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Club World Casino is an online casino that offers a wide range of more than 100 casino games. These include Crazy Vegas, Golden Retriever, Medal Tally, Pinocchio, Warlock's Spell, Lucky 8's Scratch Cards, and more. There are also 16 Reel Slots, 42 Video Slots, 17 Video Poker Games, 5 Poker Games, 6 Blackjack Games, American and European Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Sic Bo, War and Keno, with 11 Progressive Jackpots. Video Poker games range up to 100 Hand varieties. As of November 2007, the online casino launched 2 brand new Online Slots - Field of Green and Jackpot Pinatas. A progressive jackpot slot, Jackpot Pinatas boasts a minimum jackpot of $250,000.


Club Word is a RTG casino (Real Time Gaming). The software platform is available in both Downloadable and Flash versions, making the online casino compatible with just about every operating system, including Windows and Mac. Highly stable, functional and quick loading, players can rest assured if a disconnect does occur, they will be returned to their position in the current game without missing a step. 97.5% Cash out.

Customer Support

Club USA Casino provides customer support through their base of operations, Club USA Casinos. Available 24/7 by Live Chat, e-mail, phone and fax, the customer support team is prompt, friendly and always professional. Toll Free numbers are available for US and UK residing members.


  • Excellent game variety
  • Downloadable and Flash
  • Frequent promo's and reload bonuses
  • Live Chat support
  • US players accepted


  • High wagering requirements for welcome bonuses

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Wednesday Bonus
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Bonus: 55%
W.R: 25x(d+b)
Cashable: No

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Tuesday Bonus
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Bonus: 77%
W.R: 25x(d+b)
Cashable: No

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Monday Bonus
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Bonus: 65%
W.R: 25x(d+b)
Cashable: Yes

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After posting an anonymous review on this site where I complained about my return to player (87% on 140000 spins lol), the casino rep asked for my ...

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$ 200
disputed amount

I have been playing at club world casino since 2012. On December 13, 2014, I won $200 and for the first time, I decided to cash out. A few days ...

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Im very dissapointed with this casino, and their ignorant staff which dont want to reply your answer but they rather change the topic on something ...

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Contact Casino

  • US Tool Free: 1 888 671 2855
  • Tool Free UK: 0 800 230 0920
  • France: 0 805 111 375
  • Italy: 800 986 549
  • Spain: 800 992 03
  • Germany: 0800 101 3183

Players reviews

reviewed on 03/13/2015

Wow. Why are my depositing options disabled? I knew this would happen. I rightfully complain about my rtp and now my depositing options are disabled. So dishonest and an outright breach of trust.

representative replied on 03/16/2015
reviewed on 03/13/2015

I sent it yesterday:)

reviewed on 03/12/2015

I loved the pun not intended portion!

Hi. I will do as you request if you promise that future requests for my game logs will continue to be provided. Promise?

representative replied on 03/13/2015
reviewed on 03/12/2015

I added 1 star. 1/2 star) the off chance that someone might actually care enough to look into my experience even though I've begged csr via chat as well as two different managers whom I will not name; 1/2 star) I play at my own risk. No one made me. No one cheated me. Only a fool would blame anyone for losing. However, I expected slot games to follow industry standards for rtp which clearly these do not but it is my fault and no one elses fault.

March 1st through March 10th: 9,900 spins. Total RTP 77%.
Total is now: 140,000 spins. Total RTP 88%

I certainly will provide you with my username if you will provide me with one good reason to do so. In other words, you stated you want to investigate and I'm guessing that is Latin for "fact check", right? I'll make you a deal: I'll give you my username if you can promise me that when your fact checking proves everything (literally everything) I stated is accurate I get something in return for being "terribly unlucky" as you stated. 130,000 spins is WAY more than enough to be statistically significant so it seems to be about settings and not lack of luck, right? There is no way my average is any different than any other random selection of 130,000 spins unless my account is coded differently than other accounts in the pool, right? Remember, math is math and the player only hits "spin" so what other explanation can there be besides settings? I'm concerned that giving you my username will only end up being bad for me without any possible positive outcome. On the other hand, perhaps you will ban me from trying to win back my loses (lol we both know the settings are so low it is not possible ) so I am therefore hesitant to provide it without a promise that at least nothing bad will come of it. The stats are from your own logs. Here is another example of an event that happens nearly every time in nearly every game and has officially made me suspicious to the point where I will likely never play again even though my slot rtp is enough to make anyone run: I was playing Crystal Waters today--a game where my overall rtp is so awful that it must turn around eventually--and I finally hit a feature at $5 a spin. However, I changed my wager to $10 and lost 134 of the next 137 spins (lost=a return of $9 or less)… I was down to my last $3 and changed to a $1 wager and like magic hit a feature and won $50 rather than the $500 at $10 a spin that should have happened one spin prior. Everyone has a story like this which is largely meaningless and indicative of nothing untoward. However, my daily experience with your site includes events like this and not once has your RNG rewarded me for raising my wager in a slot game which I can not possible comprehend. There is no reason why it should be a pattern unless the rng is friends with your bank account. It certainly is no friend of mine haha :):):)

