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paquito76 reviewed On 02/28/2014

When I visited again (I haven’t done that for a while) it came as a surprise as I found €81 on my account and honestly I had no clue how it got there. It intrigued me enough to try to figure out its history so I asked about it via chat. The member of their support team I was success to chat with enlightened me the amount was from a previous bonus and had no any further restriction and it was free to use to play or even for withdrawal. Of course I chose the second option though I still had no idea what was this bonus or when was it completed. I just couldn’t recall it at all however hard I wanted but I was so fired up to not spend my time with thinking about it. I thought with this so-called unexpected money I was going to go after some big rewards and started to play on some Marvel games. After a quick sequence with Hulk and X-Men I changed to Ghost Rider that I’m the less familiar with among this group of slots. I don’t know why but I haven’t played with it too much – but a 5 of a kind winning only after 3 spins gave me back a x1000 of the line bet - was a little sign to break up this habit. I continued to play with €1 total bet but in the normal games I had never again a €20+ win but the free spins and Ghost Hunter bonus rounds were really great and sometimes came away from them with €50+ prizes. After 1 hour spent with it I noticed these extra features started to show up less and less often and were getting not so generous than before so I felt the time was to move on. I was failed again to enter the jackpot games but it was a good run though at Ghost Rider I missed a little the extras the other games have (like X-Men’s heroes-villains mode). At the end of the night I requested a withdrawal the collected €300. It was a sweat 300 because it was so unexpected and came out of nowhere. The payout time was longer than I remembered (or hoped) it but almost in a week I got finally paid.
Good games…decent, informative support team…Great place to play Playtech games. Slow withdrawal time but other than that nothing real weaknesses.

Oil-man reviewed On 10/08/2013

Just to add to my last post . . .

I truly hope my first post is left in this thread, and I do hope that readers realize by the time spent writing that from my phone (lol) that it is a very informed opinion. I've spent hundreds of thousands in online gambling and have been doing so for ten years or more (whenever the industry started). It was not my intention to name-drop or promote any other site. It was my intention to contribute an honest, thorough and informed opinion.


Oil-man reviewed On 10/07/2013

Several things . . .

I generally bet mid-range bets - anywhere from $2 to $12.50 per spin, depending what's in my account.

1. I have only once (in 3 of these casinos) won over $600 in a bonus round or a single spin. Considering I'll often spend $500 or more in one visit, this seems like quite a weak payout percentage. I also find that if you win good in 1 or a few games, the casino goes cold (which leads to my second point if you're using a bonus that requires a 40x wagering of said bonus before a withdrawal is allowed). By comparison, in alljackpotscasino, I've many times parlayed small winnings and bets (even with comped credits) into $4000 to $5000.

2. The 40x wagering before payout on bonuses seems too much to me. If I deposit $150.00, that means I need to wager $6000.00 before I can withdraw. Seeing that in my experience many of the bigger wins happen early on in the visit, and I've not calculated exactly, but it seems withdrawals would be damn near impossible particularly with larger betting. Thus, I'll often not use bonuses at all and just risk my luck with my own funds. At least if I do win I can withdraw right away.

3. I do find my visits formulaic. A couple of wins, then the casino goes cold and I lose everything. I deposit again or a 3rd time and the initial win or two is bigger than on my first deposit. So, in actuality, I've not won anything when all is said and done - I've just recouped part of my deposits. As I've said in point 1, I've only won once in a bonus or spin between $600 and $700. Big difference with alljackpotscasino where I've won nearly $1800 in a bonus on a $4 bet after like 3 spins. I've many times had my winnings reach over $4000 and many,many times over $2000-$3000.

4. When these casinos were first introduced, the minor and mini jackpots would be paid out to me regularly. In the last 9 months since playing this casino again, I've not had one progressive awarded to me. Obviously the major and mega jackpots are like winning the lottery so aren't really expected (if indeed they do pay those lol). BUT, the minor and mini jackpots did help with adding some playing time.

5. Now, finally the positive . . . The game graphics and originality are great. They are indeed fun to play. If your money holds up you can be entertained for hours.

