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7.1 / 10

Based on Casino Facts (6.8) and Players Complaints (7.8)

Review updated 6 days ago.
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€500 Limited for 1h Blackjack Ballroom Casino Bonus code not required
Wager not specified

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Reviews from our community

aemakgol reviewed On 02/16/2014

Good day to all members. Blackjack ballroom provides to us (gamblers) opportunity to play microgaming games, and it is also a part of casino rewards group ( here i should write once again that it is very nice group, it is safe, but it is sent out a lot of spam. The reason why i write this in every review is simple, probably random gamblers does not read all reviews, and just open reviews for this casino, so i trying to provide as much info in my every reviews, as i can, so do not blame for this, please :D ).
Blackjack ballroom casino is prettty same same as casino classic, and few other casino rewards brands. Same welcome offer - freeplay bonus, and no straight match bonus. This is really shame, i believe this is not hard to make just usual bonus for people like me, who did not like to play such freeplays... But casino rewards probably have another thoughts about this, so of course we can not change this and should just accept what we had. By the way, if someone did not understand what is it freeplay bonus, i try to describe, you get 500$ free money, for one hour, and for example you win from it 600$. So you stop playing, and you eligible for your 100$ winnings as a bonus chips, deposit 20$ play with 120$. But sometimes they change the rules, etc, so be careful. I did not have much knowledge about this, because i rare took them.
My playing at blackjack ballroom casino was fast like lightning, i made straight deposit of 40$ without any bonus, and go to roullete, where i lost all my 40$ in 5 minutes :D What a shame, after this i just uninstall this casino and forget about this :D
Blackjack ballroom casino is a very nice casino, you can trust it and you can play in it without any problems.

bohemasoso reviewed On 01/21/2014

Hello, to all members and friends.
Here is my next review from the Blackjack Ballroom Casino.
Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a part of Casino Rewards group,powered by Microgaming casino software.
They have a free play offer for one hour with 500 free.You should bet 20 times before the time runs out, and must win over the initial 500.
You can receive maximum 100 like a bonus money.If done earlier, you can quit the game and get your winnings without having to wait for an hour.
So i decided to take a shot with this casino. I downloaded the software and made a registration. First thing that you can see at the casino lobby is the free game option.
Just press the button start free play and the time start to run.For twenty minutes maybe i have made more than 1000 bucks, and i press quit early button to collect my winnings.(which is can't be more than 100).
Back in the casino lobby and made my deposit of 20$ which is the minimum to get the 100$ bonus. i wait more than a half hour to receive the bonus, and start playing with 120$
First i try Thunderstruck 2 video slot. This is 243 slot game with wilds and free spins,generally very good winnings opportunities.
Start with 0.90 per spin and i hit three scatters (free spins) few times for a 30-40 minutes. I won from this game about 150$-160$ for a little bit more then hour.
So I changed a few games for a few hours and I already had in the account 650$.But i still have to do the wagering requirements.
And for that reason i raised the bets to 3$ per spin. I have do the wagering, but i lost almost half of my money.
Decided to try to withdraw my winnings which is 300$. And after three days the money was in my Neteller account.
So far i am happy with this casino , i have made several deposits there and i have two withdrawalss. Probably i will keep playing there.

Keagoboi reviewed On 12/10/2013

BlackJack Ballroom Online Casino Review

I started playing at BJB back in 2007, I have always been loyal to this casino with good reason, the rewards program is unmatched in my opinion. I am always impressed with the look and feel of the games, much smoother feeling then competitor casinos of another brand ( Non Microgaming ). BJB casino has reasonable payout times, and actually have a reputation that pays out to its patrons. My first expereice with this casino I deposited $20.00, played some Wheels of Wealth for about 25 minutes at one cent bets, max bets and I cashed out after 4 hours of play, $4,000. Mailed to me in 2 weeks ( back then they didnt direct deposit I dont believe ).

