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5.4 / 10

Based on Casino Facts (6.1) and Players Complaints (3.9)

Review updated 4 days ago.
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Bovada Casino Reviews from our community

aemakgol reviewed 21 days ago

Good day to all members. I hope you will enjoy my review of bovada casino. This casino is powered by real time gaming, and licensed in Kahnawake, also this site accepts our fellow gamblers from USA, who have no many choices to play.
I found bovada casino long time ago, when i decide to play poker freeroll, it was good prizes in this freeroll, something like 10k $ or so, and many members from our forum register there to play, and i am also was this guy who take lottery ticket and try to win something. By the way, freeroll i lost near with pay zone, i had aces on big blind, and 3 stupid guys goes allin before me, one had 22 second had KQ and third has A3, and guy with A3 win all of us. This is sick of course, but i was not sad, because it is just freroll. After some time i found that this site has a casino, and decide to play a bit, i made 20 $ deposit with 200 % bonus and start playing different real time gaming slots. I play alladin wishes, pay dirt , few more slots , and as for not experienced gamblers this was very interesting for me of course, but i finish with zero on my account and never made any more deposits in this casino. I see that they had a lot of complaints here, and many players hate them, and this is of course just sick. I did not recommend you to choose this casino for playing, if you from USA you can still find much more better place like club world group, not need to earn yourself a big headache, i hope you understand it , and i hope you read my review about it. Does not give money to bad casinos, they does not deserve it!

pinkcloverz reviewed On 12/23/2013

It's pretty hard for me to find a good casino the accepts US players. Especially with good quality and fast payouts. Bovada is actually my favorite casino to play at because the payout is fair and the quality of the games are the best in my opinion. They have a really wide variety of games, never had problem with the software, never freezes or stops while playing like the other casinos I've played at. I deposit $25 and build that up to $300 fairly quick. I put in a request to CASHOUT around 8:00 PM on a Monday and they sent me a approved withdrawal the next morning around 7:00 AM. After my approval, I didn't hear anything back from them, no tracking number or anything. I RECEIVED A CHECK FROM THEM VIA UPS ON FRIDAY!!!!! I am pretty impressed because the other reviews said it takes longer. Yay! Right on time for Christmas shopping!

petram reviewed On 12/03/2013

I have played with Bovada for years and never had much luck. However recently I won $ 3000. I requested a payout on November 25th, it was approved the following day and the money is in my account on December 2nd. No hassles, I did not have to send in x-amount of paperwork like the other online casinos require. I give Bovada a 10 out of 10 for payout processing and their slots are fun to play

Lonewolf1 reviewed On 09/23/2013

I can personally attest to the fact that Bovada's blackjack is NOT rigged: I turned $36.75, money Bovada gave me, into $2,330.00 in nearly 5 hours; the hands were just as difficult to play against the computer dealer as I found in any other casino online or off-line. The dealer WOULD go on 10 hand winning streaks, repeatedly. If one spends enough time playing blackjack, in their experience they will find that there will be times when they are in a REAL casino, playing with REAL cards, with a REAL dealer, on a REAL table and have 10+ losing streaks from time to time. That is NORMAL, folks. That's why so many people resort to card-counting to recoup their losses and to spite the casino and it's seemingly unconquerable "house edge", then be kindly asked to leave the casino never to return again, too. But, one doesn't have to count cards to play through the bad losing sessions to turn a profit. There are "tells" that a person can use once one plays hundreds and thousands of hours at the game. I'll give you one hint: If the dealer gets a blackjack and in the very next hand he's able to count up to 21, what does that "tell" you? It tells you, you better get your bets down to the minimum stake allowed at the table. Also, if you're a person that just keeps playing hand after hand after hand after hand with the same $10 bet, I don't care what you know about the game, you're going to lose EVERYTHING in only the course of about, conservatively, 20 minutes.. In addition if you're one that uses, what is called "positive progression", a betting strategy which one gradually increases one's bet through each win/loss situation one enters, one will lose EVERYTHING in the course of about, conservatively, 10 minutes;it's a mathematical certainty. In summation, one must know ALL the "tells" and be most savvy with one's betting strategies to turn any kind of profit worth noting, otherwise one is nothing more than a whiny amateur that wouldn't know what to do with $10,000 in winnings were one smacked in the face with it. So, once one gets their bets back down to the table minimum, when can one return to a higher chip value? Ah...good question. That information is in the "tell" of the cards, information provided to let you know that you can indeed raise your bet. But I'm not here to educate, one will have to learn on their own, as I did. So what separates the amateurs from the blackjack professionals, folks? I'll leave you with this to think about: A gambler/amateur will take $3,000 and turn it into $30 in one day and be filing for welfare before dinner; a blackjack professional will take $30 and turn it into $3,000, fucking the girl that was sitting next to him at the table, after a 500 dinner, for dessert. ;)

