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8.9 / 10

Based on Casino Facts (8.4) and Players Complaints (10.0)

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Review updated 6 days ago.
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Captain Cooks Casino Bonuses
€500 No Deposit Bonus Captain Cooks Casino Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x

Captain Cooks Casino Reviews from our community

Lolbibo reviewed On 01/29/2014

About a year ago, I made a deposit of $220 at Captain Cooks Casino. I played at the European roulette and reached almost $300, on the first day. A few days later, I came back to the lobby to play again and lost $70. My balance went back to my initial deposit amount. Then, I wisely (or not!?) decided to leave the roulette room and moved to Thunderstruck. I always have been attracted by this slot machine, I am a fan! I lost everything and quit the casino. After 3 or 4 weeks, I returned to the casino lobby and deposited $700. I played during a week and won a very substantial amount, I’ve been paid in full! Since then, I’m still a regular player at Captain Cooks Casino and I am very satisfied by the quality of all its services. Captain Cooks Casino is probably one of the greatest sites to play! For those who want to play with no risk to their personal funds, there is a free play bonus of $500. Whatever you win in your first 60 minutes is yours to keep (up to $150). Many gamblers succeeded with this bonus and withdrew interesting amounts. One day (four months ago), it took me about 2 weeks to make a withdrawal at Captain Cooks Casino. I was not worried about the situation because I have complete confidence in Captain Cooks. A few times after this small incident, I discovered that it was the payment processor fault!
The customer service at Captain Cooks Casino has all the qualities required for excellence. They are very fast and take real good care of customers. At Captain Cooks Casino you can cash in fast all the time with all the care of their customer service. Absolutely one of the most honest places!
What should I add… a nice place to gamble, fast payouts and reliable service. What else?!

fueldrockets reviewed On 09/29/2013

SUCKS!! I cannot stand Casino rewards!! ALL I have done over there is LOSE! Last 5 Casino's REEL RICHES, VEGAS SLOT, LUXURY CASINO, CASINO SHARE, CAPTAIN COOKS, an 9 deposits have all been straight LOSS! Casino Lavida!! NOW there is a SITE!! I been doing nothing but win over there, evertime I deposit I wonder IF this is the one where I lose! an LAST Friday when I was having nothing but problems with casinorewards! Casino Lavida Gave me FREE $50 Bonus just out of the BLUE for Nothing!!

aemakgol reviewed On 08/27/2013

Good day to all members. I registered at captain cooks because i get spam email that i can get 200% bonus in this casino if i join. I get such emails from casino rewards quite often, every day i think, so if you never play at casino rewards casinos, i suggest you to use another email inbox, because you will get A LOT OF SPAM. This is very bad for casinos, but i had good experience with this group, so i joined captain cooks without any doubts. I start with only 50$ deposit , because 200% bonus offer boost my money to 150$, and i can get a lot of fun with such amount, so no need deposit more. I preffer made many small deposits in different casino, than made one big deposit in one casino. I start my trip in captain cooks casino with hellboy slot, i watch movie, and i think i try all slots that movie i watch, i am sure you guys do such things too. With 0.9 bets i get supermode in around 80-100 spins( it activates absolutely random, so this is really fun to wait this supermode every spin). It does not pay me as i want, but at least it boost my money to 165$ and i happy leave this slot. After it was leagues of fortune slot, monster slot i think, because if it will be hot, it can pay very big money from stacked wilds and freespins, which have nice x5 multiplier. I play this slot around two hours at 1-2$ bets, and finish my wagering with 200$. One bad thing with casino rewards group - pending period of 48 hours, so you should expect your money in 72 hours after requesting withdrawal.
Thats all, now i will give some marks to Captain cooks casino:
Support: A
Games selection: B
Withdrawals: C
Promotions: A

cocopop3011 reviewed On 08/18/2013

Captain Cooks casino is yet another Microgaming casino which is part of the Casino Rewards Group. It's actually not one of the most popular casinos of the group, well not in my eyes anyway, but nevertheless it is still a pretty safe place to bet your money.

Since joining the Casino Rewards Group, many moons ago I was constantly being bombarded with Junk/Spam emails from them offering bonuses for their many partners. I recall one of the most popular emails I had was for this casino, although it took me a while to actually make my move here. I will warn you now, if you have yet to join a casino part of casino rewards, then this is definitely something you have to be prepared for, receiving spam emails. I probably receive at least 10 a day if not more, it doesn't both me so much because like I said they go straight to my junk email, but it can become annoying once in a while.