Just yesterday ( December 2013 ) I played another 20 dollars and cashed out $500. for about 2 hours of play on random games.

I am up 3960.00 at BJB casino. I would like to say it is really the top of the pack for being trustworthy and fun.

mpane80 reviewed On 10/29/2013

Hello to all the gamblers.After receiving about 200 email to my various emails addresses ,i have 5 or 6 different emails and i dont know how but i was receiving them at each email a promotion for Blackjack ballroom casino you are a winner of 500 euros or something like that, i thought to give it a try,I didnt use their promotion for 500 euros i just deposited 40 euros from my hard working money.The first slot i try was hit man a 15 line with multiple bonuses,if the slot be nice with you you can win good money.after playing for while i decided to change slot i had some good spins at hit man and a lot of bad spins i was around to the same money ,i try the slot adventure palace a 9 line slot if you hit 3 slots or more you win 15 free spins multiple 3 times each win not much luck either my balance was around 25 euros and this time i try another 9 line slot break the bank i dont really like that slot but the previous 2 times i won at casino rewards was with break the bank slot ,if you hit 3 scatters you win 15 free spins 4 scatters 20 free spins and 5 scatters 25 free spins each win during free spins multiple 5 times .well no luck their too,i was left with 10 euros only at my balance and i lost all to another 9 slot game agent Jane blonde,well that was my experience with blackjack ballroom casino,the only 2 times i won at a casinos of rewards group i was winning all the games i played but usually i am not winning at any of them.well if i had to rate this casino i would have given it support 7/10 bonuses 4/10 cash outs i dont know lol,well i dont know if i will ever play to this casino in my opinion their are much better ones ,i mean bonuses and fast cash outs usually at casino rewards is 2-3 pending days they say,one time my withdrawal was pendeng for 7-8 days ,good luck to all the gamblers.Review Arestis 80:).

szirtisas reviewed On 07/18/2013

Hello here is my next review from the Blackjack Ballroom Casino:
I decided to play here because they offer the free play promotion what I like really, also they are members of the casino rewards affiliate group so the totally trustable. The free play bonus is was the same like some other cr casinos, 500 euro with 60 minutes, and the max collectable bonus is 100 euro, they credits the player account when they make a minimum deposit from 20 euro, and the wagering requirements was the same 30 times.
I installed them and after I logged in I started my free play session in a new internet explorer tab, unfortunately my IE is crashes a few time so I needed to install a newer version from it. After I successfully installed it I was able to play smoothly, first time I almost lost my bonus credits without winnings but I started over the promotion until I was able to take the max bonus.
When I finished my game play I went to the banking page and deposited 20 euro via by my neteller account. I get my money immediately, then I started to browse the slots because I really wanted to try a new one not my usually slots. So I found the Gold Factory machine with 0.5 euro minimum bet.
I had 120 euro so I played higher bets like 1-2 €. I didn’t won on that slot so I went back to my favourites when I went down to 70 euro. I was choose the Alaskan Fishing on 1.2 euro stakes,
that was a little bit better but when I wagered my money I only had 20 euro but I didn’t want to cash out the same money what I deposited, so I went to the bars and stripes slot and began to play with half euro bets. I was close to the cash out but I lost my money, but I enjoyed it and didn’t sad even I can’t withdraw from them.
Thank you!

