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6.8 / 10

Based on Casino Facts (7.3) and Players Complaints (5.5)

Review updated 5 days ago.
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Casino La Vida Bonuses
Exclusive €100 + 50 Free Spins Casino La Vida Bonus code not required
Wager: 50x
Exclusive $5 Deposit $5 to get Casino La Vida Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x
Exclusive $150 + 50 Free Spins Casino La Vida Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x
$100 + 50 Free Spins Casino La Vida Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x
$200 + 50 Free Spins Casino La Vida Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x
$200 3rd Deposit Bonus Casino La Vida Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x
$125 4th Deposit Bonus Casino La Vida Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x

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Casino La Vida Reviews from our community

katemak reviewed 17 days ago

Hi Askgamblers !
No w I am going to write about Casino Lavida.
I did sign up here long time ago but never made any deposit there ,just because i didnt know that much about them well in that time when i sign up i didnt know this site Askgamblers so i can inform my self about selected casino.
So in that time they were giving 20 free spins so off course did used them.

I did decide to make a deposit today because they send me an email with i think solid offer with free spins so i took the offer.
the offer was if you deposit 5 or more you get 5 free and on top of that you get 100% match offer and when the second deposit will be made then you get 50 free spins on my favorite Microgaming slot Riviera riches.

So today i deposited 20 euros got 20 free and plus the 100% match i was playing with 60 euros which was not bad for start.
First I start to play Riviera riches with 0.90 euros a bet so i was playing good half an hour and i was going just fine ,I got the free spins features 5 times and my balance riched 145 euros which was not bad at all.
But I was far from wagering the bonus so i had plenty to spin .

The second game I played was Immortal Romance but like always i had no luck I was playing around 40 spins but from all that spinning i got once the free spins and got only 5 euros from those free spins.
The next step was toy change the slot again and the played Break the Bank again ,,so i was losing on this game to so I switched the game and played Riviera riches.

Because I was far from wagering I raised my bet to 1.80 euro per bet and was having still 98 euros I thought i would get something big ,but ohh I was wrong.I empty my account very fast but I will make another deposit to get that 50 free spins on Riviera riches.
From the beginning I was doing just fine but maybe i shouldnt change the game and carry on with the same one.Maybe next time will be different and i might get lucky.

I like this casino and probably will come here again and from what i read about them they are ok .they are good ranked and here at Askgamblers there is only 1 complaint .
About cashing out didnt had any ,so far i guess their chat support gets 8/10.

Adebisi213 reviewed On 02/21/2014

Casino La Vida is a Microgaming casino which has a lot of similarities with Red Flush Casino. Basically Red Flush is their sister site. They offer a nice 100% deposit bonus which I took advantage of after depositing 50 euros into my account. In addition they also offered 50 free spins on Immortal Romance around that time, albeit the lowest bet size of 0.30 per spin.

Which basically is 15 euros worth of play. They have very decent wagering requirements of 30x bonus. Just like 32Red and Red Flush casino, so that definitely appealed to me. I started out playing my 50 free spins on Immortal Romance and had 5 scatters quite quickly. During the Amber free spins round I managed to win 100x bet size hitting a five of a kind complemented by a wild.

So my balance quickly rose to around 140 euros after I was done with the spins. Still had a long way to go through before meeting the wagering requirements. I upped my bet since I had more than enough balance to play 0.90 bets. After a few spins again I hit the 3 scatters. This must been my lucky day was what I thought.
The free spins however were kinda disappointing only winning 20x bet size.

I kept playing Immortal Romance for like an hour, until I switched to Untamed Wolfpack playing 0.60 per spin. I had a balance of 100 euros left. However, the wolves were not so kind to me and this slot was cold like never before. Not once hit the free spins and all wins were small of less than 5x bet size.

Extremely disappointing to go out like that! Didn't even manage to complete the wagering requirements. Sometimes you pick a slot and instantly regret it, that's what basically happened to me that day. Other things about Casino La Vida u should know is that they have a 24/7 customer support, more than 500 games but only through download - sorry guys they don't offer flash games.

I never managed to withdraw there, so I can't comment on that but they do accept Neteller and Skrill as deposit methods. They are extremely spammy though, since they send snail mail on regular basis without my permission. Apart from that a very decent operation, they should respect my privacy though.