Anyway, Captain Cooks Casino offer you £500 no deposit free play, which for once I decided to take them up on, which I don't usually do. I didn't do very well on it at all and didn't proceed to the deposit when my time was up. It wasn't until a month or so later I decided to deposit, and I just done a straight deposit of £25, no bonus, no wagering. I played on their download, although they do have an instant flash version too. When you deposit and accept no bonus its either going to go one way or the other, you loose it all quick or you win and withdraw. Unfortunately for me it was the latter of the two lol, but its nothing what I didn't expect with Casino Rewards, I'm not the luckiest when it comes to these casinos. On saying that though, I'd have no reason not to return here again in the future. I just hit some sheer bad luck. When reviewing their live help, I have to say they are faultless, they are very helpful, knowledgable and trustworthy, when reviewing their slots, again they are faultless, supplying some of the finest Microgaming has to offer and when reviewing their terms and conditions, they are pretty much on the ball and are definitely about as fair as they come.

I think they definitely earn the right to be in Ask Gamblers top 50, whether or not they would make it to mine I don't know, but they by all means would never be in my worst casino list so for that reason I definitely give them a thumbs up for an all round good, safe casino.

mpane80 reviewed On 07/29/2013

Hello to all the gambles.captain cook casino is a microgaming casino that belongs to casino rewards group of casinos which i am not exactly a fun of them .i am not a fun of them for a lot of reasons .first they have some offers if you take advantage of them and say you win at the third offer you will probably not get paid because you are abusing their bonuses lol.second they have a pending period of 48 hours i won one time at virtual citi casino member of casino rewards and the 400 euros i won were pending for a week ,at the end i gamble them and lost them.i know i should not play but when they are pending for a week its more hard to resist not to withdrawl them.well i saw captain cooks casino to be number 2 at all gamblers .minimum deposit is 50 and you get another 50 as a bonus wagering 30 times which is normal .so i deposit 50 euros and took another 50 as bonus.the first slot i played was hitman maybe i was plying for one hour the same slot with no much luck my bankroll went down to 75 euro,i change the slot i was playing and i started playing tally ho a 9 line slot if you hit 3 scatters or more you win 10 free spins multiple 4 times each win,i played also that slot for long time with no luck either,i always continue to play the same slot for long time maybe is going to turn around but not this one,i was left with 40 euro to my bankroll,next slot i played was loaded a 25 line slot if you hit 3 scatters or more you win free spins yoy have 3 chooses 12 free spins multiple 4 times each win 18 free spins 3 times each win and 24 free spins multiple 2 times each win,i did a little bid better here my bankroll went back to 60 ,i change again slot this time it was burning desire where i lost all my money,because i played only once maybe i was unlucky i dont know but i will not play again here mostly because the minimum deposit is 50 ,well if i had to rate this casino i would have given it support 8/10 they have good support ,payouts 3/10 cash outs i dont know bonuses 4/10 .well that my opinion for this arestis 80:)

samico58 reviewed On 07/27/2013

thank u Captain cooks, for refunding my 50 us.

samico58 reviewed On 07/15/2013

As you read before , the message i recieved by mail to refund my deposit from Captain cooks was not processed this: As such, the winnings have been voided and confiscated. As a sign of good faith, your deposit will be refunded.
CAPTAINCOOKS Casino....they blocked me to logg in and they did not refund my deposit.

samico58 reviewed On 07/12/2013

Just got an e-mail from riskmanagement avoiding paying as per them , i have multiple accounts , they will refund my deposit...again i warn players to play at captaincooks, my question is ...why they processed two withdrawals last week to my neteller account if i have multiple accounts? i,ll tell you why, coz the winnings were too little, but now 500 dollars, as i aid before, if you lose thats fine with them, if you win, then the rules and conditions takes place.Here u can see the message:
Our systems have detected that multiple Casino accounts have been created using your PC, email address or personal details.
The Casinos terms and conditions do not permit more than one real account per household, personal computer or e-mail address. This is necessary in order to reduce the casino's exposure to online losses.
As such, the winnings have been voided and confiscated. As a sign of good faith, your deposit will be refunded.

samico58 reviewed On 07/12/2013


mwev reviewed On 07/07/2013

Hello! It is the first time I heard of Captain Cooks Casino, but after a quick research on the “interwebs”, it seems like a good, reliable casino, so I thought I should give It a try.
On their website I only saw a no deposit bonus of 500 euros, which I also claimed. I made a deposit and waited for a few minutes, but I couldn’t see the bonus. So, I contacted the support team and asked about the bonus. I talked to a woman, who apologized an immediately gave me my bonus. I thanked her for her fast reply and went into the lobby to see the slots.
I saw first Riviera Richies, which I have played before a few times. It was a bit boring in the beginning, because I didn’t win anything more than 5 euros. One time, I got a really lucky spin where I won around 50 euros. I kept playing it, but I changed the slot to Hot Ink when I had around 350 euros. This one was really bad, because I never won anything more than 2 euros, which for the highest coin value is extremely few.
I thought it was time for a change and so I started playing Texas Holdem Poker. I have little experience with it, I know the rules and how it should be played. I had to understand first how the game works, but then I managed to win a few euros. It was quite boring for me, so I went back to my beloved slots. This time I tried Thunderstruck 2, which I really enjoyed. Even though it is a cool slos, it doesn’t pay very much. After the one hour limit, I had more than 100 euros. So, there was no chance for me to withdraw anything.
I liked this casino, but I would not recommend it and I will not deposit here in the near future.