representative replied on 03/12/2015
reviewed on 03/12/2015

The website works and rarely has problems. They have nice promotions that extend your play but honestly please do not ever play slots here beyond the first two or three days after you open an account. If you are lucky enough to win, they will pay as promised but mind you there has been a delay of some sort every time but twice.

130,000 Slot Spins = 87.3% RTP = at best they use the lowest settings RTG has to offer which traditionally has been 91% but mine is worse. Also, I have played the exact same games with the same wagers and volume simultaneously at Slotocash and my RTP is 98.4% which is in line with industry standards/expectations. Here are a few stats as of March 1st 2015 and I am happy to send them to you for verification. Please note that as of March 1st I had 120,000 spins with an rtp of 89.12% which is clearly awful beyond explanation. Also, while I am only sharing with you the bad in order to help you avoid my mistakes (playing slots here thinking positive variability would kick in and work in my favor in the short term), of course there are a few games I played less often where I did not get thoroughly destroyed. However, the "bad" way outweighs the good--to the tune of an overall RTP that is shameful by any standards--and I will gladly share the logs. Here are the games and volumes that no one can say is "bad luck" because math is math and clearly Club World will literally take way more of your money than you expect if you are expecting standard rtp for slots.
Triple Twister 10,100 spins 77.4% rtp
Loch Ness Loot 6,900 spins 88.7% rtp
Small Fortune 5,500 spins 66% rtp
The Three Stooges II 5,760 spins 71.5%

Here is another one for you: In a one week period after initiating a withdraw, this is what happened:
All Real-Series Video Slots 4,200 spins with a total RTP of 71%.

representative replied on 03/12/2015
reviewed on 02/19/2015

There's not much to say about this casino. It was average with its selection as well as the game play. It was fine for a first experience but I probably won't be returning any time soon.

reviewed on 02/01/2015

I like their selection but that is more a function of RTG software than anything else. Also, they have high deposit limits.

I won something decent here one time and then literally have deposited about $20k with an overall RTP of 80% across all games played including slots, table games, and video poker. The one time I did win something they gave me the same delay tactics that the other club world group sites did a year holiday, bank holiday, processor behind, etc. I am 100% sure their license agreement with RTG includes setting RTP because across well over $350,000 in handles my RTP is about 78.5% and that is nearly impossible. I play the same games elsewhere with way better luck and will stop playing here shortly if my "luck" does not change.

reviewed on 12/10/2014

The site looks nice and the games play quickly (online).

When I played blackjack, the casino got blackjack 4 to 1 over me. It totaled 21 with 4 or more cards constantly. The mobile version did not play like that at all, it felt more even but extremely slow and limited in choice.

reviewed on 11/26/2014 United States

So... I've been playing craps at casinos for a while now. Thought I would give it a go online. I was playing a strategy to where you would bet the pass and don't pass line on the come out roll to prevent losses from the 7 (I bet the don't pass, it's better statistically). Anyhow... the only roll that can screw you is rolling a 12. The odds of rolling a 12 are about 1 in 36, thats a 2.777% chance. Incredibly the 12 showed up as often as a 7 normally would on the come out rolls. I had a period of 20 come out rolls and four 12s showed.... I can accept this as a fluke but it happens so often I could no longer ignore it. I switched to a different casino and no longer have that issue. So if you're a craps player, my advice is to stay far away from this casino. Slots were fun though so I am giving a few stars.

reviewed on 09/30/2014

Hello, dear askgamblers. This will be my experience at Club World casino. Earlier this month I decided to join this casino, which is powered by Real Time Gaming software, because of their 30$ no deposit offer. I signed up, entered the bonus code and got the bonus money immediately.

Playthrough for this bonus was 600$ so I went to slot section and started there. First I played Cleopatra's Gold. I placed 0.20$ bets per spin and increased them to 0.60$ bets, and after 40 minutes of playing it, my balance went down to 18$. A few times small wins like 0.36$ appeared, but nothing more.