Final rating for Casino La Vida is 6.5/10

zbjeles reviewed On 10/31/2013

The casino is typical Microgaming casinos. If you read my other reviews you know how much I love Microgaming powered casinos.
The last time when I played here, I started with slot games. After spending some time enjoying in slots games, I decided to try their Blackjak (classic blackjack) . I won one hand, then another, then another...
With the biggest bet I had made all day. I was given an ace and a two versus a dealer's 10. I hit the soft 13 and got another ace to make 14. I hit again and got another 2 to make 16. Then I got another ace to make one very soft 17. I had five cards so far and still most likely a losing hand. I hit again and got a five to turn this mess into a 12. A dilemma on a difficult day. I had a run of 6 cards in my hand. A ten was sure to show any card now. But a twelve versus a dealer's ten doesn't bring home the cash. What to do? Hit and my god, I got a three. I had never, in 3 years of blackjack play seen anything like this. I had seven cards, and still nothing to show for it. I hit again, closing both eyes at first, then cracked one slowly to see the 15 turn into a seventeen with a two. I was disappointed and desperate, Now there was nothing to do but sit on an 8-card 17. But, I won this hand the dealer only got 6, a beautiful, beautiful 6.
Overall :
Casino La Vida is a part of Club Red Gaming Casinos group, which includes Red Flush Casino. . It's a nice group of casinos with a strong history. all in all I give them a strong recommendation 9/10.

Newnamous reviewed On 10/17/2013

Why is my review getting posted over an dover again everytime I look at this page? I have not posted it several times and it shouldn't post the same writing over and over again once it has been posted so please moderators remove the extras and this post

Newnamous reviewed On 10/17/2013

Also, a funny thing..

This is quoted from there casino: "The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 (SEK/NOK/DDK 250)"

And this is from the chat with the support:

Shane: No the currency that will be paid you is the Swedish Krona, it can not be converted currencies.

Shane: The bonus that you recieved is correct

Shane: The terms and conditions state that all currencies will be paid to you in your respective currencies.

So stay away from this casino because when it comes to deposits they see it one way and when it comes to deposits they see it the otherway - in other words not a casino that can be trusted.

Newnamous reviewed On 10/17/2013

Also, a funny thing..

This is quoted from there casino: "The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 (SEK/NOK/DDK 250)"

And this is from the chat with the support:

Shane: No the currency that will be paid you is the Swedish Krona, it can not be converted currencies.

Shane: The bonus that you recieved is correct

Shane: The terms and conditions state that all currencies will be paid to you in your respective currencies.

So stay away from this casino because when it comes to deposits they see it one way and when it comes to deposits they see it the otherway - in other words not a casino that can be trusted.

Newnamous reviewed On 10/17/2013

Also, a funny thing..

This is quoted from there casino: "The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 (SEK/NOK/DDK 250)"

And this is from the chat with the support:

Shane: No the currency that will be paid you is the Swedish Krona, it can not be converted currencies.

Shane: The bonus that you recieved is correct

Shane: The terms and conditions state that all currencies will be paid to you in your respective currencies.

So stay away from this casino because when it comes to deposits they see it one way and when it comes to deposits they see it the otherway - in other words not a casino that can be trusted.

Newnamous reviewed On 10/17/2013

This casino do NOT give 150 % depositbonus and if you want your deposit back (only your deposit no winnings) then you have to send them verificationdocuments to get your money back

As in my case being from sweden I deposited 220 SEK (around 24 euro just to be sure I deposited the minimum that was said to be 20 €/£/$) according to Askgamblers I only got 150SEk(around 17 euro) when I should have got 330 SEK as bonus because they said you only get up to 150 in your currency so unless you have the currency of €/£/$ then you will NOT get 150%. I think you should get that detail very clear in this post because it's very misleading (and I have also made a complaint about the casino and this bonus)

Also when I asked for my deposit back they refused and said if so I would have to send in verificationdocuments, in other words I had to send documents to get my own deposit back (I was not asking for any winnings only my own deposit of 220SEK back) Since I do not trust this casino whatsoever after that I decided to let this deposit be 'fools-money' in other words 'lost' and just played. Would I send copies of my ID to people I do not trust? Of course you don't.

I were going to file a formal complaint and also even report this to the police but all this made me to angry and upset and stressed out of my mind so on the 'fools-list' these depositmoney went.
Never again will I deposit at this casino. Do it on your own risk or if you do then according to their own rules the minimum deposit shouldn't be 20 €/£/$ beccause if the bonus is in your countries currency then the deposit should be too right? In my case it would have been 20SEK wich is less than 3€ so yeah.

it might be Askgamblers being responsible for people being mislead though since I used tthe link in their post and if so they should acknowledge to that and change the details (I have failed a complaint about all this) and if not then the casino is all bad, but even if it's Askgamblers putting the wrong details it still doesn't mean it's ok for a casino to ask for verificationdocuments and making things even worse for the player and make them wait even longer for their money (we all know how long it takes for casinos sometimes to approve documents and then sending the money, and in my case it's not even winnings, it's NOT a withdrawal its my deposit back) so no I do not recomend this casino either way.

I am a depositer at many casinos and there are many more trustworty to deposit at, they also have better support and are more helpful and able to sort out problems

I do not recomend this casino

fueldrockets reviewed On 10/02/2013

AWESOME!! One of the Best Casinos I have ever been too FAST WITHDRAWS! No run arounds, no red tape, just allot of wins and allot of payouts!