szirtisas reviewed On 06/24/2013

Hello here is my next review from Captain Cooks Casino:
A months ago I decide to try the highly rated microgaming casino that was the captain cooks casino, they are in the top three on the casinos list. I checked their promotions, after I visited the site I knew they using casino rewards affiliate. That affiliate group is the best and trustable all from the casinos and I many times won from them. I checked the free hour play promotions, they had a fully understandable and clear terms and conditions because everything was write down.
You get 500 euro for 60 minutes and you can get maximum 150 euro if you deposit minimum 50 euro. The wagering requirements is the same like the all other casino reward affiliate microgaming casino, only 30 times of the bonus and the deposit. I started the play with my free 500 credits in a new windows explorer tab, first time I almost lost my credits because I was on high stakes but I clicked to the try again button until I can collect 150 euro from it. After I made a successful deposit from 50 euro I get my 150 € bonus money instantly. So I had 200 € with 30x wagering requirements. I needed to roll over 6000 euro before I can cash out.
Because the play through was high I played at high bets, I started to play with bars and striped at 2.5 euro per spin. After some valuable spins I went up to 371 euro, I was keep playing here and a half hour later I had 750 euro but my play trough was high too. I picked the agent Jane blond slot and started to play with 4.5 euro per spin. It was a fault, I lost my balance within a half hour even I get the free spins three times. After it I made some deposit and withdrawals with them, I can say it they are correct.
Thank you!

Sup3rma17 reviewed On 05/19/2013

I stumbled across this casino which is powered by Microgaming. Microgaming is well known and is the absolute best software I have ever played on. When I discovered Captain Cooks casino I became thrilled for a few reasons, to see that this is one of many casinos that were in a casino group called Casino Rewards and because Microgaming softwares have led me to victory over many casinos. When I say "Victory" I really mean cash withdrawals!! I favored Microgaming casinos based on what they offer new players and with it Freeplay offers and sometimes higher than usual bonuses would come to mind. The offer Captain Cooks gave me is the freeplay offer. What Freeplay offers are bonuses that allow a new player to win an amount to begin playing real money with after winnings have been made and a deposit. In this offer at Captain Cooks it allowed me to collect $150, the maximum bonus. Now, I had to make a $50 deposit just to release the bonus to get a big $200 total. Not bad for a bonus. People, this is exactly 300% to put it in other words since $50 is mandatory.
The 20 bets and making winnings from the freeplay were entirely easy like opening bottled water only it takes more than one bottle, probably 50 bottles to open. It sounds like a chore but people it is still very easy! With $200 I played on Mega Moolah. This is a progressive 25 paylines slot that has it's benefits. For one thing the free spins would pay mediumly large to very high! I maxed bet the crap out of this slot many times to come across 3 Free spins for 45 free spins total on tripled wins and twice I got a random jackpot round. Yes ladies and gentlemen Mega Moolah has 4 different jackpots to win. They can be won randomly from a single spin. I happen to win my first small Mini Jackpot for a really low $15 and the next jackpot win graduated to $204 on a Minor. I was just extreme happy about the outcomes I've received just for betting max! The $200 gave me a lot of courage to throw down bets without fear and the wagering requirements needed to be pummeled. I figured I had to anyways. I went on other games too like Porky Payout, Mega Moolah Isis, Gypsy Queen, Cashapillar and Avalon. In short they were just completely generous with the payouts. I could not help but keep spinning the reels. Finally I withdrew $541 from my Moneybookers acccount. I would have to assume that depositing with a E-wallet would benefit me with smaller wait times but withdrawal took 72 hours for me. The worst part of it all is I withdrew on a Friday so processing finished on Thursday and on that day I finally got my $$$. A 10 out of 10!

teri01666 reviewed On 05/16/2013

hello there few years ago i took up this first depositors freeplay at captain cooks casino.
they have many more casinos also belonging to their casino rewards group! after a few years of depositing member to the microgaming i had won some cash the most was 6,000. on the game thunderstruck2. i later continued to play the thunderstruck2 putting every penny back in.
i actually kept depositing thinking one day it will payout a nice jackpot lol nope never did so i now stayed away from microgaming software cause, i have never made enough to feel comfortable to withdraw. also i feel the bet on soft software casinos are quite the same if not a bit better than microgaming.
the captain cooks casino was a nice experience for me really enjoyed the games just never won enough to feel i said after all these years of depositing at online casinos i lost track to over 20,000. in about 5 years depositing.
to me a nice small jackpot would not mean much since all my time and effort of playing for 5 years went in.with using my own real cash makes me feel i should be aiming higher, wanting the bigger jackpots. lol one day i feel i will eventually get that. so anyway with this microgaming casino i was nothing but loyal depositing player for 3 years are so and i finally called quits with casino rewards group closing my account at each and everyone of their casino. well they do offer nice depositing matches on certain special occasions; example valentines day! the matches would increase a bit better. then normal days i get usual offers of 25% matches these werent to interesting to me anyway. once in a while if i never deposited in a while id find them saying there was vip points added into my rewards points.
well i dont play here anymore.i hope someone has good luck and fortune here with casino rewards group casinos.
goodluck folks