Overall, I'd rate these casinos as 6/10 (compared to alljackpotscasino at 8.5 - 9 /10). The games and graphics are fun. The bonuses are plenty. The downside is the lack of truly big wins and the formulaic win to loss trend on a casino visit (different than alljackpotscasino where the winning streak can last for hours and hours with ups and downs like a roller-coaster that change with each game). If you want to kill an or hour two (more possible with minimum and small betting) this site is probably ok to play once in awhile. Heck, you "may" win a genuine jackpot (lord knows I haven't). If you want a more genuine, random-chance feeling casino ride with running ebbs and flows, alljackpotscasino is a MUCH better place to play and likely win in.

That's my two cents!

aemakgol reviewed On 08/27/2013

Good day to all members. is one of the hundreds casinos which give opportunity to players to try playtech games. Some of my friends told me that playtech games always suck their money, some told me that they like playtech games. I with second group, and i always like their games. offer me 100% bonus on my deposit, i always confirm details of bonuses in live chat, but at i wait agent about 5 minutes, and his answers was slow. I did not like such things, and this told me that their support not very good(may be not proffessional, may be they have not enough people, anyway as i customer i was unhappy). I made deposit of 40$ , probably i deposit more, but as i told i was a bit unhappy with their live chat, so decide deposit only 40$, not big lose at all. With 80$ on my balance and a lot of wagering to go. I start with archer slot, 243 liner from microgaming, and it is nice and funny try it yourself and you will like it, i promise. With 0.5 bets after few features i up my money to 120$ balance, so i am with such good result switch to pantner moon slot. I have a different feelings about this slot , in main game it rare pay something, but in freespins it can give you lot of retriggers, and you will be happy. I play pantner moon a hour or so, get freespins few times, even retriggers(4-5 times), and finish my journey here with 230$ on my balance, which i request to withdrawal. Total this take 5 days, and this is awful i think, i never made more deposits in
That all, thank you for reading my review about, now i give them some marks:
Support: C
Promotions: C
Withdrawals: D
Games selection: C

Sup3rma17 reviewed On 05/20/2013 is powered by Playtech. Now my opinion about is one that holds a positive result! I read the terms & conditions to find more information about their 100% welcome bonus. I became uncertain if Jackpot Slots were included. I liked how support became immediately available to me the second I pressed the Live Chat option to ask. 5 seconds later they were their to answer all my questions. They were really well-mannered and I got a confirmation from them about the welcome bonus. I was both thrilled and discontented. The information that Slots including Jackpot Slots are in BUT the common rules about excluded play on Table & card games with some Playtech casinos were also in effect. is thought to be one of them casinos. Good news = All slots are in + bonus requirements hold only 40 times the bonus only and not WITH my deposit, Bad news = restricted table/card games/video pokers + 40x wagering. I made an account, used the flash version of the casino and deposited $50 for the welcome bonus. $100 to play on any type of slot I chose. I went on to play The Mummy for $1.25 per spin. This is just the minimum this slot can take, I can't lower it anymore than that. This did not stop me to make bets because this is close to the bets I wanted to make. In this slot, features would come out a lot starting with the Adventure bonus on random occasions. Often times I would get my bets doubled, sometimes getting $10 - $20 on high symbols in combinations of 4. I never got any 5 big symbol combinations but the frequent winnings were holding me onto this slot which allowed graduate dissipation on my WR. It had a lot of features and with it I continued to bet $1.25 and later $2.50. The part I hated is having to receive only two scattered Mummy Logos. They were just normal paying scatters with no features that came with it. It gave me a hard time. My favourite about this slot is the Scarab Attack feature. It makes a terrific difference when connecting high symbols. When 2 hours were in I left this slot and came to Fantastic Four, The incredible Hulk and Pink Panther with it's amazing Pink Pow wilds to achieve the most out of my wins. I especially liked the Pink code feature and the trailing bonus! They paid humongously and I even got $150 just for finding the diamond after the trail with a total of $75 in the end. The diamond doubled my wins easily! After a lot of hard work of persistence and accumulation of winnings I come to $450 after my wagering requirements! It took me about 3 & a half days to get it off but I am glad it went very well!!! For all of you players Pink Panther is a must if you have a large balance. deserves an 8.5 out of 10!

Efti reviewed On 05/01/2013

Roughly four years ago I registered at, a sister site of a casino I was a regular player at in Mansion. Having experienced a lot of luck at the latter establishment and knowing it to be reliable in terms of timely payments to players, I had no qualms in joining here as well and proceeded to download the Playtech software as there was no instant play version at the time. The 100% up to $200 welcome deposit at a x40 playthrough rate was an appealing inducement, even if most or all card/table/video poker games were restricted, and I deposited to claim the maximum bonus amount.