JonezDronez reviewed On 06/29/2013

I don't know about these other games, but Bovada roulette is definitely rigged. I was playing it and if you win too many times, there will be this algorithm that will basically make you lose all the time. There is literally this wall that will not let you go past 10 good bets and if you do the rest of your bets are fucked. Do not play the Roulette! it will only leave you feeling like you got your money stolen.

-go to Divxman V for more info on it.

ChrisZ3 reviewed On 04/29/2013

Too much bravado from the blackjack dealer of Bovado - that is my conclusion from analyzing the distribution of hands. Skewed in his favor? House edge is well over the certified parameters. Even if Mable was under the table, I would not wager any cents into this scam.

horseplayer reviewed On 03/08/2013

Small time player singing Bovada praises.

I'm having a really good night. You know those Random Jackpots that everyone wonders if they're real. They are. I hit one for $1652.00 tonight. I'm still playing slots, mostly RTG and still raking in the bucks. I guess it's just an unusually lucky night for me because I've never had success in the past. If I have any problem with receiving payout I will revise this review but tonight I'm a happy camper.

fuck you bovada reviewed On 03/03/2013


Dont join this site. Best possible advise.

JOIN THIS SITE if you like your head being mutated with nano technology. Enjoy nano technology manipulated servers that pick cards instead of getting random cards. You will get fucked at this site one way or another unless your in their mob or a favorite.

Dont beleive the lies that bovada is the best out there. It is the same as the rest. They pick their favorites through mutant nano technology and the rest get fucked out of their money. It is complicated and you probably dont wanna know so just dont play online poker.

End of story is GO TO THE DAMN CASINO

ableleasing reviewed On 01/22/2013

I have read so freaking much titty whining about Bovada. I have been playing casino and poker there for years. It is extremely fair. No I don't win a jackpot every time I play but they would be out of business if that were the case. The point is I double my money at least 8 out of 10 times I play. Admittedly I almost always play it down and give it back but It always lets me play and have fun on the money I put in.

And yes I have cashed out several times and have NEVER had a problem getting my checks. They usually take between two to three weeks to arrive and my bank takes out a $25 fee for being an international check but WHO CARES! It is well worth it.

I have had countless hours of entertainment playing at Bovada and still do.

sporter21 reviewed On 01/01/2013

BOVADA BLACKJACK - Completely Fraudulent

As a frequent gamer, better, and tournament player I often chuckle (to myself of course) at how quick gamblers are to claim fraud when they loose their money, regardless of game. Somehow people forget that all gambling, no matter what the game, is always slightly in favor of the house. And what's worse is that by reacting emotionally and/or irrationally to larger losses, gamblers frequently get themselves into deeper and deeper holes, only to claim "fraud" with more and more anger. However after hearing an unusual amount of complaints regarding Bovada's online Blackjack gaming (from individuals that at least I respect as sensical gamblers) I decided to investigate it myself. I've read all the posts about lack of 3rd party random-draw certifications, etc etc and while many of the complaints might be valid, none truly implicate fraud. I decided to ignore hype and emotions and objectively look at it myself. If you're not math inclined, here is a general truth: you can rarely PROVE a game is fraudulent , but rather show certain outcomes are SO close to impossible that honest dealings are next to impossible... My example is this - technically if you flip a "fair" coin 100 times and it comes out heads every single time - this "may actually be possible", however the more likely scenario by billions of factors over is that the coin is the same on both sides. That being said:

I bought $600 in casino chips (between my and 2 friend's bovada accounts, $200 per account) and planned on playing by-the-book blackjack with the same small bets: I played $1 a hand in my account, $3 a hand in "paul's" account, and $5 a hand in "greg's account. I planned on playing for 20 minute intervals in each account, never changing prior mentioned bet amounts, for 10 separate stints of 20min in each account. My findings were shocking:

By recording every single hand played across each account ($5 account only made it to the 6th stint of 20min before running out of money) and comparing "my cards" and "dealer's cards" to what statistics would normally predict over the course of all play - you quickly see not only how rigged the game it, but how badly rigged it is. Between ALL stints, the chances of the cards coming out that ACTUALLY came out IF THE DECK WAS NORMAL ranged between (1 in 3) to (1 in 11), ALWAYS in favor of the dealer. That may not seem very telling, but again, for anyone not statistically inclined: the chances of all my recorded events occurring in a row AS THEY DID (IF the decks are normal and truly random) are 1 in 16,000,000 (yes, 1 in sixteen million). My method may not be perfect and there isn't a perfect way to measure: however by analyzing the findings in 4 different methods still never yielded a result that was less than 1 in 7,650,000.

Make what you will of it, it doesn't bother me either way. But in reality, even if you don't like the concept of odds and think they're misleading (sometimes true!), the fact that 26 out of 26 stints all came up highly irregular in FAVOR of the dealer should say enough. Remember, statistically you're not supposed to make money in the long run, but by gauging just how egregious true outcomes unfold - you can tell a lot....


petetalk74 reviewed On 11/29/2012

Also the customer service is the best!

petetalk74 reviewed On 11/29/2012

I really enjoy Bovada when i first started this I year right away I won this year alone I collected four checks and they cleared that moment i put it threw the versateller. I admit I only play slots and there were times i lost money. However I found out a little trick that seams to be working dont enter any of the matching bonus codes to double your money the machines hit when you dont enter any bonus codes words of advice hope someone will take it. Does anyone have a dec bonus code?

iron_mike_houston reviewed On 11/04/2012

I requested a payout and got it about 2 months later. I'm not complaining it is just a fact of life. I don't need the money that fast so I can wait for a few months.

I see comments about how the game is rigged but I don't believe it. Bovada doesn't have to play for casinos or give pay drinks out and most people don't know how to gamble. Stay away from any slots and roulette.

Last week I put $200 in a casino account and Bovada matched me. The kicker is that I had to bet $16,000 to unfreeze the money. It took me about 6 hours betting $5 per blackjack hand before I was to unfreeze it and I had a total of $450.

This week I put in $100 and Bovada matched me (I had to bet $8,000) but I wasn't so lucky and went broke at the $2,000 mark

It is good entertainment and I don't believe there is any fixes. They shouldn't have to because there are enough suckers to lose money.

zdog156 reviewed On 10/10/2012

The roulette is rigged for sure. 0 and 00 pops up way more than it should. I repeatedly bet on both the bottom and top third, and the middle third came up 6 times in a row, an event with 0.07% chance. avoid them like the plague

pleasedwithbovada reviewed On 08/19/2012

I have been very pleased with Bovada. Their customer service is the bomb. I have received payouts as scheduled 99% of the time. If was late, then only by a few days. I have been playing with these guys for about 2 years now. Just recently on 8/16/12 I requested a payout and should be recieving it within 10 business days. Also requested a payout on 7/20/12, received check in mail on August 9, 2012, They said the check was going to take approx 25 business days but came much earlier. i know they are working very hard on getting payments out in a quicker time frame far as chech\k by courier. You guys might want to deposit through western union or money gram. I deposit through both and actually received money the same day or the next day. The time it is prolonged for a few days is if you cashed out on the weekend. Blackjack is just like playing in any live casino, You win some, You loose some. Actually won more online than land casino. I love Bovada. Good Luck Guys.