Irine reviewed On 04/20/2013

Hello, players from askgamblers i would like to share my experienced and opinion regarding to this casino powered by Micro Gaming Software. Captain Cooks Casino is the one of many casino rewards group. These casinos are all very consistent, and they allow you get as many rewards and bonuses on the way. One thing for sure, they are always very good at their withdrawal and deposits system.

Their acted really fast and you can get your money out in a couple of days. When I played this Captain Cooks Casino decided to try out what they had in terms of the slot games. There had your old 3 reel slot games if you like classics and plenty of 5 reel games as well, I love that old slots because i want to experienced what does the old slot had that the hightech video slot from now does not have :) Whiii!! I can't feel that many of the microgaming slots are very much the same though, and are the same game with just a slightly different theme.

Another thing is they have almost 500 games in the selection you have, and most of them are slot games. In the end I played some of my the most featured game that is the lord of the rings slot game. This is a progressive slot game so you get access to the big jackpot. When you play you line up the characters. That video slot had a high paying symbols that they used character as the symbol but the character gollum is an especially good character to hit because he gives you more prizes.

There are many high paying symbols and combination but i think the one ring and the lord of the rings act as scatters so with scatters you get the chance for loads of free spins. Even with a small amount of credit you can end up having a long and fun game playing through. The other games include the table games which I think are very solid games as well with good graphics. I cannot blame the blackjack or the roulette tables here. The disadvantage of this casino is their bonuses and also for those who always use an instant thing for their lifetime the lack of an instant play option so you have to download despite what it says in the description.

I rated this casino 8/10 over all including their withdrawal method when i withdraw my money via my neteller it takes 2 days when i received my money via my neteller because that my first deposit and withdrawal that processed and they verified my given documents.

FCR reviewed On 04/20/2013

At first sight, I was subjugated by the sophisticated graphics, the realistic sound effects, and the entertaining animation that made me feel like I was playing at a Vegas casino. Thereafter, my hopes dashed and I am going to show you why…
The Captain Cook’s bonuses are not fortunate gifts, like some uninformed players may think. Those ludicrous amounts of free bonuses combined with severe play through only are to trap new customers.
I decided to deposit $200 and made my way to the lobby to check out some of the games. This time, I began with the slots. As usual, I couldn’t resist to my favorites; I played Thunderstruck, then Hilman and Tomb Raider. In the same vein, I finished with the magnificent King Cashalot and brought my balance to $260. :) That gave a peak to my confidence and made me move up to the live dealer Blackjack games. As a consequence of my overzealousness, a spectacular loss occurred. I decided to finish with Roulette. In the beginning, the play was very smooth until I began to… lose connection!! Just as misfortune never comes one at a time, the continuing disconnections diverted my concentration, and I ended up with something like $70-75 on my balance. Bad luck strikes, what can still be done?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. I wisely decided to stop up the inevitable crash I felt and asked for a withdrawal. I received my money on my e-wallet within 48 hours.
When dealing with the customer support for flushing out my winnings, I came to realize the failure. The team proved ineffective most of the time, whether by email or any other existing communication channels. Their disappointing performance made me lose some confidence in the casino.
Finally, due to all hardship and inconvenience I listed above, I rather tend to give an under average mark for this online casino. There are hundreds of more satisfying casinos on the online market you should rather try than this one.

necw reviewed On 03/31/2013

After a long break I decided that I should start playing again some slots. As I wanted to try a new casino I ended up trying first Captain Cook casino since it was one of the top 3 rated casinos in the moment. The webpage is clear and simple, which is a plus since in my search for casinos I found some that were terrible. Their bonus, which was the only one when I started playing, was good for me since I am not such a big roller and I managed to get 150$ dollars extra only by depositing 50 if you play their free hour where you can keep your winnings. Its not that hard to get to 150$ bonus since you have a “try again” button that will help you in case you are losing your free money. Also the wagering requirements are relatively low, 30x not being such a big problem compared to other online casinos. I didn’t encounter any problems when I deposited the money since they have so many options for you to choose from. Their variety of games is wide, having more than 450 games for you to choose. As I said about the only bonus it is good if you do not want to deposit that much, however you wont get more than 150$ which for someone that plays a lot of money will find it a disadvantage. I didn’t manage to cash out any wins so I cannot say anything about their withdrawal methods but as I saw they appear to have a 48-hour pending period, which added to 1-2 days for eWallets or 3 days for Credit/debit cards will make a total of 3-5 days till your withdrawal is processed. Still its not such a long time though I am sure that most of the players would prefer a no pending time. Overall it is a good and safe casino, with a wide variety of games and also a good way to start for some small deposits.