I don’t exactly recall if the promotional terms completely prohibited all non-slots play or if it was a case of the games I preferred being prohibited or contributing at a reduced rate. Either way, I distinctly remember only playing slots with the signup bonus, which was still unusual for me at that time though I had started playing them more as casinos became increasingly aggressive in pushing customers towards these high variance games with a larger house advantage. Being fairly new to this particular category, I resolved that if I was going to play slots I may as well aim big.

So I started with a magic-themed three reel progressive I had played a bit before with little success. This time around I was very fortunate as I hit a high-paying combination quite early on. While it wasn’t the progressive jackpot, the win was big enough to boost my balance to well over a thousand bucks. Not wanting to play it all back on the same slot that I felt to be very streaky, I left soon afterwards and played a few other games instead, this time of the five reel variety. My luck didn’t hold up so well after that one major hit but, by the time I had completed the bonus wagering requirements, I was able to make a satisfactory $700 withdrawal.

Irine reviewed On 04/19/2013

When i played this long ago casino they satisfy my playing experienced about their video slots although is Playtech powered software i tried to play their slot. Okay i saw their promotion for first deposit offered 400% match bonus and the wagering is 40x the bonus i deposited $30 and get $120 the equation for wagering requirements would be 30 x 40 + 200 = $1370. I try to find a game that had a featured bonus like free spins, bonus and others and decided to choose the Beach Life slot that single slot satisfied my desired hunger for casino video slot lol...

Playing that slot is easy when you don't knew how it works and read the pay table but it is easy to understand and get i choose that slot because "Beach Life" is the biggest jackpot game found at Playtech casinos, While the jackpot starts at just $50,000 the highest ever win is $4,800,298 WOOOOhooooooooo!!! This makes it one of the biggest paying slots online. This game uses the highly popular 5 reel, 20 line format and had a bonus featured to add to the fun thank you playtech :) I bet $2.00 per spin because my balance is $150 i can handled to bet like $2 per spin yiyks.... begginers luck Wahahaha!!! I started spinning and the bet is $2 after that hard round of spinning and loses of $56 my efforts are being rewarded by their Bonus Chest Symbol because when i hit the 3 Bonus Chest symbol i triggered the Sunken treasure Chest reward where you can pick 3 chest at random money and as i said they rewarded my effort literally... YaaaaaaHooooo!! after it finished i won $67.40 from that 3 sunken chest amazing..... The good news is i finished the wagering requirements i wagered my requirements because of that my remaining balance are $221.3 Whuuushh i asked their customer support if the bonus had a maximum cashout and said that there no maximum cashout for that bonus Yihhhha!!! Then the withdrawal processed takes 3 and a half days when i received the payment via neteller.

I rated this casino over all 8/10 today i didn't play this casino because i had many favorite RTG casinos but i will come back soon if they had a special offer.

cristinaxx reviewed On 03/31/2013

Hello everyone!
I heard of from a friend of mine and said to myself to check it sometime. What other name for a casino is better than The website is very well structured and looks very nice indeed. There are a lot of languages to choose from and you can deposit money by using numerous options, which are all instant. In the bottom of their home page you can see their progressive Jackpots- with a total of more than 8 million$! Beach Life has the biggest Jackpot ( 2 million $).
If you click on Promotions you can see the wide variety of offers they have. I counted 10 different promotions. I love the fact that by clicking „Getting started” you can see all important information that is answered by other casinos through their support team.
A new thing I saw in the „Getting Started” department is the Multiplayer modes. As written on the website, some of the games have multiplayer option. This option consists of being able to select to play with other casino players at the tables. You can also create or join a private group.
Their games are powered by Playtech, which always leads me thinking to Marvel Slots. After I deposited i started playing Iron Man and tripled my money with this game. I just wanted the money, so I withdraw them. I sent my documents and in only one day they have been checked. In 5 days more I had my money in my Skrill account.
My conclusion is that you should try this casino. My experience was definitely pleasant without any defects.
My ratings are as follows:
Software: 9/10 Playtech, so fun games
Bonuses:9/10 it can always be better, but they still have a lot of promotions
Support: did not use it
Cashouts: 9/10 – one week is fine for me