Sup3rma17 reviewed On 06/06/2013

Blackjack Ballroom. How did they name this casino? Do they really have a ballroom for dancing or did they think up two words to make a neat combination. I really like this place especially with the new improvements they have on their website. Their old website was awful. No winners page, jackpots, it was all just basic materials slathered into one website. Now with everything basic turned into something more advanced I could finally play at a good looking casino. When I went for Blackjack Ballroom it was typically a rainy day occupied with some lightning. I remembered because it was one day away from my brother's birthday. I was having a horrible day trying to make ends meet with personal stuff like bills. I had $50 so I was willing to risk $20 to see if lady luck would gather me something helpful. I took Blackjack Ballrooms $500 free play offer I got in the mail. A CD & letter were enclosed. It was much expected from Casino Rewards offering me welcome bonuses I haven't already used up before. Once again the CD wasn't needed to make the download so I just went on their homepage. No matter how many times I played with Casino Rewards it is always interesting and easy to the last! A $20 deposit for $100 giving me $120! I opened Jacks or better 10 hands after the freeplay playing for $5 each. For around a total of 28 hands winning 6 hands and losing with the majority of hands played getting greedy on the double feature each time I was left with $10.14. I used my final try, placed my $10 bet and miraculously I won big!!! Now I wasn't entirely happy but it helped me very much to continue my journey to wager the bonus. There was part of a Royal Flush in preflop when I dealt the hand. Queen, King and a 10 of Clubs showed. I dealt the hand leaning in suspense of something huge and right there the Royal flush gave me hope! Exactly $800 updated my balance! The unhappy side is I was still stuck with wagering requirements so not much of a happy ending there. I proceeded slowly on a bunch of video slots with my $800.14 making larger bets possible while steadily making sure I don't make any mistakes. Being greedy, staying on video slots to witness their shortcomings and not betting enough to make a difference are the mistakes I refrained! One slot I avoided was King Cashalot. Not a lot of feedback on this slot for max bet. It must be better at a different time. Who knows? Burning Desire, Mega Moolah, Gold Factory and Gladiator were on Fire! The type of fire (heat) from eating a whole chili pepper or hotter and you need to extinguish it with water. Gladiator was not bad with the 100 Free spins even though a multiplier wasn't present. Anyways my $2 triggering bet made the biggest different when it came to results on this slot. I played my rounds in days and cleared my wagering in 5 days. The mistress of luck teased me at the beginning until she changed everything around. $608 was in my mail in just a week...after the weekend...on a Monday! I didn't need support because I knew my way around the Casino Rewards network. Every Microgaming casino on here are the same, except maybe the experiences and results. A great deal has been spent here! Lady Luck made a fool out of me and later made me special. Maybe you can too!

scyan reviewed On 05/28/2013

If I remember correctly BLACKJACK BALLROOM casino is one of the partners in the casino rewards group.

I had received an invite to BlackJack Ballroom casino via casino rewards because I had already registered with the Captain Cooks Casino.

It was one of those plays. Where a player gets to play for 60mins on their online casino, which is very nice as you don’t need to download the software to play the free play offered.

The instant play free play mode unfortunately does not have all the games offered by the Microgamming platform group. It has just a few of the basic slots like Tomb Raider and Cashapillar.

But of course, this in turns leads you to install the Microgamming platform. From there you are able to participate in the tournaments offered and play ALL the various games that it has to offer.

I found been part of the Rewards group quite “rewarding.” Actually, before my country became restricted from playing in Blackjack Ballroom. I managed to redeem some of my points if you could call it that in the casino that I was currently depositing in.

You cannot redeem the rewards into a partner of these rewards group. If, you have not yet deposited into the casino that you want to redeem the rewards with. So please remember that.

The number that Black Jack Ballroom is rated 7.1/10 on the site. So that does let you know exactly that! That Blackjack Ballroom casino can be trusted and is a recommended Microgamming casino.
If you are able to play in the Microgamming platforms – I suggest you try BlackJack Ballroom casino. It is most definitely worth the rewards you can benefit from while participating in the Casino Rewards group.

Sometimes I think I should relocate myself to another continent – just so I can play in a Microgamming platform like Blackjack Ballroom casino.