Iamcanadian reviewed On 09/26/2013

Casino La Vida is a Microgaming powered online casino that has an air of glitz and glamour. It was also Nominated and awarded the 2010 Best New Casino honor..Casino La Vida introduces new, fresh games on a monthly basis.. They offer customer support 24/7 in numerous languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian..Players can download the full version of the casino or play instantly at their flash casino however in the flash version the amount of games is limited to the most popular.. Casino La Vida is licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which if you didn't know is located in Canada! Which I like being a Canadian and all. Newly registered players may take advantage of there sign up bonus, which when I Joined was 150% match bonus plus 50 free spins of Riveria Riches slot.. They also offer weekly and monthly promotions to depositors.. Casino la vida offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods.. some more convenient then others; do your homework before picking a method .. My experience at casino la Vida was rather short but enjoyed. I even enjoyed the look of the casino which I usually don't pay attention to.. It felt as if it was the place to be ! lol Anyway I started by depositing 25$ into my account at which time i received 25$ free bonus and 50 free spins.. at the end of my free spins my balance was at 57, so 7 dollars from my free spins which i must say is more then what I earn from other free spin offers at microgaming casinos.. This venture was short lived, It lasted all of 20 minutes.. I played a few hands of black jack where my luck was completely off leaving me with 22$ on balance then lost the rest on mega spin break the bank.. Tho I lost, I do plan on depositing at this casino again.. Hopefully with better luck !

T o sum things up here are some simple ratings

Support: 8/10
Terms and Conditions: 8/10
Deposits: 10/10
Payouts: 6/10
Withdrawals: Unsure

aemakgol reviewed On 08/30/2013

Good day to all members. Casino la vida give to players opportunity to play famous microgaming games. I join them and live chat agent appear right after my registering, and offer me 100% welcome bonus. Of course i ask regarding wagering, it was x35, not so bad and pretty average for all microgaming casinos. I decide to deposit 50$, this is my favorite deposit amount probably, not so big, but no so small, and with a welcome bonus of 100% this give me 100$ on my account with which i can have a lot of entertainment and fun. I start with downloading karate pig slot, it is nice slot with lot of stacked wilds, but payouts on it a bit low, also it has nice bonus game and 15 freespins with x2 multiplier. I play at 0.9 bets, get grey belt in bonus game, lost about a hour of my life, and left slot with same 100$. At least i clear some wagering tell i myself, but it is really annoying when you play slot for a hours, and still have the same balance. After it i go to avalon slot, in this slot in freespins chest became wild, and give you a nice chance to hit at least 100 x your total bet. Unfortunately main game in this slot is quite boring, but i still open it and start playing at 1$ per spin, made around 50 spins, and lost 30$ . Decide to quite such money sucking slot, and try break da bank again. There also was no luck for me, i try to win in few other slots, but everything ended with big fat zero on my balance.
Thats all, thank you for reading my review about casino la vida, now i will give them some marks:
Support: A
Bonuses: B
Withdrawals: not tested
Games selection: B

goldenmember reviewed On 06/26/2013

I have not tried casino la vida before, and I was quite glad to go for their 100% bonus. There was a very small bonus of $5 that I took. The casino is a classic Microgaming game and if I hadn't tried an MG casino for quite a while. The customer service and sign up process was very easy. There was no trouble getting the bonus, and I could settle into the slightly more fun pastime of playing. There are tonnes of games, but it does lack some of the newest MG games, so if you are looking for the absolute latest games plus live casinos then you might be disappointed. However if you are looking for a bonus to play MG games, then you have come to the right place. I always tend to go to my go to games when I know what I want to play and at Casino La Vida it was no different.

The first bit of cash I spent was on Tomb Raider – a good game with a few neat bonuses and animations. I did not get too much luck there so I switched over to playing on the roulette table. If you are not used to the MG roulette table you will notice that it is fast – you can effectively play away your entire deposit very quickly, but if you don't have much time on your hands, its perfect for doubling up (or losing all) your money. I effectively doubled my money recovering my losses – but then again $7 is not too much to bet. This gave me plenty of opportunity to try out the other slots, and distributed by winnings with them. Overall, I did not get to withdraw, but you can't win them all. I would say that the casino is one of lower end of MG casinos. You can certainly do better, and the bonuses are not that spectacular. They lack the games and extra features of the bigger casinos, but you might still have some luck. Overall a 6/10.