After that I switched to Raindance slot, which has 20 paylines. I placed 0.20$ bets, but within 30 spins I didn't get any kind of win, all of the spins were empty, so I increased my bet to 0.40$ per spin, still unfortunate, so with less than 10€ I decided to quit this game for Aztecs Treasure. I've played it before and I like the look of it. I placed 0.40$ bets and pressed autoplay, but eventually I busted and my balance went to a complete 0. So as you can see slots weren't sucessful for me this time.

Overall, I had a descent time at Club World casino. This time I can't say anything about withdrawals, but I might deposit there to try their poker games.

The only minuses I experienced were the slowness of instant play version and the fact that the games they have are not my favorites. At one point I think they even had a server error, because I couldn't load any of the games. I relogged into my account, restarted my computer, still nothing changed, I wasn't even able to contact the support, because a text "loading" appeared on my screen and didn't go away, so I just waited.And after about an hour everything worked again. So I would definitely recommend to use their casino download version.

reviewed on 08/31/2014 India

Club world casino is my favourite real time gaming casino ever as it
gave me a big no deposit bonus of 77$ when i joined them and RTG does
not usually give such big no deposit bonuses and i was shocked to see
this casino. And this is why now i am tick on option where you get in
the beginning that you want to receive mails about promotions and all
because form there only i got this offer and registered on this casino
Good thing was they had an instant play mode of the casino and no time
wasting in downloading the casinos software. After doing all the
formalities i opened the game count spectacular as always the game
took a lot of time but now i do not panic because i know this happens
every time you play on rtg casino for the first time. I have notices
that there is a change of games on casinos from RTG because on a lot
of casinos i have not seen this game count spectacular. here i hit the
smiling dog thing and after that a a black suited guy appears on the
screen and does something with this hands and this feature got me
0.24$. Then i hit the haunted house with the mirror and again that
guys appears on the left of the game but this time i had won 2.40$.
This was the only new slot i tried on this casino apart form the
Aladdin wishes and coyote cash.
then i opened progressive slots and this was my first time playing
progressive slots on RTG and opened food fight. And i hit the tomato
with the pizza thing and it got me 5$ and the pay outs on these slots
were very big but so was the bet on one spin. i enjoyed the
progressive slots the most and loved it. Really nice casino and the
best real time gaming casino for me.

reviewed on 07/31/2014 India

Club World casino
Developed By real time gaming and this is one of the best casinos from
RTG right now and i saw the no deposit bonus and that is when decided
to join this casino. I lost the no deposit bonus within no time as i
always use it to test the games and the inter face of the casino and i
noticed that i was winning good but i lost the no deposit bonus
deliberately . So by playing from the NDB i realized that they have
a good return on the money .
I made a real money deposit and got 100% match up bonus as part of the
welcome package offered by them . i had deposited 50$ and got 50 from
the casinos as well and 100 was enough for me and in fact more than
enough because i do not usually deposit 50$ in a casino.
I started playing Alladins wishes and they have a very high variance
and i was betting the minimum because i was playing this game for the
very first time. After some 10 or 15 spins i started getting some
scatters and features and i was waiting desperately for a multiplier
because that pays the real money but sadly that did not happen .
After that i played the game which is by the name of casino only and
i found it really weird and funny. But this game had a very good
return on money and i played it for a lot of spins.
I would have really liked some good table games but i requested a
withdrawal very soon here as i had to leave because of some reasons. I
managed to make 180 from this casino and after the verification i got
the money within a couple of days.
I would rate this casino 8 out of 10.

reviewed on 07/23/2014 United States

ASK30FREE is Expired according to ClubWorld.

reviewed on 07/16/2014

As I was looking for a ND bonus I noticed a 6 dollars ND promotion and after downloading and registering my account I asked live chat to confirm for me if this bonus is still active. Actually instead of 6 dollars I was credited with 25 dollars and a wager x 20 bonus.Max. cash-out 5 x bonus. Minimum deposit if you make it for withdrawal is 21 dollars. Bonus is for slots, keno and scratch cards. Sounds fine to me.Club World Casino uses Real Time Gaming software.Compared to another casino I tried today which was overcolored and I couldn’t even find the live chat tab, their site looks so simple with easy navigation. It took some time to load some of the games,actually all of them and I am not sure if it is related to my internet connection or not. But I had to log out and sign in again to see what is going on. Enchanted garden is the game I wanted to try this time .I couldn’t see before the game opened how beautiful the theme was. It is a 5 reels 20 paylines slot. I set up my bet on 0.2 and two scatters gave me a 0.20 win. Scatter is a fountain symbol with butterflies jumping out of the water. . After hitting the next spin butterflies on 3 lines gave me 2.43 dollars win after increasing my bet on 0.4. After my balance went down on 8 dollars I lowered my bet on 0.1, I wish I didn’t and any time I do so I trigger scatter and finally I got 3 scatters which gave me a small win because of my small bet. Biggest win was 5 dollars but i didn’t want to change this heaven game for me,heaven for my eyes, letters symbols, lady with green hair, fairy tail horse, metallic blue egg, butterflies and many nice colors on the paylines. I clicked back to check in the lobby what games they have and again,,stucked,, black screen and nothing . This must be a temporary technical issue on their side but it is a little annoying. Enchanted garden is definitely the slot I want to play for real money.Except for loading problems, it was a nice stay, I wish I kept my balance for little bit longer in order to fully enjoy this nice game. Well, this is a girly game for all the guys out there wondering what I am talking about. Excellent live chat support and 9 out of 10 from me.