Mahamedau reviewed On 03/31/2013

Hello, i registered at this casino because that i got email that i have freeplay offer. Actually, i love freeplay bonuses, because it is not no deposit bonus, but you actually will receive something nice, and it will be huge deposit bonus with no max cashout. Ok, i use freeplay bonus, and got 500% bonus on deposit up to 100$. Of course this is a delicious offer, and best way to use it deposit 20$ and play with 120$ what i do. Okay, i start with such nice balance, but a lot of wager, what game to choose? Of course i decide to play break da bank again, and again they break my bank, and with 70$ i left this slot. I really do not know why i can not win anything decent in this slot guys, i trying almost every deposit at microgaming casinos, but always it sucked my money. Damn. Ok, after it i goes to Tomb raider slot, play it a bit, after it i go to ladies nite slot, i like it because it have only 9 lines and payouts if you hit something are really nice, expesially in freespins. So after ladies nite i switch to santa wild ride, than some another slots, and lost all finally. After it i decided to made another 50$ deposit, do not take any bonus, and play blackjack. Okay, live support help me cancel bonus, and i have 50$ to play blackjack. I am start with 5$ per hand, but soon when my balance grows to 150$ i start betting 30$ per hand, like idiot, like always. I do not know why i am betting in blackjack so high, really. Anyway, i lost this 50$ another deposit in probably 20 mins, and that was painful...But this happens and i can not do anything with it.
So, my marks for blackjack ballroom casino:
Software: 9/10
Support: 9/10 as a casino rewards support
Bonuses: 9/10
Cashouts: do no test
Total: 9/10 i like this casino, and as a part of casino rewards group you can trust it and play without any risk.

Icymod reviewed On 02/14/2013

Another casino that's part of the Casino Rewards family would be Blackjack Ballroom. My first impression on this casino would be okay but Blackjack Ballroom casino could use much more work on their casino as it is way too simple unlike Vegas Palms or Platinum Play! With Vegas Palms or Platinum Play they show you all the current progressive jackpots, their latest games, their latest winners rolling down the list and their new games. They even went as far as to change their background to Battlestar Galactica! For my experience I went to Blackjack Ballroom casino only to play with their $500 Freeplay offer. If you win over the initial $500 after placing 20 bets within the said time limit (1 hour) you will win a maximum of $100 to play on their main casino. In other words, it is an advantage for new players! In order for people such as myself to claim this offer after winning the maximum $100 from the freeplay you will need to deposit a minimum of $20 to have the $100 freeplay winnings into your casino account for a total of $100 + $20 deposit = $120 to play with. I myself gladly enjoyed playing on this casino however because I enjoyed using their offer to my advantage! I played on Blackjack and Bonus Poker (Video poker) for about 30 minutes at the same time (On two different Tabs) to increase my bankroll and slightly have a fraction of my wagering requirements shaven off. As it turns out it's working and I even won an addition $210.95 playing on both because on Video Poker as I pressed the Deal button it instantly dealt me a Full House on Flop with a $25 bet. And as for Blackjack I was only playing $5 a bet winning and losing at the same time within my 30 minutes of gaming. The great thing about Microgaming's Video Pokers is their Double feature is very addictive! Now that I have alot more added to my bankroll I figured why not use these on Video Slots to really shave a chunk off of my Wagering requirements. Instead of playing on just one video slot I decided to play two at the same time!!! One game is Isis and the other is Wheel of Wealth - Special Edition. On Isis it took a long while before it showered me it's gold but with Wheel of Wealth it gave me frequently small but reasonable wins plus it gave me 2 Wheel of Wealth bonuses (triggered when 3 Bonus wheels land on an active payline in an adjacent leftmost fashion) The first trigger was not what I had in mind ( I had to click on one of the wheels to see if it is a prize amount or a WOW which is the bonus) and on the second trigger it gave me A WOW. Just before I spun the Wheel of Wealth I had wished it landed on the 1000 which is the highest valued silver coloured slab on the wheel. As it spun, I said to myself "land on the 1000, land on the 1000, land on the 1000) and you know what happened? It came true as the arrow landed on the 1000 coin slab. I gained a total of $415.25 from all my work wagering on a bunch of selected varieties!! Of course to celebrate I drank some beer as I initiated my withdrawal request. It didn't take long to find my winnings in the mail, about 3 weeks! My final words: if you have a good feeling or intuition about something go for it!!!

