and i was attracted because of that too.The casino lobby is designed like ancient American cities with saloons and wooden houses.I signed up and claimed bonus money so it was video slots time.First like always in my rtg casinos quests was Aladdins wishes slot.What i did noticed playing this game,compared to the other rtgs i played,reels in High Noon casino spin much faster and i think it is harder to win that way.
I was spinning and spinning but could not win anything so i switched to polar explorer slot in order to see if my luck will change.Same deal on this slot and i wanted to try out one more before i bust out fruit frenzy.Here i managed to win some free spins but that was all and eventually my bonus got to 19 cents.When you drop on that low balance your wagering is over.I did not wanted to close this casino with any money on my account so i started Aladins wishes slot again to give it a last spin.One spin on 19 lines per one cent and lol i won one dollar,i close the slot and hit the black jack first bet i won i had two dollars lol.This was money that was not needed to wager.Next i open casino war bet two dollars and i get four dealer has five game over.I almost made it to withdraw with 19 cents gambling is a strange thing.One more reason i liked High Noon casino more than others is that they accept skrill deposits and withdrawals and limit is only twenty dollars for both.Although i had no luck with bonus money i am planing to make my first deposit here i think they are decent casino i just hope the payments are quick too.My grade for high Noon is 8/10

paquito76 reviewed On 02/28/2013

High Noon casino is not the typical RTG developed platform strictly as regards to the theme and interface they choose to use. I like very much their ’Wild West’ atmosphere and I think it’s a very well designed one. Maybe it takes a little time to get used to the graphics, menus and all other sections but once we accommodated to it we can easily navigate through it and find everything we need. Otherwise, there’s nothing new there, just the well-known RTG games and quality. They offer all the most popular payment methods like credit cards, Neteller, Skrill and even vouchers or courier cheque (US players only) and I like their low minimum withdrawal limit. It is set at $20 (in most cases) and sometimes I prefer it over the $100 which is in use at some other RTG casinos not owned by Club World Group. The customer service is not the greatest here ( I mean the live chat support sometimes is not reachable and the e-mail responses usually take 1-2 days) but sooner or later I always got the proper information from them to my concerns. They take very seriously the account verification procedure so I suggest if we’re planning to play here on constant basis we fill out and send them all the required documents they need well before we thinking of cashouts, accelerating the hopefully future withdrawal process. If everything goes right and the player account is approved the withdrawal time shouldn’t be more than 4-6 business days.

Honestly, I’m a little bit surprised about the lot of complaints are filed here against them. Maybe I’m among the lucky ones but I haven’t had any major problems with them yet. So far I have relatively good experience at this casino and I can’t see any reasons why I wouldn’t play here in the future.

Icymod reviewed On 02/26/2013

High Noon casino brought material wealth to my hands when I made a choice to play on this casino! It is one of the Real Time Gaming casinos that belong to the "Club World Casinos" group. All new cowboys and cowgirls can take aim towards their $60 no deposit target using their six shooter revolver (Bonus code). What made my stay incredible is the fact that they offered the $60 no deposit bonus to try them out and I won the maximum $300! It was very well going my way when I persisted in loading up (redeemed the code) drawing my firearms, taking aim at video slots and firing away to great wins! The reliable allies (video slots) that landed me to a winning showdown are Warlocks Spell, Aladdin's treasure, Treasure Chamber, Crazy Vegas, Aztec Riches, Golden Lotus, Bunko Bonanza and what is now my favourite slot is now Basketbull! In the 25 paylines Real Series video slot "Basketbull" I was introduced to it's basketball themed nature as well as it's payouts and my favourite it's Free games feature. While I was almost done with the wagering requirements I blasted through the odds and made my way towards a final showdown (bonus). In the free spins feature I was given 3 balls to shoot in the free throw line. I started with 3 Free Spins. For every successful basket doubled the current free spins. As I triggered 4 scatters I had 4 shots (Each triggering scatter awards a throw)
I finished with 24 Free Spins (Last shot never made it in) all at 3x multiplier. My hands were ready to draw my firearms and shoot towards victory (Ready to play free spins). When I was the first to draw my firearms I fired away my odds and looted $320 on a victorious $5 bet! Unfortunately I could only withdraw $300 as that was the limit. Once the showdown was finished (wagering requirements) I made my way to the saloon to take a shot of alcohol (withdraw wins). Of course I am ready to handle another showdown (make a deposit to play on High Noon once more!) anytime, anywhere!