reviewed on 05/31/2014 Belarus

Club world casino is not only one single casino, it is group of casinos which includes few other brands with real time gaming software, and buzzluck casino with nuworks software. I think this group of casino is best option for players from USA, and i am also playing sometimes and their different brands, because this is best real time gaming casinos right now. I never experience any problem with this casinos, and no one from my friends also report me any kind of problems.
Like all other casinos in this group, club world casino was giving away no deposit bonuses in past, and i was happy to get 50$ bonus with 2500$ wagering requirements and 250$ max withdrawal. I played couple of games which i already liked while playing with no deposits in others casinos, but there i did not have luck to clear no deposit bonus.
Of course i played at this casino few times, just took some bonuses from them and have fun. I never have withdrawal from this casino, and this is ok because i had withdrawals from their other brands. Also interesting fact that club world casino has slot game with the name club world casinos, and this slot can be played exclusively at this casino. It is interesting game, i tried it few times and for real time gaming players i recommend to try this game too.Probably i did not win in this casino is that i played only high variance games here, like paydirt and triple twister, or t-rex. It is hard to win at high variance games, and wins happens rare, but when i win, i really win big.
I rate club world casino with 9 stars, this is best casino for usa players, and also very good casino for all other players, with great support and fast withdrawals, which is rare for real time gaming casino.

reviewed on 03/11/2014

This place is a total scam. Do not use this I lost almost $1000 trying to play roulette. They let you win a little bit but there comes a point if you win 4-5 times in a row, They will make sure you don't win for the next 10 rounds. I played for days on here and total scam. One time I had 19 odds in row... unheard of. 90% of the time its always the opposite of what you pick. If you start to double up then forget about it, You won't win at all. Also I tried their slot machines. Their dollar slot machine pays you 15cents every 10 spins. Its a f**king joke. They do pay on withdrawals which I managed to get only one withdrawal. Ever since then, I can't even make more than $20 in roulette.

reviewed on 02/01/2014

Club World Casinos is by far the best online casino group for USA players. Although their play-through requirements have greatly increased during the past year due to what I am only guessing is increased competition and anticipation of U.S. operators getting back into the market, they are the only online casino group that I've encountered that actually does pay you a requested withdrawal within the 4-7 days time frame as stated on their withdrawal policies. This includes processing and payment. Most other casino groups (without knowing for certain about every casinos claims for prompt payments, and without naming names at this point anyway) have taken at least 3 weeks to well over a month to process your funds which took about 11 seconds to deposit. I also believe it is very important to mention that my first withdrawal was not a terrific experience due to a pay2mycard (w/d option for a $9 fee) that was paid to a prepaid card that unfortunately was not the requested card to have my funds sent to. However, after an understandably amount of due diligence on their behalf, where the funds still remain and apparently inaccessible forever (I've since thrown the card away and can only wonder what happened to or eventually will to the money) on a prepaid card bought at Ralph's supermarkets and issued by their parent company Kroger, the funds due to me were paid after about a 4 week period, where Club World with unsurpassed customer service honored my w/d request. To sum it up, Club World Casinos I am certain is the best online casino in the market to date, who pays w/d requests as actually promised.