cristinaxx reviewed On 03/29/2013

I did not have much experience in my life with Captain Cooks Casino, but until now I can say very honestly that the casino is one of the best I have ever played on. The casino has been established more than 10 years ago and it has been one of the best since then.
First, and most important for me, is that the casino is very safe and reliable- security is taken very seriously.
Regarding their support, I can’t complain. I did not have any problem with the casino, so I didn’t need any support. However, I heard they are very fast in replying to any problems.
Their software is the best in my opinion, so I would definitely rate it with a big 10+.
In the finance department I may confess that the casino’s grade is an average one. By mistake I have pressed on a slot and 3$ were taken from my account without even noticing. But this wasn’t really the casino’s fault, so I don’t have any complaint. In the end (after 3 or 4 hours of continuous playing) I didn’t withdraw any money and I was quite angry because of this. I know, it’s definitely not their fault, because this is their job. However, I would like them to be closer to their clients and bring something new regarding their games.
The casino has a lot of rules- as all the casinos do. But if you don’t break them you get your money guaranteed.
A big con I encountered was the amount of spam I receive because of this casino. I receive way too many emails from Captain Cooks Casino and they are not all with offers or deals- only reminding me to start playing.
Overall, I had a pleasant experience playing at Captain Cooks Casino. Even with its odd name, it sure gave me some fun time.

slobobwin reviewed On 03/27/2013

This is about a really quality casino. This is one of the few casinos powered by Microgaming which I prefer.On first place I would point out that this is a safe and reliable casino. Captain Cooks Casino take security very seriously and have taken extensive steps to protect all aspects of the casino and their online payment system that I appreciate most about them. This casino has been established for more than 10 years and during all these years is really at the top. And if the casino has the "instant play"option I would definitely recommend that you download it and feel completely great feeling to play what this casino offers. The first thing I noticed about this casino is a large number of progressive jackopts in more than 15 games. Of course, I know that I have minimal chances to be the winner just one of them but still is a pleasure to play that game and I secretly hoped, so who knows maybe one day I just get one of them.  I would point out is probably their best game (when it comes to video slots) and that is "Thunderstruck II." This Video Slot is based on the popular Norse God of Thunder - Thor and is a continuation of his journey along with other ancient Norse Gods depicted with all their glory in the realm of Asgard. So maybe I can say that this is the most interesting slot that I have ever played. Also, I would point out some of their newer video slots such as "Immortal Romance" and "The Grand Journey" ... this is very good slot and the fun is guaranteed and if you win some money the pleasure is complete :) . And of course, table games were done really well and it would not have much to say, they are realluy good and work correctly. Support also professional and well. Payment methods that are all here. Credit card, moneybookers, netteler and more… So this is one of the brst casino I ever play and this is definitely my first choise.

chriskay reviewed On 03/10/2013

This Casino is using a very strange name, called the Captain Cooks.I was carefully about
this Casino and searched online about bad info's over the Online casino and there i found
some strange reasons not to play in here. My friend have bought me a 20Euro Pay-Safe-Card
as a present to test around this casino and i had paid in without the decision to take
any Deposit Bonus on top. Actually I like Microgaming Casinos very much and i did went to
the Slots to get some fun in here.I did played firstly on the Slot Avalon and decreased
the lines from 20 lines down to 9 lines, and pushed the coins up to 0.5 cent per line.On
the avalon it was really funny cause i had always 2 Scatters in here but the thrid
scatter always spinn away and don't stopped on the right time.I thaught that this Avalon
would bring me into the free spins but i was not right at all.I have closed the Avalon
Slot after i had some winnings and losses.With my bankroll of a little amount of 17 Bucks i did went to the Blackjack table where i did just raised up my bankroll to a nice amount of 43 bucks. This was a straight winning line, cause first i did played only on 1 Seat but the gameplay was so nice and a strike
way that i had made the decision to play on 3 Seats at the same time. This was the way
to safe my Bankroll and after safing my bankroll i went to the Slots again. This time on
1 euro per spin.
This was my fault and my money did gone after some minuets.
Well no problem it had made really fun in here.
Probably the Blackjack and roulette players will get sooner here this what they want , as
the Slot player.
I won't play not really here once again, since I didn't like the atmosphere and the
ambiance also.The Design of the name, is simply and hasn't a personally touch to me and
nothing positive what would activate me to play in the Captain cooks casino again.