gamblinman reviewed On 06/27/2012

Just remember, Bovada states that it will take appromimately 25 BUSINESS days to receive your check by courier. That is 25 + 8 or 10. In other words, it will be over a month. And we know what "approximately" means in the automated response, runaround, lingo dictionary. Even though there are some couriers that deliver on Saturdays, that really doesn't matter. I guess the "Payout Team" gets the weekend off. What I love the most about Bovada is how fast they respond when you have trouble making a deposit. That email or phone call comes in an instant. Usually within 3 minutes. Their customer service is really on the ball when they are trying to take your money. If only the same dilligence could be shown by their "Payout Team".

Quote: "We've had to restructure with some or our partners to ensure more secure payments in the future, which has caused delays that is why we have adjusted the time frame to 25 business days. This time frame is just an estimate and it will not reflect the actual date that you will receive your package." ..."our payouts team is working profusely to ensure this situation does not occur in the future."

So for those of you considering Bovada, this is what you can expect. If you don't mind waiting a while for your payout, then Bovada is the place for you. I've been with their brand for quite some time, and frankly, it's time to go.

sport4654 reviewed On 06/16/2012

Well another chapter in cust. service.. It seems that someone has attempted to deliver my check. The only problem is I have no tracking #, and didn't know they were trying to deliver. Called bovada and they still don't have number, but I do., wow what a way to do business

gamblinman reviewed On 06/15/2012


It is worth driving to a nearby casino to get your slot or table fix, even if it is 3-4 hours away. Bovada will never admit to tightening up the slots, but they have done it. Maybe it has something to do with all of the recent website shutdowns, or just plain greed. I started playing at Bodog several years ago, and I enjoyed playing in their casino and sport and racing books. I played in the casino here and there, with the feeling that I might have a chance to win a little. After the Bodog to Bovada change, that feeling is long gone. DO NOT PLAY IN THE BOVADA CASINO! The odds are extremely stacked against you. They used to post several third party regulating certificates on their site. What happened to these? The certificate they have on there from the gaming commission is outdated and franky looks pretty shady. Get out, get some fresh air and exercise, and go to a live casino. It will also keep money in your local economy. And if you have any problems there, you can actually speak to somebody that has English as their first language. Oh, and you don't have to wait a month or longer to get paid. I'm still waiting on a payout from Blowvada.

JT reviewed On 06/13/2012


Suzisolar reviewed On 06/12/2012

DO NOT deposit money onto Bovada if you ever want to cash it out. I requested a payout April 27th and almost 2 months later I have not received my payout. Every time I call it's the same response: Just keep checking your messages for the tracking number. It says at the time of deposit it takes 15 days, well that turned into 25 days. Now that it's been over 25 days their response is just shut up and wait. I guess I am supposed to just blindly trust a guy in the Phillipeans telling me my check is coming.




sport4654 reviewed On 06/09/2012

As big as bovada cust. servive is, does anyone else think every complaint here is unresolved, because everything is true, so they don't answer questions

sport4654 reviewed On 06/09/2012

Just read the complaint of the man who has been waiting 45 days. What he has stated is 90% the same as my experience with Borvada. 4/3/12 i was approved for 3,000 payout. today 6/9 I still haven't recived anything but, corporate lines and lies. Acorrding to bovada, they will never research a non=payment, just trust them, that even thought they have mis-led and lied to you, you will get paid(but not guaranteed in your lifetime!) I think this Indian operation speak with a forked tongue!. People need to start contacting the parent corporation, and find out if their statements are mis-leading and false, and how they are the only business I ever heard of, who won't research a problem. The only difference is I confront each and every one, and have a listing of agents and so called supervisors. The manager has the best job, always off for the next 2 days, no matter what day of the week you called. Since this has started I have everything documented and recorded. Those of you in similar situations can contact me. Only by working together will we get results.