necw reviewed On 03/31/2013

One of the best names a casino can have on the internet is  instantly as I entered on their website I was completely delighted. It is so well structured that it’s the best one that I saw so far. At the top of the website you have a toolbar where you can change the language (with many of them being available) also the online support button is easily accessible. Another advantage is that you can go to their facebook/twitter page where they keep you informed with all the news and promotions that they have. As I said a very very good attitude towards having the clients informed. They have somewhere more than 100 games which for me is not really impressive regarding others that have more than 400. This is one of the small minuses that I found at If you are a high roller this is the place for you to be. They have huge withdrawal limits per month depending on your level: 15.000$ for Bronze, Silver and Gold and 50.000$ for VIP players. Another small minus is that the pending time for a withdrawal is 72 hours and you have to wait 1-3 days for e-wallets and 3-5 days for Credit/Debit card. The only reason why I think that they have a big waiting time is that they have many clients but however this is no reason to have such big waiting times if you are one of the top casinos. If you are not satisfied with the live support that you receive via e-mail or live chat you can also call them by telephone as they have this option for a lot of countries. Overall it’s a very good and safe casino, with a very good interface that will make things easier for you and also many different currencies. I highly suggested giving it a try.

sencize reviewed On 02/28/2013

If you are a casual player who likes to relax and play a playtech games straight from your browser this casino is definitely for you.I was bored one night and i needed good casino to keep me entertained and to maybe earn some money too.I spotted this casino few times in a skrill promotions page offering some bonuses but i was not here to claim bonus i just had in mind having some fun with money i had on my skrill account.I signed up and made a small deposit,in fact it was the smallest one possible.The games i aimed to play here were not slots but table and arcade games.I started off with my favorite arcade game penalty shootout.I was betting 0,15 euros per shot but keeper was hard opponent to beat.He saved more than ten shoots in a row but i kept shooting at the same spot which rewards 12x bet if you score.I raised my bet to euro per shot and i managed to score on x12 spot four times that is in total 48 euros,in that process i lost about twelve euros and that was enough for me to cash out.I requested withdrawal the next day and received money in 48 hours which was amazing.I had quite a bit of fun and earned money in same time.Chat operator contacted me to ask do i want a bonus and i told him no because i did not want have wagering requirements.the strange thing is he starte to write in Italian and then quickly he switched to English lol.This casino really is one of the best playtech casinos i ever played in it offers great website good bonuses,huge selection of games and express withdrawals.Instant play casino also looks great and there is really no need to download.I rate with 10/10 and will play in this casino in future

Mahamedau reviewed On 02/24/2013

Hello. Finally i can review some playtech casino, i like playtech software very much, expecially their marvel games. I registered at long time ago, and get 100% bonus on my deposit. I deposit only 25$, so i can play with 50$. So, of course i start with my favorite marvel things, elektra, i like freespins there, you should which symbol to choose, and it will appear instead two others. I always choose high pay symbol. I grind, grind, but no freespins, and with 35$ i switch to iron man. I love iron man slot because there you can hit stacked wilds, and you payout will be incridible. I hit there lovely 350xbet, and leave slot immideately with pockets full of money. After it i decided to try rome and glory, because it something like my favorite book of ra, there are expanding symbols in free spins, that pay like scatters. There i had tottaly no luck, but still had 200$ on my balance, and decided all or nothing, and enter archer with 2$ bet per spin. I had free spins 4 or may be 5 times, but damn, no any big hits, and in final i lost all my money. It happens on playtech with me very often, for me its hard to win there, i dont know why, i love their games, i love bonuses, but no any really fantastic wins there. Just few not big. Probably in future i will hit there something really cool, and post it here , and you all say wow, thats amazing.
So, here is my marks for
Site: 9/10 site is ok, nothing to say bad
Support: Live chat helpful, and provide all that you need 9/10
Bonuses: 8/10 , they still send me sometimes nice bonuses and no deposit bonuses
Cashouts: i dont know, never cashout from this casino
Total: 8.5/10 good playtech casino, nothing to say more.