Icymod reviewed On 02/10/2013

Well first and foremost I`ve had experiences with this casino and I must say I would not recommend Captain Cooks Casino. I`ve made many deposits before and not one of my sessions have triumphed over evil. There were times when I`ve struck gold but afterwords everything went downhill completely. The bonuses they had offered were okay but what I`ve realised was that it was for the purpose of attracting other players just like any other online casino out there. I`m not sure if anyone has succeeded in withdrawing but if anyone seems to want better bonuses and payouts I would recommend a different casino. On a positive note Captain Cooks Casino offers a freeplay option worth $500. When taking up this offer you will be allocated $500 Freeplay credits during which you need to place 20 or more bets and win $20 over the original $500, in order to collect any winnings up to $150. Once that is achieved you will need to go to the banking page to deposit a minimum of $50 in order to release your freeplay winnings. If you do not win during the freeplay offer you will be given an offer called the ``Second Chance Wheel`` where you would spin a chance to match your deposit up to $100. You will now have a total of $200 to play with should you win the maximum during the freeplay offer. As with any casino loyalty program, Captain Cooks offers both a casino rewards program as well as an online casino lottery for casino rewards members. For all you lucky players out there that have made a successful withdrawal in playing on this casino I would admit you`ve done well in terms of being lucky and succeeding! All in all I would not recommend this casino as the payouts, bonuses and terms were not overall satisfactory towards my tastes. A 4/10 for this casino.

sencize reviewed On 01/31/2013

I have never nor i will ever like casino rewards group.They stupid hidden bonus terms and conditions have kept me from depositing into their casinos more then once.Never the less i cant make any complaint about captain cooks casino because i was satisfied with my time spent here,of course i played without any bonus because if i win something i did not want my money to be confiscated like in their sister casino.Since they took my hard earned winnings in their sister casino from this group i declared a war against this group and decided to try and take as much money from them as i can.I all ready hit them once in other casino now it was time to try again with captain cooks casino.After installation i went on and deposited fifty euros and started spinning like crazy,i played numerous slots form dark knight to crocodopolis and avalon,and i tried my favorite table games as well black jack was pretty generous and gave me twenty euros with only six hands i played.I made it to a hundred euros and i decided to get my money back and continue playing with the money i won.Big mistake from my side i should withdraw all because i ended up loosing my winnings.Fifty euros i withdraw came to my account in just two days so this casino is very fast with payouts which is a big plus for them.The other money i left on on my account to play with i lost all in one place stupid roulette.I read somewhere on internet a strategy on playing roulette and supposedly you cant loose when using this strategy but i lost everything.It was something about betting on all ods but i did not quite understand it and it cost me all my money.Anyway i did not profit or loose anything in this casino and i can say they are a good trusted casino with fast payouts.My grade for captain cooks casino is 8/10 and bonuses from casino rewards group are off course big zero

bellamira reviewed On 12/21/2012

i tried to join this casino , ma italian's player are not welcom!!!!

FAZIII1 reviewed On 11/12/2012

Capitan Cooks in Microgaming Brands from Casino Rewards Group - Im wonna tell for other player Casino rewards group Have realy great deposit bonuses called freeplay (Massive deposit Bonuses) But casino rewards have bad reputations in microgamings casinos. Ok lets see close Capitan Cocks Casino - They offered 500 $ Free Bonus - Of corse they dont give money for free - How this looks- and how this work - Player get 500 free and must win over this 500 but can transfered to secund stage maximum 150$ after deposit 50$.

so this is realy 300% deposit bonus - Freeplay mode is very popular but usually rulez say maximum transfered bonus is 100$ and deposit 20$ so usualy this is 400% deposit bonus in Capitan Cooks this is 300% - 150$ +for 50 deposit . Ok Why Casino rewards brands is called poor quality brand in micromgaming casinos words ?
Becose they have worse - bad bonus rulez . Mayby dont all palyers know but when Players decided deposit and get this bonus or any other bonus in this casino or in some other casino from Casino Rewards group then must play good with terms and conditions - Ok mayby thats normal but in This Capitan Coock Casino and all other Casino rewards brands Terms and conditions for player playing with bonuses is ridicolus.

- Player cant use Double optionts ( gamble winings red black cards)
-Player cant use Autuplay options( Hm if player decided play with bonus from free play do deposit 50$ and recived 150$ bonus then is a lot wagering to meet so a lot player often use this autoplay options after boring manualy clicking spin -spin - use autoplay and if win finish wagering make cashauts - then suprize - Winings Void becose your broke our rulez ....
Other terms and conditions rulez is normal like all other trust microgaming rulez example player cant exces single bet to 20% bonus amount.