Galazar reviewed On 06/06/2012

Got to let people know what I'm dealing with. Bovada had sent me a couple checks in the past. Always here on the 15th bussiness day. Not anymore! Ive been waiting for 45 days. They told me 15, then 20, and then 25 bussiness days! Now they are making all kinds of excuses p, plus telling me that now there is no time frame now, but they promise me that I will get paid. BS! They say they have no manager everytime i call. They say they have never missed a payout in 15 years. Basically every thing they say is a lie! Cannot begin to tell you how dissapointed that I am! I don't expect to get paid anymore. They have lost all of my trust! Terrible customer service. It's very obvious that they won't be in bussiness much longer. You can't rip everyone off, and act like that's acceptable. I will never trust another online casino! Thanks Butfukvada reviewed On 06/01/2012

I cash out for 600.00 shortly after 2000.00 still no tracking 6/1/2012 lol should I be worried gino

lobuz1980 reviewed On 05/29/2012

HI those guys are not reliable at all.I never got my check and even tracking nothing.
I played and I wanna warn people before they loose money .

Randlpinkfloyd reviewed On 05/17/2012

You'd have to be a fool to play their online Roulette and Blackjack! I found out that the Bovada Casino was rigged early on an have managed to steer clear of table games they can manipulate. I used to play roulette and about 10 times I have experienced about 8 red or blacks in a row and a couple of instances of consecutive double 0. I still do play the sports book and find these problems with the Bovade experience. When depositing I am being overcharged by Bovada an average of 11-21 cents per the minimum $20 transaction on top of their 4.9% fee and the bank international transaction fee. They blame the bank the bank says it's the merchant and when I call Bovada to question their practices they play dumb as they did when I question the fairness of their table games and yes... Bovada is currently taking an average of 20 business days to payout. When I first joined Bovada coming from payouts were being completed in about a week and I was recommending people to their site. Bovada sports spreads are also over inflated (-140) when Vegas has something at (-120) and if the Spurs are -8 Bovada will surely have it at 8.5 and more often than not 9. Not enjoying the online gambling experience right now at Bovada.


Maverick reviewed On 05/15/2012

I too was quite frustrated with the payout time. I requested a payout of $1700 (my largest to date) on April 2. It finally arrived via regular mail on May 14th. They did notify me on May 3rd, that the check had been cut and was being mailed, since I have a PO box. Even though I am ahead on profit/loss, this experience has left a tarnish on the Bovada. I will probably save my money to play on land based casinos. It is nice to walk out with cash when you win. If you haven't received your money after 30 days, then start hounding them. The customer service improved at that point.

JT reviewed On 05/15/2012


chartexas reviewed On 05/02/2012

I won $1500 on April 13th. I asked them what the status was on this and they said it was not the 15th day and they would send me a tracking number. The also said just because they say 15 days does not mean that is when you will get it AND they told me to cash the chek at a check casing place or a smaller bank rather then my own. Now that I'm reading that some checks have bounced, I'm sure this will happen with me.
Never have had aproblem with any other casino getting my money. Normally its direct deposit into my account. So here I wait for a imaginary check and IF I do get it, more than likely will bounce.

royal13flush reviewed On 04/19/2012

I have enjoyed the little time I have played at this casino. I enjoy how they still have the single deck black jack and how fast the customer service responds to you. I now see why everyone always talks about this casino. I also easily worked my way from the $20 deposit up to around $80.00 on the blackjack table but then somehow as it always seems to happen I eventually lost it all. If you are looking for a great and trustworthy online gambling site and are located in the United States I would definitely direct you to this site. This is one of the few casinos that I find trustworthy available for online gamblers in the United States.
If I try to look for the downside of the casino I would have to say I feel as if when you bet on higher stakes the odds might not be as favorable for you as if you were betting on a lower stake. I didn’t really consider this at first as I thought that it might be just be all in my head however after seeing some of the reviews about this site around other places I might still think this has a possibility of being rigged when it comes to betting higher however I still remain skeptical but felt it was necessary to point that out there.
Another Con I find with the site is that it charges you a minor fee to deposit and I have never seen this before and find it silly and unnecessary. Now that I have criticized the site’s few problems I want to end on a strong note saying that I still feel this might be the best option for U.S. online gamblers so give it a shot if you are thinking about trying it out.