Support: 8/10
Terms and Conditions: 8/10
Payouts: 9/10
Deposits: 10/10
Withdrawals: 7.5/10 (Kind of slow)

TheBigE reviewed On 01/11/2013

Very good casino in my opinion, one of the best RTG casinos I have played. Good customer service and very tempting promotions. If you like RTG software this is your place to play. Fast withdrawl times and quick responses to e-mails and live chat is very helpful and kind.

valentin68 reviewed On 11/22/2012

I searched about a week ago a new casino that will offer me a handsome bonus and where I can lose some time to try to win something and I found the High Noon Casino offering a no deposit bonus of 61 USD. At the first introduction to it I did not know this is an RTG casino, otherwise I would have stayed away from it. Not because RTG would not be the emblem of the quality games but because once you
played in a casino built on RTG platform you get to know all other casinos built on the same platform. So with this review I will proceed the same as other player here writes some of his reviews, namely I will write the review on points which may be considered as general observations that apply to any RTG casino.

- First, the registration is easy and the casino bonus (50 times wagering necessary) is obtained immediately after entering the appropriate code in the cashier specially designed window.
- Secondly, there is available a very high number of games in all categories, games that offer an outstanding graphical quality and a very pleaseant gaming experience.
- Thirdly, playing bonus on slots you manage on average (whatever slot you choose) to play about 300-500 USD from a total of 2000-3000 USD necessary for wagering. After this, without some particular chance, the bonus money will end and you will not be able to fulfill the wagering conditions.
- Fourth, in an RTG casino there are available only very few ways to deposit and withdraw the money and the minimum amount is quite large (usually the minimum is 100 USD). HighNoon still offers some extra options to deposit and withdraw and the minimum is only 20 USD here.
- Fifth, the online support is great, it answers immediately and is very courteous. In all RTG casinos there is also an internal messaging system that is parallel to the online support and which generally bombard the player with all kinds of promotions.
- Sixth and last of all, even if you manage to win something, you have to make a deposit before being able to withdraw and the initial bonus money will be deducted from the winings. It is usually known, confirmed also by some exceptions, that in a RTG casino the processing time of an withdrawal is generally quite long.

So these are the pros and cons of this casino in particular and these casinos in general. They deserve a try, but in my opinion only for their bonuses money which are great.

jon123 reviewed On 10/13/2012

There is a reason this place has so many complaints. In my opinion and from my personal experience, they are horrible. I honestly cannot believe they are in business, but perhaps they will close soon, as it looks like from some of the other complaints, they are not paying people money they are owed, either! Beware!

necw reviewed On 06/30/2012

I have actually got this casino because of its no deposit bonus. As usual I am not very confident when playing no deposit bonuses except at the well known casinos. As this wasn’t the case I was very careful to read all the terms of agreement so that I am actually allowed to withdraw if by any case ill manage to win. Everything was in order but to be even surer I went to speak with somebody from live support in order to have everything clear and to have a proof that I am eligible for the bonus. This step went also well so I started playing. After a lot of time, as usual for the no deposit bonuses I finally managed to finish my wagering requirements and I also had around 100 $ to withdraw so I withdrew them since these were free money. Like for all of the no deposit bonuses I had to deposit first and then I can withdraw. Because I only had 100$ to withdraw I decided to deposit 25 $ and in the same time to play the bonus for my first deposit. I wasn’t as lucky as the previous bonus so I lost my 25 $ including the bonus but I still had 100$ to withdraw. I sent the requested documents, which actually was the longest part as I didn’t send all the correct documents and I lasted for almost one week. After everything was checked and double checked I received the confirmation that my withdrawal will be processed in the upcoming days. It actually took 4 working days which I consider to be ok despite I received most of the money from other casinos in maximum 3 days. Oh and another plus for this casino, though this wasn’t actually my case is that US players are allowed.