Sup3rma17 reviewed On 06/10/2013

Casino La Vida had many aspects to the one of Red Flush casino. For the first reason Casino La Vida is a Microgaming software and for the second reason both Casino La Vida and Red flush belong together.
This is a place where my few deposits ran into a cashout while the last two fell down from a tall building at high velocities! What I won is actually much bigger than the two deposits that came right after it to the value of $206 on my $50 deposit with the 100% bonus. The amounts I lost were $20 and $43 dollars, $63 total. The 2nd time on my deposit I felt lucky after two weeks from receiving my cashout but on the last deposit I pushed my wallet & my bets to get another cashout. Taking down the wagering for my first deposit and bonus was quite easy using the Pitch and Ditch method. If you haven't read some of my reviews a "pitch & ditch" is my term for picking slots that pay well and ditching the ones that disliked my balance. It's a cycle of take one slot in, lose the other. A well though of idea I made up to push aside the wagering requirements. Most of the slots agreed with my 3 - 4 coin bets but never try betting max bet on Dragon's Loot! Not a lot came up from my 6 spins on Max. I wanted to hit free spins on this bet but the Dragon guarded it's treasure very well preventing me from it's gold. Now some of the problems with Casino La Vida are the spammed emails I get from them. They would go far enough to send me promotions that weren't eligible to me. I know this because I asked support about this one time and they have said I've gotten these emails by mistake. Apparently the system sends out promotions to existing players that have or have not taken into the welcome bonuses yet. Come to think of it they sound desperate for our deposit money! I would get the same problem with Red flush offering me the welcome bonus when in reality I've already opted for it. Mistakes happen although in the online casino world these mistakes leave a trail of bad impressions on them! Casino La Vida, a good place to play your money on with the exception of spam emails! :) sarcastically with a thumbs up. Despite the spam I would rate them a 7.2 out of 10!

szirtisas reviewed On 06/10/2013

Hello my next review from casino La Vida.
I wanted to found a good microgaming casino with some unique bonus than I’m found casino LA vida. If I deposit 5 euro I can get 5 euro no deposit bonus with 30x wagering requirements.
So I downloaded the software through the special link than I made a deposit 5 euro via neteller.
After I successfully logged in I get my 5 euro bonus instantly. I contacted with the live support to tell me more about my bonus. He informed me I need to wager my balance 30 times and I able to play any kind of games.
So I had 10 euro to play, I picked the flying circus machine because I don’t want to play at higher bets. I played 0.2 euro per spin, after some spins I get the free spins with multiplier. I won 12 euro from it because I get some wild with a valuable figures.
My balance was on 22 euro so I went to my old favourite Bars and Stripes slot with minimum bet.
I played down 10 euro but I get nothing so I went to the agent jane blond slot. I started to play with 0,27 cent per spin but I had no luck so my money was gone.
After a week I deposited 10 euro again but this time I didn’t claimed any deposit bonus so I didn’t have wagering requirements.
I played with the same slots but this time I won some from the bars and stripes and I reached
The 100 euro so I decided to cash out because it is better than nothing.
I withdraw my money to neteller then I contacted with the support and asked how long is the pending period, he told me I need to send my documents to them after I verified I get my money within 5 working days.
They contacted me via by e-mail and asked the documents, I sent to them immediately. Next day informed me I was approved after 3 days I get my money to my neteller account so I can refer them.
Thank you!

mpane80 reviewed On 06/09/2013

Hello gamblers,casino la vida is a microgaming casino who belongs to the same company as red flush.well my first deposit was only 5 euro and i receive another 10 as bonus the wagering is 30 times the bonus so that means 300 euros i started playing agent jane blond a 9 line slot with a minimum 9 cents per spin .at begginig i was loosing i didnt won anything i was left with 5 euro at my account and suddenly all 5 scatlers came that won me 15 free spins and becose all 5 scatlers came i get 45 euro ,a 9 cents spin won me 45 euro no bad,actually is great and still got 15 free spins to play, that won me another 6-7 i had at my bankroll around 57 euros but the wagering was not finish,so i change the slot and played alaska fishing .with no much luck i lost around 20 euro .i change again slot and i try tally ho a nine line slot similar to agent jane blond the only diffrence they have is that at agent jane if you win free spins are 15 and every win is multible 3 times at tally ho the free spins are 10 and every win is multible 4 i started playing tally ho but my bankroll was going down i was left with 23 euros so i decided to play blackjack i finish the wagering but now i didnt have enough money to withdraw, minimum withdraw is 50 .at my first bet was 3 euro and i lost and my secont bet were all my money lol 20 euros and i lost that too.After few days i made my second deposit of 20 euros and i receive another 20 as bonus ,so i started with 40 euros but this time my money didnt last for long time i didnt had much luck ,i lost after a while.the reason that i like this casino is that you can win big if you are lucky at some others casinos i had the impression that i couldnt win.i have also previous experience at red flush that it wasnt bad so i reccoment this casino tp try it.if i had to rate this casino i would have given support 7/10 pay out 8/10 cash outs i dont know.well that my review good luck to all gamblers .Review arestis 80:)