Icymod reviewed On 02/10/2013 is a playtech casino that delivers a $25 no deposit bonus for new players that sign up through an affiliate and verify their account information! as with all Playtech softwares have given players games such as Video slots, a variety of card games and multiplayer options including multiplayer slots and multiplayer blackjack. I do not know if they offer Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Baccarat but I know for a fact that they exist on other Playtech casinos, more on that on my next review! As for this specific casino I have not gone very far as to withdraw. I have only played through the $25 no deposit bonus which lasted a while but became short lived afterwords. For every Playtech casino out there this is not exactly the type of casino to hang out as everything ranging from bonuses to wagering requirements are bizarre and high for my tastes. I have once asked support regarding the bonuses and they seem to haggle, that`s right haggle players bonuses or points based on peoples deposits. I find that very unusual for live support to change bonuses rather than to stick with what they have to offer. At the second time I was with live support this lady became very rude when I was asking about wagering requirements. She abruptly got rude and left the conversation without answering my question. Being rude to players especially towards new players and leaving them during conversation is not exactly professional in their line of work. For this reason I decided not to deposit in this casino nor will I give it a try. Not now not ever!! I was better off trying another casino, one that will appreciate my company and treat me with utmost respect! I would advise players to go someplace else other than They may have a no deposit bonus offer but I believe it`s not worth it in the end.

Here are my ratings for this casino:

Support: 2.5/10
Terms and Conditions: 4/10
Withdrawals: Unknown
Deposits: 6/10
Payouts: 3/10

My final words: Stay away from this casino!!! It`s not worth it!!!

chriskay reviewed On 01/28/2013

Casino. com celebrates his 5-year existence this year and has themselves already unite very much very early good been able to reputation purchase online casino industry at his players and in this one. The online casino is availably software in 46 different national languages and members of 189 countries of the earth are supported. Part of the known Mansion group of online casinos and therefore one of the casinos is this of one of the largest online game of chance enterprises of the world Casino. com is operated. Casino. com is licensed and registered by the government in Gibraltar. The licensing in the EU guarantees that what a safe & fair game concerns satisfies the heaviest demands the online casino.

Casino. com games
With a name like Casino. com one surely would expect all possible games also to be able to be found in the assortment; and exactly this is also the case at Casino. com. As a player one has the choice of hundreds online casino of games one out of the house Playtech, the best known online casino software providers in the industry. All games particularly this one is action loaded and video packed with feature programs Slots offers conversation of the extra class lasting several hours.

Online casino games has his different Casino. com into seven different categories.

Fruit machines
Classic or modern Slots but also fruits Slots, whoever likes to play super heroes Markenslots one-armed banditti and Marvel comes fully and completely onto his expense in the Casino. com. ’Spielautomaten
Classic or modern Slots but also fruits Slots, who likes to play super heroes Markenslots one-armed banditti and Marvel, Rick, s Kingdom’n’Scooters, Ugga Bugga and others.

Live dealers games
One experiences the live dealer casino via video Stream in real time the live dealer casino in a stylish and realistic atmosphere, with right casino croupiers and dealer, in in. Casino classics like Baccara, roulette and Blackjack, are offered.

Table and decks of cards
The classics but also modernly versions and variants, these categories, just mustn't a little this be missing in a right online casino on himself. Among other things Blackjack are in the supply at Casino. com, speak Dog, roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, game Viking, Pai Gow poker, Pontoon and other titles.

Video poker
Of course an extensive and varied supply of these is video poker machine games at Casino. com also availably. With only low uses one can Faces others, one with luck and destiny when playing Way's Royal, Aces of joker poker, Ten's Swiss Code of Obligations Better, Deuce's game, Megajacks, all American, 2 and and stately sum win.

Asian games
In coming a choice of exotic Asian games is rather unknown but nevertheless quite strong in the Casino. com. Among other things one can relax and win when playing Mahjong, solo Mahjong of solo per and others.

Amusement arcade games
Whoever would like to try on his luck when playing partly interactive amusement arcades or lotteries can do this for Ball at bonus tenpin bowling, Keno, mega-do to Rollercoaster Dice and other titles, Head's Swiss Code of Obligations Tails, derby Day, pop bingo.

Online rubbing lots
The online rubbing lots offered at Casino. com are also popular, simple, fast & entertaining. Among other things one can rub and win at Beetle bingo, Kong Scratch, Santa Scratch, Winner's club, Love Match, Easter Surprise Scratch and many other things more.