divxman reviewed On 04/14/2012

I recently got a good raise at work so I decided to do some fun gambling at Bovada. I started to realize how easy it is to make money at low stakes then as soon as it hits high stakes.. odds don't exist anymore, everything just goes the way of the house. Roulette is where I tested my theory. I started with $200 and built it up to $1000 and as soon as I started making large bets, I would get red 6 times in a row, or double zeros way too consistently. As i started to see what was happening I documented everything and invested $700 to figure all this out.. eventually I realized that during stakes where bets are $25 or less the odds seem fairly normal. Once you are betting $100 or more.. everything goes the way of the house by a whopping 88% fail rate. This means once you start betting high amounts.. you immediately lose money. Note I also tested this among time, if you are betting more than 25min straight, the odds go in favor of the house. I won't bore you with details but know that I have a masters in mathematics and used some of my knowledge to map out statistics which show that Bovada essentially will let you "win" while you bet fast during a short period of time, then suddenly the odds change to be roughly 88% in their favor until you lose all your money. Once you purchase more chips and enter a new table, your odds seem to reset, but I can't be sure by how much. Not sure what else resets the odds, but basically I quit playing Bovada because from the information i gathered, it has to be a calculated scam to make money of unsuspecting gamblers. Don't be another statistic.. DO NOT PLAY AT BOVADA. After seeing the shocking results of my testing, I completely support the government banning all online gambling, because if it's all like this, then it is a complete scam.

Maverick reviewed On 04/05/2012

I play Blackjack regularly on Bovada, and have had pretty good luck. Yes, it take a couple of weeks to get your checks, but I have never had one bounce. Remember that they shuffle the deck after every hand, and that you are getting 5x more hands dealt per hour than a live casino. No matter how you play, the house still has an advantage. I wish that I was able to cash out easier. This would probably cut down on losses. I still prefer a brick and mortar casino, but in between trips, Bovada works well.

jonalee reviewed On 03/13/2012

As a regular casino player, I understand that the house has the odds against you but playing a few hundred dollars here and I can tell you that these aren't normal odds. In black jack, I would lose at least 4 out of 5 hands, and in 3 hand poker, the dealer would always have either an ace or a pair in their hand! The games are rigged, don't trust this website. I can't believe I wasted so much money here, I played slow, I took risks, I chased bets (multiple times) thinking that my luck would change, but it never did. In Bavada, there is no such thing as luck, just a computed scam.

ikegolani reviewed On 03/11/2012

I had made a few deposits at Bovada, and almost one $500 till I got typical and chose not to cash out. You can only imagine what happened next :(

bav7623 reviewed On 03/10/2012

I cant say with real money but the blackjack is a rigged game and so is roulette. I will not risk real money here.

Cardinal reviewed On 03/04/2012

I have played at both casinos and cashed out and checks were good no problems with this at all

Time2Pay reviewed On 03/02/2012

Seems everyone has the same problems, they don't payout and when they do the check bounces. I have been waiting on a payout for over the 15 business days they tell you, going on a month now. I have contacted them and they give you some bs about sending a tracking number and it is being processed blah blah blah. I fully expect when I finally do get a check it will bounce like everyone else says.

I googled and this was the highest rated site that came up after the search, wish i had done more research before depositing money with these guys. Don't make the mistake I made and play here, find another site. If they do finally send me my funds, I will update this post however I could not recommend Bovada.

redstorm reviewed On 02/07/2012

They sure do hype it up make it sound real good to play there but honestly the b for bovads stands for bullshit. I find it fucked up and pretty pretty shameless on their part that you can play for fun and win and win jackpot jackpot big money but is soon as you deposit your own money but were not talking about 50 dollars r e I were talking a couple 100 dollars in a few hours you cannot win anything I'm honestly very disappointed an online gaming of programs and the way these people conduct themself.
nsa oh mister red storm it's at all based on a computer software you must be having bad luck I can walk into an indian casino california and not have this bad of luck. new potential users I would stay away save your money take a bus to a real casino and at least you know you you're sitting here looking at a machine you know you lost to it you're not looking at a computer lit thinking these fuckers just rip me off