ValDes reviewed On 05/25/2012

High Noon casino was one of my most fortunate stays in any casino, powered by the Real Time Gaming platform so far, but although I played there a long time ago my feelings when I remember about that casino are always negative!
It was a member of the well known Club World Casinos Group, which is considered to be a safe place for your money and a pleasant, cosy corner for your gambling activities. So I joined them without hesitating too much and headed straight to their promotion section. What I have found there was that most of the best bonuses are not cashable, so I decided to stay away from them at that point! I made a small deposit of 25$ and tried some of my favourite RTG slots, but it was not one of my best days and soon I lost hem all. Than I decided to contact the live support and to ask them for any not sticky promotions. I was told and offered such – 100% match deposit up to 1000 credits with very huge wagering requirements of 35 times the combined value of the deposit plus the bonus! I asked them several times whether they are sure that this bonus is not sticky and is cashable and I was constantly assured of that! So, I made my second deposit in High Noon, but his time the amount was 300$, went to the cashier section, entered the code they gave me and received 300 free credits. And as it happened so many times before my luck suddenly changed from bad to good in a blink of an eye and my balance has reached the value of 2000$ in no time! I was winning from any slot I tried – Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, Aztec Treasure FG, Mayan Queen and so on. Well to win a decent sum, while playing slots with bets like 4.00 and 5.00 credits per spin is not so hard to achieve, but to manage to wager 21000, which was the exact wagering requirements for my bonus, is something different! It took me almost a week to do it and what is worse, most of my winnings! At the end , when my wagering was cleared I had 1300 in my balance! Not bad, but when I went to the cashier to withdraw I was able to cash out only 1000$. I immediately connected the live support and guess what was the problem – the bonus was STICKY, and the amount of 300 was going to be deducted from my balance after the withdrawal and that was the reason I was able to cash out only 1000, not 1300! I was mad, I told them that I asked for that several times and I was assured the bonus is not sticky and so on and so on, but nothing changed and from that point I started to collect all the chat transcriptions until I play in any casino! This is a good tip to all of you! Anyway, I was rather disappointed by those stupid casino tricks and that was all with my stay in High Noon casino. Oh, I almost forget to tell you that my withdrawal was delivered to my credit card via wire transfer in “no time” – it took them “only” 17 business days.
So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 2/10
Software: 9/10
Security: 5/10
Finance: 1/10
Bonuses: 1/10
Terms&Conditions: 2/10

Overall: Safe online casino, but still far from the best in the business!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to Askgamblers.com for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!

casinoian87 reviewed On 05/01/2012

High Noon Casino
Since it is the end of the month I figured I would end on some positive notes/reviews about some casinos that deserve it. High Noon Casino uses RTG software, and it is available to play on the website, through flash play and through download obviously. It also ranks high in my RTG tier rankings, for a refresher on that, Tier one is just plain RTG software, no progressives such as Shopping spree one and two, no tournaments, and no “special game” that other RTG casinos don’t have, tier two is the same as tier one but with tournaments added in, tier three is the same as tier two with progressive slots available, and tier four is the same as tier three, but with an individualized game included. From what I can tell High Noon doesn’t have its own personalized game so it’s a tier three if you use my system. High Noon was probably the first of the legitimate RTG casinos I ever played. They seem to have a universal $61 No Deposit Bonus no matter where you look, you can get it on Ask Gamblers using this link: http://www.askgamblers.com/no-deposit-bonus/high-noon-no-deposit-bonus-b159 , I never understood why it was $61 it seems like an odd number but I don’t mind odd numbers since this is probably one of if not the top No Deposit Bonuses available for a Legitimate RTG casino. I came close to actually making the play through when I played, I won a big hand on Shopping Spree for around $300, and solid wins on crazy vegas, and Ronin, but came up about $100 and change short on completing the play through. This is a great casino with great reviews, but in my opinion has a few flaws. If you play on the site itself, the lag is so bad it’s hard to navigate through the casino, you even get slight lag on the downloaded version of the software. Other than that I have no complaints about this casino, and don’t let that one little issue hold you back from playing here, I recommend just downloading the software and playing it that way, because I have yet to find the “Perfect” casino, the day that happens, I’ll find you the perfect gambler lol.

Overall I Give this casino a 9.1/10 it lost .2-.3 due to the lag on the software if you were wondering, but this place is great for USA players who are new, uninformed, and is a good casino to start playing online.