DionZ reviewed On 05/26/2013

Hi, I actually just posted about this casino in the forums before I found this review link. I joined casino la vida a while ago and have had nothing but a great experience with them. I'm new to all this online gambling so their live real-time help was great. The help tech's there were friendly professional and patient and they actually helped you out instead of just trying to quickly get rid of you. The game range was quite large too. Really pretty to look at and fun to play. I took them up on a free $10 sign up bonus and won a good $280 which led me to become very sceptical of them until I went to withdraw my winnings. The help technicians talked me through the process and made it a breeze. I had my winnings in my account inside of the following 24hours. From my experiences with these guys I can highly recommend this online casino and want to. I'm very sceptical about online gambling and the like and I bet there's a lot of fraudsters and cheats out there taking advantage so this opportunity to steer new online flutterers like myself toward a reputable trustworthy outfit like these guys shouldn't be missed.

cristinaxx reviewed On 05/18/2013

Hello everyone! I do not know if you read my last reviews, but this is the second month I have decided to try one casino each day.
Well, today on my list of casinos I stumbled upon this casino: Casino La Vida. I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot. Plus, it has a grade of 7.6 on, so it can not be that bad.
The casino’s games are powered by Microgaming, which is my personal favourite 
The casino’s website looks pretty standard, and maybe a bit disappointing. However, I like the fact that it is very well structured and you can find any information you may need on their website. The casino can be played through only by downloading the casino’s software, but this is the best version anyway, since i always found myself having issues with the online versions of the casinos.
The casino has 5 deposit bonuses- the one for the first deposit matches 100% up to 100 and 50 spins on one slot. On the 2nd deposit you get 25% up to 200$ plus 50 spins on other slots. On the 3rd deposit you get 50% bonus up to 200$. The last deposit bonus matches 25% up to 125$. For the highrollers: if you deposit a minimum of 50 $ for each of the 4 deposits, you get 50 free spins.
I decided to deposit 30 euros and i really hoped i could win. Probably everyone says it, but i really felt confident.
I played my usual Microgaming slots, Avalon, Isis etcetera.... at one moment, i had about 70 euros, but decided to continue playing and I lost all my money 
My conclusion is that the casino deserves a shot- the promotions are nice, Microgaming is nice.
My ratings are as follows:
Software: 9/10 Microgaming
Bonuses 8/10
Support: i do not know
Cashouts: Unfortunately I do not know

teri01666 reviewed On 05/16/2013

hello everyone casino la vida microgaming i have an account there and made few deposits there in past. i did however close my casino rewards group casinos cause of lack of winning. i did keep a few microgaming casinos accounts open and active, however my la vida account is not active at all i may have used it few times in over a year or two ago lol
well from my experience there i think la vida might have lost me on #1 their casino match bonuses are some what very small, as to where other microgaming online casinos have offers every week for depositing players example (7sultans and europalace 30% to 100% ranging matches) these type of on going matches are very good for loyal players as well as they have fun promos to add. unlike la vida their offers are small like 10% match bonuses and i think after the first match they went to cheap for me at offers like 10% match, to 15% match, and the highest was 20% match bonus lmfao excuse me but thats really not my type of offers. if you la vida would like to make and keep customers playing happily ever after you really need to open up your arms.
welcoming these depositing players with so big loving match bonuses, i myself would love to come back and stay if only your match bonuses were higher like atleast 60% to 100% and la vida was to make it even higher matches for their depositing players good lord i would never leave their casino for a 150% match bonus.
so thats my wonderful short experience with casino la vida i do agree they give small matches to their depositing players, its hardly a match at all. so for this casino i would rate it at a 4 out of ten, simply because they dont offer enough to play enough at their casino. the more a casino offers their players more the players can play and stand a good chance of making a nice winning!
good luck to you folks :-)

Mahamedau reviewed On 02/26/2013

Hello. Casino La vida its one of hundreds microgaming casinos. And i decided to give it a shot, with 50$ deposit and 100% match bonus. But this time i just want something new, something irregular, some new feelings, and decide try to discover any new good slots for my usual list. I start with centre court 1$ bets, got some luck there, and my balance upped to 150$. After it i decide to try untamed wolf pack, because in can pay huge in freespins, or even in normal spins, but you should get very lucky to see there really nice win. Anything big not happened, and i finish with just 80$ left, hate untamed right now, never see anything good on this series of slots. After it i decided to try Santa Wild Ride, it had 3 differents feature to trigger, also 243 line, and it gives you nice opportunity to hit something. I bet 1$, hit freespins, there got 2 reels of wild, and boost my balance to 130$. After it i try tomb raider slot, but i think it totally shit, never see win more than 10x in it, so left with 100$ and still happy. After it i join beach babes or something liek it, and i understand that its very simmilar to my favorite supe it up. I try spin it in 1$ bets, play till my balance become thero, because i even dont hit freespins. Yeah, that was a very bad playtime and session, but i try few new slots, some i like, some not, and it always good to test something new, it give you opportunity to choose from many slots. Probably i already played many slots from MG, and i had my list of my slots on this soft.
Ok, my marks for casino la vida
Software: 9/10 microgaming always get this high mark.
Bonus: 100% bonus match, + few others promos, but nothing i really like 7/10
Support: Just had few questions, everything fine 8/10
Cashouts: Didnt test, shame.
Total: 7.5/10 nice looking microgaming casino, but there a lot of better!