Ok im play in Capitan Coock with free play promotions becose im play with a lot place with massive promotions or low wagering promotions. Without Succes im losing my sesion - What im can say About this place - Support is Ok - Casino Rulez hmm to much trap for new players in terms and conditions.
Spamming politycy - then send really to much spam to my emial from this brands like olso all others brands after im registered and do my first deposit in this place
Do you know google banned them from spam politycy ! ?

Ok summary this place have not bad welcome bonus- suuport olso not bad but a lot place have better . If player before start play check close terms and conditions they this place can be good for this type player. - but if new fish go to this casino do deposit with bonus and immidiatly starts play then is more then 50% chance then will be broke terms and conditions rulez and wining Void .

Capitan Coock Casino is middle class casino - pay players if they dont broke rulez -- But rulez is ridocolus ( One big trap - Same rulez in all other over 20 brands from this Casino Rewards Group .
So remember if you see In microgaming brands site is write Casino Rewards Read terms and conditions closly becose you can find a lot strange rulez if you decided play with bonus this is importand for you.

AlexMou12 reviewed On 08/29/2012

Hiho, i am agan here :)
So, captains cooks casino is another microgaming soft casino. Its many-many-many microgamings casino, but many of them i hate for some reason(for example Casino Rewards Group). But some about Captain Cook. First of all its bonuses, bonus on deposit is easy to get from 500euro play promo. If you will do all right, you will get 300% deposit bonus with standar for microgaming wagering 30x(best that i see is 29x). So, i got my 300% for deposit of 25$(yeah, yeah, i always made little deposit, i am not so rich, still not rich :D may be later...). So, i start my playing with lucky witch slot, i love it for some reasons, first - i love stacked wilds so much, second - i like feature bonuses in this slot). I start, and in about 5 spin hit feature, and increase balance to 120$(lowrolling like always). I play this slot about 30 minutes and left with 105$(little profit ;D). After it i go to BDBA(break da bank again). Like this slot for the opportunity to win HUGE money with little bet :D So, i played with 45c bet about two hours, and finish with about 80$(some luck). Then i go to multi player wheel of luck, and playing it till i clear bonus with 50$ left. Oh, no problem, its ok, i can deposit with 50$ in two new casinos, so i just cashout. Captain Cook dont ask my documents, but their pending 48hours period is a bit sick. I dont like pending periods :( But i got my money in about 60 hours tottal, so its not so good, but not so bad too!
So, tottaly, captain cook very good MG casino with 300% bonus. If you still dont play there, may be you can find time(and money ofc) to try them, and i wish you good luck there!
Alexmou12 for

goldenmember reviewed On 08/06/2012

I joined up to Captain Cooks just recently because they are giving away a really decent offer. They are giving you the chance to play with 500 euros for an hour and keeping some of that money that you make. There's really no catch - just make sure that you are a decent player and can make some money.

It runs the same sort of games and system as 32Red but they generally give bigger bonuses because they are not such a big name. This is definitely a good thing, and you don't normally get bonuses like this.

You can play on any of their games using the offer. This includes the slots, cards, progressives. I would recommend that stick with what you know, rather than experimenting and going with something else. The progressives are usually slow paced so you won't get as much cash for your time when you play it.

I went back to my old favourite blackjack and doubled up my risk to see how far I could go. Quite surprisingly, the blackjack was fair and I did make some cash despite losing my first three hands (I was thinking there was something up at the start, but actually it was just a bad run of luck). The slot games are the standard microgaming games with Tomb raider - and are all much the same.

One bad thing is that the payment options are limited. You do not get the money very quickly and you do have to contact customer service quite a few times to get any response. This may have been because I was just playing with the bonus, but in my opinion, the withdrawal times should be the same no matter how you get your money. Overall with the free offer you have nothing to lose so I rate this casino 9/10.

scyan reviewed On 07/24/2012

I really enjoyes this casino when I had an account unfortunately they do not accept players from my region anymore. Im still trying to find a microgamming platform that does :(
They did last year... oh well.

ValDes reviewed On 05/07/2012

Captain Cooks casino is a member of Casino Rewards group and you must be fully aware that this group is one of the few left that are safe to play in! And this apply to all the casinos there!
I was attracted there by their welcome offer – one hour of free play, 500 credits to play with and chance to keep up to 150 winnings. All that is required by you is to make a deposit for at least 50, so it is a pure 300% welcome match promo. That is rather decent, especially when I saw that during this free play promo there is a button named Losing?Try Again which means that you win in all the cases. Not bad marketing idea, I must appreciate this to Casino Rewards! Anyway, I use the free hour promo, made my deposit and started the hunt for the pile of gold with 200$. I had to make a 30 timesX150 bonus = 4500 in order to clear my bonus wagering requirements, so I decided to play at some higher bets at the beginning. Went straight to one of my favorite Microgaming slots Thunderstruck II and set the bet to 3.00 per spin. Usually I play on 0.30 or 0.60 but this time I was out of my mind and of course the catastrophic result did not late. Unfortunately I didn’t get any free spins feature and in this game not winning free features means losing hard and fast! So, soon my 200 bucks vanish into the nowhere. After two days I decided to try again. Made a deposit for 300 and contacted the live support asking for some bonus match in return but all I manage to get was some kind words and 30 credits! Anyway, went to another of my favorite slots – Break the bank again, set the bet to 0.90 and release the autospin feature. Almost on the first spin I hit free spins and in the free spins feature my winnings increased to 780$. I played with that money almost a week and at the end I had in my balance approximately 2000$! Paytime, dear ladies and gents and again that awful 48 hours pending period!!! Luckily everything was ok and the money arrived at the Skrill account.
So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 8/10
Software: 10/10
Security: 8/10
Finance: 5/10
Bonuses: 5/10
Terms&Conditions: 8/10