AlexMou12 reviewed On 04/30/2012

Hello, highnoon casino is a part of club world casinos, this very good network of casino, but highnoon is worst of all this group. You can just see how many complaints they had, how many unresolved problems, but i got lucky and receive my money from them without any problem. So i still belive that its good casino, without any problems, so here is my story in this casino.
I registered there for 60$ no deposit bonus that they give to all people, just redeem your coupon 'sixshooter' and enjoy ;) You should wager 3000$, but max withdrawal is 300$. Very nice i think. So, i am redeem coupon and go to aztec treasure, and bet there with 2$, because as i say, i thougt that thay cheat people. But i got lucky, and won about 400$ in one spin! Wow, after it i stopped big bets , and just think to win something, and then try to cashout. After it i play many slots, and finally met wager with ~250$ dollars. I just go to live chat, and ask them, what to do. All standart for this casino group: verification deposit, verification form, documents. All was done, and i just wait my money 3 days. Without any problems and cheating. I was really impressed, because casino had so many complaints and bad reviews, but i was payed without any problems, and all was ok.
So, i am just want to say, that may be all not very bad in this casino, because i am didnt get any bad things there. They had excellent no deposit bonus, nice deposit bonuses, live chat always available, and they pay money without problem. What any more you need? I recommend this casino, but if you can play in another casino of club world group, better play on it.
Alexmou12, have a nice day!

FAZIII1 reviewed On 04/04/2012

High Noon Casino is RTG software - This Casino is part very good group CWC Club Words Casino Group .
One one the best group in web offered Rtg Software.

Casino with excelent No deposit Bonus 60$ for all new players registered in this Place. So We can testing games in this place for free After download and registrations go to cashier and redeem special free code - now all rulez will be write in cashier - Im remeber this was wager 60 x 50 - 3000 $ in slots - and only slots - No table and max cashauts after wager is 5 x Bonus so 5 x 60 =300$ im think this is very good promotions . Bonus money is not withdrawale so player must finish with 360 to be able to withdrawal 300 Abaut deposit promotions thay have 200% with wager x 20 and no max cashaut - Very good promotions in this place - Progres wagering player always can see in cashier this is same rulez in all RTG software.

They have Very good support - Live support helpful emials support. Suprizes for me was they have olso Polish support in live chat.

Importand thinks we shoud know? They dont accepts Students in casino so if you win somthing and live chat ask you abaut your status worker or student? You shoud answer Worker - becose if your answer will be yes im student then live support say sory broke rulez we cant pay you. - accont blocked.

Withdrawal winnings - From no deposit bonus max cashauts 300 - minimum deposit 21$ must be done to be able to make withdrawal 321 . of corse all deposit and withdrawal methods accepts - Money bookers Netteler Credit Cards Wire transfer. Copy documents veryfications - Player must send a lot documents. copy id copy billings copy banks letters or somthing where they can see your adres name username and others.. Next you must print special documents from casino site write all informations Scan and send to emial cashier. Waiting few days and all shoud be accepts - If all accepts so now somone from casino phone to us and ask few simple questions abaut caisno name abaut deposit amount and methods - and withdrawal amount. And ask again abaut our status - worker or mayby student?,,,,, heh after corect phone veryfications few days and money shoud be in our nett wallet. Mayby in wiinigs from no deposit bonus this is a little longer but regular player have withdrawal in short time.

-Casino is from very good trust Cwc group one of the best in web offered RTG software
- High Noon Have great no deposit bonus 60$ with max cashauts 300$ for all new player
-good helful Live chat
-Good deposit promotions with not bad wager requeiments rulez x 20? songs good for me

Bad things?

Mayby only a little hidden rulez with no welcome Students in casino and to ofeten asking abaut this when player do deposit and try do withdrawal. they will be asking abaut this in live chat and they ask abaut this in phone veryfications but rulez is rulez we must read terms if we dont have problems.....

High Noon Casino is good place to place if somone like play in Rtg Software tthen im think we can trust this place . This is one of best Rtg place to play in web.

High Noon Casino reviewed On 03/28/2012


Regards to the money debited from your account that did not show in your account a trace (as you know) has been added and the casino has requested a copy of your statement showing this transaction.

Regards to your cashout, you won from a special free chip with a maximum cashout of $100 as explained in the terms and conditions when you claimed the chip. This is the reason why you received $1,000 and not the $1,600 you thought you were going to receive. Please ensure you are aware of the terms and conditions of all future free chips to avoid your confusion.