4for4 reviewed On 01/08/2012

As a US player, I was just happy to find a place that actually accepted me with a real deposit option. It hasn't been easy for a while (finding legit sites). They have all the same games I'm used to though I wouldn't mind seeing some additional games. I was able to make two payouts and received the first (check) within a couple weeks no problem. They do charge $50 for more then one payout in a 30 day period. Since check is the only option for a US player, this kinda sucks but no different then Bodog was in the past. Overall, I will be playing at this site unless something unusual happens.

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Casino Review

Bovada Casino is an online casino derived from Bodog Casino, one of the largest brands in the Internet gaming world. They were founded after a corporate decision to give US players a separate establishment with the same proprietary games from the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. Bovada Casino holds a license from the jurisdiction of Kahnawake and gladly accepts American players.


Bovada Casino features proprietary games that are also featured on their sister casino, Bodog. Some have been derived from Real Time Gaming software, but an increasing number of the games are completely original. Their library of video slots boasts over 20 titles, with the most popular games including Reel Blood, Witches & Wizard, and Cleopatra's Gold. However, those looking for a classic-style game are limited to a much smaller variety.

Those who enjoy table games have plenty to do at Bovada Casino. They currently offer 4 different blackjack games, 2 variants of roulette, as well as craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let 'Em Ride, baccarat, Three Card Rummy, and others. Each game uses top-notch graphics and can be played with virtually any size of bet.

Video poker players have plenty to enjoy at Bovada Casino as well. They offer a total of 17 different video poker variants to appease any type of video poker lover. Whether you're interested in traditional variations like Jacks or Better and Joker Poker or are looking for more extreme games such as Bonus Deuces Wild, Bovada Casino will likely have what you want. Unfortunately their multi-hand video poker selection is limited, however.


Since its inception, Bovada Casino has maintained the same level of customer support that made the Bodog brand so successful. Players with any type of issue may contact the support department 24/7 through the online live chat feature. With just a single click, you can get in touch with a representative in a matter of seconds. Bovada Casino also accepts inquiries through an online contact form, where players will get a response via email within a few hours in most cases. If you'd prefer to speak over the phone, Bovada may also be reached via a toll-free US telephone number.

Security and Fairness

The Internet can be a dangerous place, so Bovada Casino has put into place several protocols to make their players completely secure. First and foremost, the transmission of any personal or sensitive data is safeguarded with 128-bit SSL encryption, which prevents anyone from accessing your information. Bovada Casino's privacy policy also guarantees that they will never sell or give out your information to any third parties.

Genuine randomness should be something that all online casinos offer. Although Bovada Casino has apparently given sufficient proof to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, they do not currently have any third-party audit seals posted on their website. Nonetheless, these are the same games that have been verified at the Bodog website, and we have no doubt that they are fair.


  • Large number of proprietary slots, table games, and video pokers
  • Derived from the famous Bodog brand
  • US players accepted
  • 24/7 support via live chat, email contact form, and toll-free US phone
  • Protected with 128-bit SSL encryption


  • Very few classic reel games and multi-hand video pokers
  • No third-party randomness audit seals on the website


Official Website:

Language: English

Deposit Methods: MasterCard, Money Transfer, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron

Currency: US Dollars

Restricted Countries: Canada

Software: Betsoft, Real Time Gaming

Return to Player: 97.74%

Established: 2011

License: Kahnawake

Casino Type: Download & Instant Play

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: Cheque, Fast Bank Transfer

Withdrawal Limits: 3000 USD per cheque

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - N/A;Credit/Debit cards - N/A;Bank transfers - 5-10 days;Cheques - 7-28 days

Pending Time: 48-72 hours

Allow Manual Flushing: No

Contact Bovada Casino

Owner: Morris Mohawk Gaming Group

Email: Support Mail Casino

Live Chat Support: Yes

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