Overall: Wonderful and safe online casino!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!

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Casino Review

Captain Cook's Casino is an online casino with a quaint seafaring theme. The casino is powered by Microgaming software and is a part of the huge Casino Rewards Group. Like all casinos in the group, they are licensed in the jurisdiction of Kahnawake. Recent developments in US politics prevent them from offering games to American players.


Because Captain Cook's Casino uses Microgaming software, they offer a wide variety of games. If you like slots, Captain Cook's Casino offers a growing selection that is already larger than most other platforms'. From the fabled tale of Lord of the Rings to the relaxing world of Beach Life, there's plenty of video slots to choose from. A number of three-reel slots and British pub-style AWP games are also available.

If you like table games, Captain Cook's Casino will give you the thrill you're looking for. Players looking for blackjack or roulette will find several variants of these popular games, each with their own unique spin. In addition to these popular favorites, players can also select from numerous other card and dice games, as well as casino pokers.

Video poker lovers are certainly not neglected, either. Captain Cook's Casino offers a multitude of variants from traditional Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild to less common ones like Louisiana Bonus. Additionally, these are available in single-hand poker, multi-hand Power Poker, and multiplier-enhanced Level Up Poker.


Captain Cook's Casino meets our high standards for customer service. They offer 24/7 support to all of their players through live chat. With live chat, players can easily get in touch with a representative. Captain Cook's Casino also has toll-free telephone numbers for a variety of countries, as well as an email address specifically designed for player issues and feedback.

Security and Fairness

Safety on the Internet is a serious issue. Captain Cook's Casino understands this. Any personal or financial information you send to Captain Cook's Casino is guarded with 128-bit SSL encryption, which prevents anyone from being able to see it in transit. Once it arrives at the Captain Cook's Casino server, it is protected with an industry standard firewall.

Captain Cook's Casino also ensures that their players are getting a fair game. They guarantee this with an eCogra Safe & Fair report, which anyone can read by clicking on the seal on the bottom of the site. The report is updated on a monthly basis and even states the previous month's payout percentages. This level of transparency leaves little doubt that their games are genuine.


  • Huge library of Microgaming games
  • 24/7 support through live chat, email, and toll-free phone
  • 128-bit SSL encryption and firewall protection
  • Certified fair by eCogra


  • No US players accepted
  • Withdrawals subject to 48-hour pending period


Official Website:

Languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Deposit Methods: Abaqoos, CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, Direct Bank Transfer Casinos, eChecks, EcoPayz, eKonto, Entropay, EPS, Euteller, ewire, EZIPay, GiroPay, instaDebit, Instant Banking Casinos, Kalibra Card, Maestro, MasterCard,, Multibanko, Neosurf, Neteller, Nordea, PayPal, Paysafe Card, POLi, Postepay, Przelewy24, Skrill, Swedbank, Ticket Premium, Trustly, u net, Ukash, UseMyFunds, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron

Exclusive Payment Partner:

Currencies: Canadian Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, US Dollars

Restricted Countries: Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, Federated States of, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar, Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain, South Africa, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

Software: Microgaming

Return to Player: 97.78%

Established: 1999

License: Kahnawake

Casino Type: Download & Instant Play

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, Direct Bank Transfer Casinos, eChecks, Entropay, EZIPay, Kalibra Card, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal, Postepay, Skrill, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron

Withdrawal Limits: 4000 USD per week for players who win a sum that is 5 times or more greater than their total purchases

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - 1-2 days;Credit/Debit cards - 2-5 days;Bank transfers - 3-7 days;Cheques - 14-28 days

Pending Time: 48 hours

Allow Manual Flushing: No

Contact Captain Cooks Casino

Owner: Casino Reward Group

Email: Support

Live Chat Support: Yes

Canada Toll Free: 1 866 312 7466
Denmark Toll Free: +8088 4574
Germany Toll Free: 0800 182 0567
Italy Toll Free: 800 871 068
Other Countries Toll Free: 1 888 942 7466
UK Toll Free: 0800 917 1545

Affiliate Program: Rewards Affiliates

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