Casino. com Bonusse and doctorates
With a nearly large number of different online casinos one should be able to expect absolutely that the best also offers the most attractive welcome bonus. –Asia ische games€Asiatische games
Rather U nbekannt but tro new one players can secure an unbelievable welcome bonus package for themselves in the Gesa 3. 200! So that but still not enough; it further goes regular Reload Bonusse, this one. every day bonus actions draws competitions thrilling tournaments free spins uva a monthly doctorate calendar has for the player and members of the Casino. com in the supply.

These will regularly members use the offers of Casino. com with a really terrific VIP program at which more waits exclusive Bonusse, doctorates and many other things for the players, spoiled after line and thread virtually. A personal account manager, top doctorates, Reload Bonusse, special presents, Tic, is part of the privileges of the VIP membership et's too live events etc.

Casino. com customer service
The Kundedienst of Casino. com fantastically unbelievably is also professional and kind. Customer service answers team fast and efficiently the kind and competent. The multilingual customer service is attainable 24/7 over a free international customer service hotline, live chat and e-mail; how one can expect it from a first-class online casino like Casino. com also.

goldenmember reviewed On 12/06/2012 bills itself as an all UK casino, and that usually means better customer service and someone to talk to who speaks good english and knows their way around the casino. There is a minimum requirement of depositing £10 to get started, but you really need this amount to play unless you are just looking for one or two games. The games are based on Playtech and usually the minimum stakes are on the larger sides. Certainly there are no penny games like elsewhere. But for the more serious player its certainly somewhere to go. The casino looks good. I ended up checking out the craps table – just a hunch because I read somewhere that the best odds were to be found on the craps table. Of course, I don't play very often so that did not work out too well!

The game was good enough, although the sound effects and voices get grating after a while. Otherwise the other games seem like standard Playtech fair. They have a live casino if you want to gawk at some beauty playing (where do they get the girls from?). They even have the ubiquitous Marvel slots that you can play 50 lines on at a time (basically like playing 50 spins in one go). I recommend the highest you go is 10-20 otherwise you cannot tell if you are winning or not. The bonuses are pretty good at this casino with just a plain old 40 x wager to get it out – not as good as some of the competition but still better than most. Withdrawing the money was reasonable within 3 days so although I ended up losing money at this casino I think it was more a case of bad playing by me and bad luck as opposed to a bad casino. I would rate the casino 7/10 – better bonuses and more game selection would have increased the score.

cocopop3011 reviewed On 11/11/2012 is another casino powered by the very popular Playtech software. If you are new to online gambling then Playtech is a pretty good place to start and the majority of them just like this one only require a minimum deposit of £10. All Playtech casinos are run pretty much the same and share the same games although they may differ depending on the actual casino.

I have played at a lot of Playtech casinos and I cant really say this is any different to the rest of them. What annoys me slightly about this casino is their misleading offer on their home page of a first deposit match of 170%. When I first seen this I thought great its a little extra as opposed to the normal 100%. When I first started gambling I would just deposit on impulse without looking into things and reading terms and conditions and this casino was a classic example showing me that is the WRONG thing to do. I made a deposit of £10 and only received £10 free bonus money making it 100%. When I contacted live help they informed me the promotion was a deposit match up to order to take full advantage you have to make a deposit of £100 or more! I have learnt from my mistakes. But still I wasn’t going to grumble at 100% as it was my own fault. Any bonus money here comes with a wagering requirement of forty times the bonus and deposit.

If you are thinking of making a deposit here Live Help will tell you the minimum deposit is £20 but it is not you can make a £10 deposit, I find this is the scenario at most Playtech Casinos. has both the instant flash player version and the download version, I played the instant version here but I do believe they have a bigger selection of games on their downloaded version. You can claim the deposit match on either of the versions of play.

Live help are friendly and polite here and will offer their assistance if you need it. They are quite pushy I find in getting you to make a deposit but overall they provide a good service.