Regards to the rep hanging up on you this can be investigated as all calls are recorded. It does seem very out of character for our CS team to hang up on players unless there is a reason to do so and only after warnings. Will follow up on your calls.

janmcmullen reviewed On 03/27/2012

I will not play at High Noon again. Money has been debited from my credit card and not appeared in my casino account. I wirthdrew $1600 and on received $999.77. A customer service rep hung up on me. I am not impressed!

serenji reviewed On 02/13/2012

I won on my 60 dollar free chip-I sent in my documentation. There staff was great-now the real test will be how fast I get paid? From what I've seen so far, I have to say that they are top-notch!!!!

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Casino Review

High Noon Casino opened its doors on Tuesday the 31th of August 2010 and is backed by the casino group, Club World Casinos. The CWC Group is based in the UK and is one of the most respected online casino groups in the market and highly rated by both players and affiliates. High Noon Casino is available for players all around the world including US based residents. RTG is the power engine behind the Casino which includes both an instant Flash version and a Download version. Real Time Gaming is perhaps one of the biggest online software providers and can boast with hundreds of games to their platform providing new games and updates on a monthly basis. The website has a western theme and is rich in graphics and comes off with a certain air of transporting the visitor to the golden days of old western movies packed with outlaws and shady saloons. The launch of the new site comes packed with player promotions to take advantage of. A rich Welcome Package for players to get to know the Casino better and massive progressive jackpots. The Casino offers a great range of payment methods including all major debit/credit cards and Moneybookers, Neteller, eWalletXpress and many more ewallets and bank transfers. The Casino heavily supports fair gaming and all their software is audited by the Technical Systems Testing (TSR) for fair and true gaming experience. As well as using the latest secure and encrypted communication techniques.


The Casino believes that all players are welcome and is therefore offering a range of welcoming promotions to fit every type of player. New registrants can choose the type of bonus that suit their game play with two huge match bonuses eligible for different games. Those who prefer Slots can claim a 200% Welcome Offer and those who'd rather play on other types of games can claim a 100% Match Bonus upon their initial deposit. Along with these two offers, the Casino is giving away completely for free a $60 Free Chip for everyone who register. Players must quote the appropriate bonus codes for each bonus. Apart from the rich welcome package the Casino is giving away daily bonuses on all games and continual bonuses thereafter on a regular basis as well as giving players the chance to earn extra cash on their rewarding comp points program.

Games and Software

The games is always the foremost reason a player decides to stay with a Casino and High Noon have selected Real Time Gaming software to run their gaming platform. Players can download the software and play on hundreds of games or play directly in their browser on the Flash version which also supports Mac users. There are many new excellent features that High Noon provide new eager players and one of them is the instant switch games, where you can save you favorite games and switch between them without having to return to the lobby. The Casino also features a unique Jackpots screen where the player can view the complete Real Series Slots and Jackpots. This means that you as a player is only one click away to hitting it big.

Customer Support

The Casino offer a top notch customer support service which is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact the Casino either by Telephone, Email or Live Chat. It is advisable to check out the convenient FAQ section before contacting a member of support staff as this section has been compiled to create answers to general queries.



  • RealTime Gaming software
  • US players accepted
  • Reputable Club World Casinos group
  • Great theme of website


  • Flash games on the site operate slowly on low speed internet


Official Website: www.highnooncasino.com

Language: English

Deposit Methods: American Express, CLICK2PAY, EcoPayz, instaDebit, Maestro, MasterCard, MypaylinQ, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Visa Electron

Exclusive Payment Partner:

Currency: US Dollars

Restricted Countries: Costa Rica, Israel, France

Software: Real Time Gaming

Established: 2010

License: United Kingdom

Casino Type: Download & Instant Play

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: ACH, Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, CLICK2PAY, ECO Card, instaDebit, MypaylinQ, Neteller, Skrill

Withdrawal Limits: 4000 USD per week

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - 1-2 days;Credit/Debit cards - N/A;Bank transfers - 7-10 days;Cheques - 14-28 days

Pending Time: 48 hours

Allow Manual Flushing: No

Contact High Noon Casino

Owner: Club World Casinos Group

Live Chat Support: Yes

USA Toll Free: 1-866-363-5321

Affiliate Program: Affiliate Edge

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