reviewed on 01/25/2014

Club Usa Casino a good name for a group of RTG Casinos.
My first date with Club USA casino was few months ago and i remember that i did a small research like i always do for selected casino here on Askgamblers site and wana thank them because whenever i want to try some casino I always search here and i am always pleased with the results..
I didnt find anything big and even if i knew that this was well respected casino group but double check every time.
So back at my new journey with Club USA casino.
Back then they were giving 25 $ free welcome offer,well whenever the casino is giving free chip i always use that offer before i decide to make a deposit.
So I started to play with the free chip altough the wagering was huge like always but ok,at least is free chip.
The first game I played there was Aladdins Wishes .
At the beginning of my playing i put my bet to 1 dollar ,but the few rounds i lost 7 dollars so i decide to lower my bet to 0.40 dollar a bet .so at least i can play for a while and who knows maybe wager it.
When i lower the bet and after 3-4 rounds of spins there ,i trigger the free spins ,uff why always that happened ,lower the bet and there come the free spins round well thats from my experience.
The Alladins lamb 4 of them appear so i got free spins but my bet was 0.40 dollar and didnt have great hits on the free spins so i finished with 6 dollars only.
Well i was not on good way to wager the bonus ,so i raise my bet to 1 dollar again and very quickly i lost all my bonus.
I have never deposited there so since then I have never played either because i spend the free chip and you are not allowed to have more free chips if you have never deposited there.This Casino is solid ,their costumer support are really friendly ,about theirs payout I dont know but from others reviews about this casino there are good.

reviewed on 01/18/2014

Hi everyone! Next on my list for review is Club World Casino, also known as Club USA Casino. I have no idea why the casino have to use two different names, which can be confusing at times, but I presume that Club World (or USA) Casino is akin to William Hill Casino, in the sense that it is the 'father' of the group bearing the same name, namely Club World Casinos (CWC) and WHG. Both are well respected and renowned online gaming establishments.

I signed up at Club World Casino some years ago when I was still eagerly hunting down all those lovely free no-deposit bonuses. They were in abundance for new players like me at that time and none of these free bonus offers escaped my clutches, hehehe. Even so, no matter how many no-deposit bonus offers were available for the taking, I soon ran out of them! So, no more free bonuses were then followed up by deposit bonuses whenever I wanted to carry on playing at any casino of my choosing. Thankfully enough, I chose to start off at Club World Casino because of its reputation and good reviews. After playing the no-deposit bonus to zero balance, I then decided to play on, so I made a small deposit and got their offering of a deposit bonus. Can't recall how much it was, probably 200% or more, not less.

Being still new with RTG software at that moment in time, I had wanted to try out as many slot games as possible, to find out which ones I liked better. My small bankroll didn't allow me to play for very long and I could manage to try out only some of the games. I then switched over to fun mode to try out even more games which I had missed out during my real money play. As they say, 'practise makes perfect', and it certainly brought some benefits to my future game plays at the casino. After a few more deposits made over the days, I finally made my first win at Club World Casino. Not a really big win but enough for me to recover back all my deposited money and still had a little more extra left in hand. I broke the casino's bank on my first win! For me, that was one hell of a good achievement for a newbie! :)

Over the following days, I made a few more deposits at the casino, managing to make a little bit more extra wins, but when my next two deposits were unsuccessful, I decided to call it a day. 'Quit while you are ahead'. I certainly did that...and I haven't gone back to Club World Casino till today! My best achievement at that point in time was at Club World Casino. I couldn't get the same result at any other online casino, be it another RTG, Rival, Microgaming or Top Game casino, EXCEPT at a few Playtech casinos! Personally for me, Club World Casino shall remain my top favourite RTG casino, even though I have not been playing there again since. ;)


reviewed on 09/23/2013

Good day to all members. Club usa casino have this name for USA players, for me it is club world casinos. I play there of course, because i like their group of casinos which have name club world casinos. Club world casino powered by real time gaming software, have nice bonuses, nice support, and speedy cashouts on ewallets. I registered there to get 200% bonus which they offer me, i am think standart bonus is 100%, but i play previcious in another casino of their group, and one day get offer with 200% on club world casino. I register, confirm in live chat that i really eligible for this bonus( i am always trying to confirm can i get bonus or no, because sometimes you made deposit and then you see no bonus because you not eligible.). So i start with 30$ deposit which was tripled by casino, and my balance is 90$. I am not big real time gaming slots player, and i am pretty sure that i play only 1/3 of their slots, and all others i even never open. I did not know why, but their slots not so cool like playtech games, or netent. Just i am not their big fan, so i am open often slot for me paydirt, and start playing at 1$ bets. Why i choose paydirt? It did not get you bored, stacked wilds on 2 and 4 reels, three different features all with possiblity to hit really big win, i do not need anything else. I play it and hit this 3 scatters when my balance was only 20$ or so, and i get feature called ' strike it lucky' and this is my favorite feature, but imagine my dissapointed when i win only 4$ from it with 1$ bet!!! I became angry, upped my bet, and of course lost all.
Thats all, thank you for reading my review about club usa casino, now i will give them some marks:
Support: A
Bonuses: A
Games selection: B
Withdrawals: not tested

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