Icymod reviewed On 02/12/2013

Casino La Vida, another casino under the Microgaming software. To tell you the truth it is actually pretty boring! The Look and feel of this casino plus the work they have to did is not what I had in mind. Casino La Vida has a sister site involved called Red Flush. In this review my story is nothing but an unhappy one. When I joined in 2010 I realised Casino La Vida was offering a $10 no deposit bonus to new players who joined. The terms and conditions state every new player must register their credit card in order to be eligible so I registered my card. About half an hour to nearly a full hour I received my $10 no deposit bonus to try them out. Since $10 was small for me to make big bets I decided to go on Video Pokers for $2.50 a Bet under a game called Bonus Poker 25 Hands. I managed to climb over my $10 bonus to $22.75 using their Double up feature. For you players who don't know what Bonus Poker 25 hands are it is a Video Poker within the Microgaming software that deals 5 cards initially to the player where as the player decides what to hold. It then deals 25 more hands (including your first hand) along with your "Held" cards to create winning poker combinations. After every win you are asked to either Double your wins to a maximum or 4 times which is really great for making big wins or to collect them. Just when I reached $22.75 I changed my game to a Video Slot called Avalon. It's a 20 payline 10 coin video slot that is based on the story of King Arthur. A story of bravery and courage! The casino seems to have used almost everything in the story towards this video slot, from Avalon Castle Wilds to the Lady of the Lake Scatters. All I liked about this video slot is how it looks and the feature is holds. Just when my balance would rise higher it goes to a downward spiral! It was a nightmare come true when my quest to gain riches ended on Avalon. Yes you guessed it my balance has now became 0 for playing 40 minutes on Avalon! Once my balance reached 0 I made a minimum of $20 to play some more. Same happened to me but on another slot. I guess when your on an unlucky streak every single game you go to turns horrible in every way possible. I'm not too sure if anyone can withdraw from this casino because I did not make it that far.

katiebush reviewed On 12/03/2012

joined a few weeks ago had recieved no cashback at all since joining deposited 200 last week so i got on to them about cashback. I was told because i got bonuses i get no cashback. I said if i deposited 500 to be told u might or might not get cashback so be very aware when u are claiming the promotion for cash back if u claim any other bonus u will not get it a bit of a joke really and to add i have never withdrawn from this site and have over 600 deposed since joining

cocopop3011 reviewed On 11/21/2012

This is another casino that is powered by Micro Gaming and is the sister site of the dreaded 'Red Flush Casino'. When I deposited at Red Flush I promised myself that I would not even bother trying this casino as I assumed the service would be the same people so just as bad. I am soooo weak...I received an email a few days for a free £10 no deposit required if I downloaded their software and registered an account with them. I thought no way and I don’t know how this happened but my hand just kept clicking away at the mouse and before I knew it there I was chatting away to live help! Honestly don’t know how it happened! (Just Joking) Just for those of you who prefer playing via flash, then this casino also offer that version too.

Anyway I wanted to query whether or not I had to register my credited card to get the free £10, I was pleasantly surprised to see the woman I was talking to was really helpful and friendly. You don’t have to register a card and I was told the free money would be credited to my account within 12 hours as it is an automated process. She updated me on a few promotions they had running and wished me luck in the games!! Clearly an improvement from Red Flush. I received a registration an email shortly after and the free £10 was in my account the following day it didn’t state the wagering requirements so I checked on their site and it is the standard 30 times and there is a maximum cash out of £250, which isn’t bad is it. A minimum deposit of £20 is needed first if you do want to withdraw.

To be honest, and this isn’t a dig to La Vida personally its to the whole Micro Gaming software throughout the board but lately their games are just rubbish, they are just not paying out like they used to. I never expect to win loads as that the nature of gambling but little wins here and there is what keeps you going, I am just getting nothing back from micro gaming slots these days though. I am not going to complain too much because it is free money at the end of the day, and I did enjoy my experience here, a hundred times more than at their sister site and I am considering making a deposit here. Live help offered me 150% deposit match and 50 free spins on Riviera Riches if I done it there and then otherwise its the standard 100% deposit match but you still get the free spins, I declined the offered but will come back in a few weeks and deposit but only when I know that the payouts at Micro Gaming has picked back up.