AlexMou12 reviewed On 03/27/2012

Hi. I am registered and about month ago. I made deposit 50$ and start spinning. On this site when you registered live support came to you and made you some offers. I received 150% bonus, but wager was 45x(its big :( ). I download fantastic four and start spinning. After about 200 spins i hit 3 planets and got free spins . In fantastic four free spins had 4 unique features:
1) invisible woman( if on 3 reel will be 3 woman). For 4 spins every woman on reels will increase your mulplier by 1x, and after this 4 spins you winning during this 4 spins will be multiplied by multiplier you won.
2)fire touch(fire man). On first reel for 4 spin come Megawild fire man, and on others reels very very often comes fire man. You can hit 4 time for 5 this symbol, and it will be very nice payout.
3) Stone man. For 4 spins every time when stone man on the reel, it stay on its place as wild, so you can hit on 4 spin very big money! My favorite feature ;)
4) Plastic man. For 4 spins every time when he come on reel, it becoming megawild. I dont like this feature :(
I played on this slots about 1000 spins, after it my balance was about 50$ , and i move to gladiator ;)
Gladiator had free spins and bonus game when you hit 3 wild helms. Its nice bonus game that can increase your balance. Free spins come when 3 colliseum on the reel. After it you can try to choose in 4 lines: number of spins, multiplier, additional scater(you can choose 3 line rare), and 4 megawild. Unfortunately i lost my money on this slot.
I made few more deposit, played Great Blue, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk(very nice slot) and thats all. Never hit there something big, so does not made any withdrawals. But i never had problems with this casino.

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Offering over 100 games helps make a leader in the online casino industry. is an entity of Mansion Casino Limited and is governed by Gibraltar Law. is committed to giving its players a fair and exciting online casino experience and monitors their Random Number Generator closely.

Software is powered by Playtech. Playtech has been an online casino industry leader for 10 years and brings with them extensive experience in the land based and online casino worlds. partnered with Playtech offers their software in a download and flash player option. Downloading's software takes about 8 minutes for players using a standard 56k modem and about 2 minutes using a cable or ADSL modem. Sorry there is no download available for Mac users.

Casino Games supports a list of live game such as Live Blackjack, Live Sic Bo, Live Baccarat, and Live Mahjong Pai Gow. Also at you will find an array of table games like Wild Viking, Mini Roulette, Pontoon, 21 Duel Blackjack, Casino War, Poker Three, Let It Ride, and Casino Hold'em. video poker games at include 50-Line Jacks or Better, 10's or Better, Joker Poker, and Megajacks. also offers a multitude of online slots games starting with Novel Slots Diamond Valley Pro, Great Blue, Wild Spirit, and Silent Samurai. Some of the other many slots available in the online casino are slots, Party Line, Fountain of Youth, Haunted House, Tropic Reels, Golden Tour, Vacation Station, Farmer's Market, Bonus Bears, What's Cooking, and Thrill Seekers.

Are you looking for a little something different? Try out some of's many arcade games like Keno Xperiment, Penalty Shootout, Around the World, and Genie's HiLo Jackpot.


  • 100+ online casino games
  • Playtech powered
  • Offered in multiple languages
  • Available in Flash and Download


  • Not accepting United States players


Official Website:

Languages: Austrian German, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Deposit Methods: CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, Direct Bank Transfer Casinos, EcoPayz, Entropay, Internet Banking, Laser, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Skrill, Switch, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Web Money

Exclusive Payment Partner:

Currencies: Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Denmark Krone, Euros, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollars, Norwegian Kronor, South African Rand, Swedish Kronor, Swiss Frank, UK Pounds, US Dollars

Restricted Countries: Israel, France, Estonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Spain, Denmark, United States

Software: Playtech

Return to Player: 95.82%

Established: 2008

License: Gibraltar

Casino Type: Download & Instant Play

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, Direct Bank Transfer Casinos, ECO Card, Entropay, Laser, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Switch, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Web Money

Withdrawal Limits: 15 000 USD per month for Bronze,Silver and Gold player,50 000 USD per month for VIP and VIP Elite players

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - 1-3 days;Credit/Debit cards - 3-5 days;Bank transfers - 3-7 days;Cheques - 14-28 days

Pending Time: 72 hours

Allow Manual Flushing: No


Owner: Onisac Limited

Email: Support

Live Chat Support: Yes

Australia: 1 800 618 467
Canada: 1 866 966 2441
Denmark: 808 89575
Finland: 0800 914 844
France: 0805 101 146
Germany: 0800 000 5140
Greece: 800 127 301
International: +350 200 44793
Italy: 800 897 534
Netherlands: 0800 0234 920
Norway: 800 12491
South Africa: 0800 981 041
Sweden: 0200 899 164
United Kingdom: 0808 238 6049

Affiliate Program: iAffiliates

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