This casino is definitely an improvement from their sister casino, I am actually shocked that these two casinos are linked as they seem like so many worlds apart.

Efti reviewed On 10/28/2012

In early 2010 I signed up at Casino LaVida, which had not been in operation for long. I soon came to discover that it was a sister site to Red Flush, a place I had previously deposited and played at, though not withdrawn from. This time around, I had an opportunity to try out the new Microgaming site with a free chip being offered through a small online forum. Claiming it required a unique bonus code that I received within a day or two of completing the signup procedure as instructed and being successfully tracked to the affiliate.

Redeeming it within the download casino proved to be no problem and I was ready to play in short order. To be honest, I don’t recall much from this particular no deposit encounter… I vaguely remember playing some table games (likely blackjack) and perhaps some slots, all at small bets, for a decent length of time -- maybe an hour or two -- before busting out. I’m also fairly certain (but not absolutely so) that I eventually deposited something like $50 to take advantage of a limited time special welcome bonus that included a bunch of free spins on a particular slot game.

In any case, I am definitely sure this is one casino I have never withdrawn from so contrary to its slogan, I am yet to experience ‘the good life’ as far as LaVida is concerned. Nevertheless, the site still sends me many bonus offers and promotion announcements, and to its credit they are both frequent and various. From deposit bonuses with differing match percentages or loyalty point awards to wagering contests and prize draws, there is plenty to choose from… Except, oddly enough given what prompted me to sign up in the first place, I am yet to get additional free chips or spins that don’t require a purchase.

ValDes reviewed On 09/07/2012

Casino La Vida is the smaller sister of Red Flush casino and therefore those two have many common things between each other. It was powered by Microgaming, so that was a reason, enough to catch my attention and to be honest, at that time I was not so rigorous, regarding all those terms and conditions a casino requires you to accept, before becoming a real player. So, the curiosity of tasting the next Microgaming casino was more than enough to make me become a customer of casino La Vida in no time! I used their welcome offer – 100% match up to 100, plus 50 free spins on the brand new MG slot at that time, called Riviera Riches and even got 500 loyalty points in addition. Well, the free spins gave me just nothing – some 5 credits or even less, the loyalty points were able to redeem in increments of at least 1000, so the only useful here was the welcome bonus of 100 credits! And here began the show time! Can you imagine what would be if your favourite slot just do, whatever you wish him to do?! Now imagine that lasts for 5-6 hours, in various bets all the way from 0.20 up to 2.00 per spin?! Now call that slot Avalon and imagine how rewarding this slot can actually be during its free spin feature?! Are you ready? :) That was exactly what happened to me in casino La Vida right from the start! My beloved Avalon showed me what a dream slot can be and at the end of my first play session at the casino I have almost cleared the wagering requirements, but what was much more important – my balance was above 4000 credits!!! 4000 credits, playing only one slot for 5 hours without any stops! Can you believe that?! This was the first and the last time I had such a long and rewarding winning streak on any slot in any casino, and that’s the reason the name of casino La Vida always make me feel great!
My luck was just amazing, but some other important details in this casino were not, unfortunately! Like the weird term, that you are not able to cash out more than 2500 credits per week, if the combined value of all your deposits so far was less than that amount. And since I managed to clear my wagering requirements with only one deposit (my initial) and with ending balance of 4400, it was quite of unpleasant surprise for me! Anyway, I requested a withdrawal of 2500…lost the remaining 1900 for about 2 hours (thinking that the incredible luck will follow me on the higher bets :(), than on the second day my withdrawal was still pending and I made a reversal of 500… Guess how much I withdrew from casino La Vida actually?! Hmm, better not to ask, I’m still ashamed from my own stupidity! :)
So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 5/10
Software: 9/10
Security: 5/10
Finance: 5/10
Bonuses: 5/10
Terms&Conditions: 5/10

Overall: Good online casino!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!

necw reviewed On 05/31/2012

Seriously.... Is it possible to spam me more? I don't think that I have ever seen such a casino which is spamming like this. There were weeks when I got almost daily one e-mail from them, even though I did not have an account at them. I understand that they are eager for new players but really... You are losing players with this attitude. I would better suggest you to offer better bonuses than to spam player like this cause you are creating a bad image for yourself. Nevertheless, I decided it to give it a shoot after many, MANY e-mail...
Can't complain but I can't also hold it in high regards. Just a normal casino, trying to get all the players as possible just by spamming them. Good live chat support, which is find it normal for a casino and microgaming slots. Nothing more and nothing less. No problem to deposit no problem to withdraw (as it wasn't the case because I lost all my money). Because of their attitude I decided to deposit the minimum amount just to try it out so perhaps I can escape all those e-mail... This means that they succeeded to obtain their goal :) but I also did.
I am sorry to tell this but if you want to go to a boring casino you can decide to come here. Hopefully they will improve it in the near future. I cannot tell you to come here but neither not to. It's purely your decision but here is nothing special
I almost forgot to write this, because it wasn't my case but there is a full list of restricted countries. Pay attention to it before making a deposit

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Casino Review

Casino La Vida is a leading online casino that offers some of the hottest games currently available online. They are powered by Microgaming, a platform that continues to be one of the most popular in the online gaming industry. The casino is licensed in the jurisdiction of Malta. At this time they cannot accept players from the United States.


Because Casino La Vida uses Microgaming software, they offer one of the largest selections of slots in the world. In order to experience it fully, you'll need to get the downloadable version of the casino, but the instant play version has plenty as well. Their most popular games include Thunderstruck II, Tomb Raider, Break da Bank Again, and Karate Pig. You can also enjoy a number of different three-reel games and English-style AWPs.

Enjoy playing table games? Casino La Vida has one of the industry's largest collections of popular card, dice, and roulette games. Try your luck with French, European, and American roulette; compete against the dealer in standard, High Streak, and Single Hand Blackjack; or see if the dice are in your favour with craps and sic bo. You can also enjoy casino pokers and baccarat.

Casino La Vida also impresses with their diverse video poker library. Whether you enjoy playing traditional single-hand games, the action of multi-hand poker, or want to see if you can rack up a winning streak in the multiplier-enhanced Level Up Poker, Casino La Vida will inevitably have a variant for you.


One of Casino La Vida's best selling points is its 24/7 support. If you have a question at any hour of the day, you can get a hold of a representative directly through live chat. This easy-to-use system is available through both the casino software and the website. You can also give them a call to any of their listed local numbers toll-free, or use the tolled international number if your country is not available. Lastly, you can use either the general support or banking department email addresses if you have an inquiry that would be better handled through email.

Security and Fairness

Casino La Vida does a good job at ensuring that their players are kept safe. In order to ensure that your personal and financial details are kept out of harm's way, they have implemented 128-bit SSL encryption on their network. This technology prevents anyone from gaining unauthorized access to your data.

Although it is virtually common knowledge that Microgaming software is fair, Casino La Vida has taken the steps to show for certain that their casino is genuinely random. By clicking the eCogra "Safe & Fair" seal on the bottom of their website, you can read the latest third-party audit report yourself. In addition to guaranteeing that the games are fair, this report even includes the latest game return data.


  • Full catalogue of Microgaming slots, table games, and video poker
  • 24/7 support through live chat, toll-free local phone, international phone, and email
  • 128-bit SSL encryption implemented
  • Proven fair by a full, visible eCogra report


  • No US players accepted
  • International phone number is tolled


Official Website:

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Deposit Methods: CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, Direct Bank Transfer Casinos, eChecks, EcoPayz, Entropay, EPS, Euteller, ewire, GiroPay, Gluepay, iDEAL, instaDebit, Lobanet, Maestro, MasterCard,, Multibanko, MyCitadel, Neosurf, Neteller, Paysafe Card, POLi, Postepay, Przelewy24, Skrill, Sofortuberwaisung, Ticket Premium, Ukash, UseMyBank, Visa, Visa Electron, Web Money

Exclusive Payment Partner:

Currencies: Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, US Dollars

Restricted Countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Belarus, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo, Cuba, Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Kiribati, Guinea, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Iraq, Cote D'Ivoire, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of, Korea, Republic of, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Moldova, Republic of, Morocco, Mozambique, Nauru, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, Micronesia, Federated States of, Palau, Pakistan, Pitcairn Islands, Guinea-Bissau, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Western Sahara, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Uganda, Tanzania, United Republic of, Burkina Faso, Zambia, United States

Software: Microgaming

Return to Player: 96.47%

Established: 2009

License: Malta

Casino Type: Download & Instant Play

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: Cheque, CLICK2PAY, Direct Bank Transfer Casinos, ECO Card, Entropay, instaDebit, Neteller, Postepay, Skrill, Ukash, Visa, Visa Electron

Withdrawal Limits: 2500 per week

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - 1-2 days;Credit/Debit cards - 2-5 days;Bank transfers - 3-7 days;Cheques - 14-28 days

Pending Time: 24 hours

Allow Manual Flushing: No

Contact Casino La Vida

Owner: Club Red Gaming Casinos

Email: Banking Support, General Support

Live Chat Support: Yes

French Speaking (Numéros Verts): 0 800 915 340
Germany Support Phone (Freecall): 0 800 184 4981
Italy (Numero Verde): 800 872 804
Toll Free Australia: 1 800 303 562
Toll Free Canada: 1 866 251 8947
UK Phone: 0 800 098 8539
Universal Number: 1 888 885 4517

Affiliate Program: Red Returns

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