My ratings for this casino are:

Support: 9.5/10
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Deposits: 10/10
Withdrawals: 8/10
Payouts: 9/10

ValDes reviewed On 05/03/2012

Blackjack Ballroom casino is a member of the Casino Rewards group. It is using the Microgaming platform which is well known across the gambling community and is simply the best according to the most of the players, including me! I was attracted by the welcome offer of this casino which is an hour of free play with 500 credits. I looked for their bonus terms and conditions and I was rather surprised when I have read them. It is really rare to meat a casino with such well written and understandable terms and conditions. Most of the casinos write them in a such a way that the ordinary player cannot understand everything and we all know how important is to know everything about the bonuses we use, right? So, I used the free hour promotion which gives you the opportunity to win up to 100 credits and to transfer them into your real account in exchange of a single deposit for at least 20 credits. Or in other words this is a 500% match bonus for a deposit of 20. Nice! Very, very nice. Another good thing about this promo is that of you lose, there is a button called Losing?Try again and if you hit it the free play hour and credits start over again! SO I managed to win 100 credits after the third attempt and after 1 hour they were credited to my bonus account! I have enjoyed much there with my favorite Microgaming slots and eventually I even managed to clear all my bonus wagering requirements and cashed out 200$. Not a bad work for a couple of days, right? What I do not like about ut was the long pending period – 48 hours which is not very competitive, nut bearing in mind that this gaming platform is one of the safest it is worth waiting!
So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 9/10
Software: 10/10
Security: 9/10
Finance: 8/10
Bonuses: 5/10
Terms&Conditions: 7/10

Overall: One of the best Microgaming based casinos!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!

FAZIII1 reviewed On 04/04/2012

Blackjack Ballrom Microgaming software casino from Casino rewards group . Im play in this place using freeplay promotions 500 free so few things how this work ? simple play over 20 spins to testing games win Over 100 stop freeplay if win over 100 $ in no luck then restart freeplay . nad try again win over 100 Now deposit 20 and we have bonus 100 for 20 deposit . So im started play with 120 $ now looking terms hmm wager x 30 bonus in slot ok

A little big but bonus was olso big ok - But in terms is few traps - Dont use Gambling options - ok dont single spin more then 15% bonus amount ok but Dont use Autoplay options hmmm this is big trap when player play with this bonus and must do a lot spins to make wager. So im play after make wager ( this was not easy but is possible ) im do cashauts reverse time was probably 48 h dont remeber next documents standart copy documents id fax bilings. and withdrawal recived after few days.

They have good support but support dont tell you all rulez if player play with bonus then player must find all rulez and read cerfulyy all terms and conditions promotions whos alredy used. Abut progres wagering with bonus - this is show in casino after your check you money you see real money and bonus when you starts you have 120 but when you click in 120 you see 100 bonus and 20 real cash . When you play some time and check again this you see 90 or 80 bonus and some real cash and you can check your progres in this place. More play and Bonus will be go down

Casino rewards have a lot casinos in group so you can always use your casino rewards points erned from deposit and from play more deposits- more play = more points . Ponts can be use in casino rewards lottery or can be reedem to Bonus money . But if you will be to often reedem bonus ponts to cash then casino blocked it.

Same things abaut Deposit promotions - if player will be use to often hight deposit promotions in a lot others casinos from one Casino rewards group then soon Casino rewards bloocked all Deposit bonus - and player cant use any deposit bonus. This was in my case now im cant use Deposit promotions only play with my money if im decided do deposit.

Not good for me but ok

Im like play in microgamings and im often in past play in a lot casinos from Casino rewards group but now when im cant use bonus im play in Microgamings but from other group No casino rewards.
Anyway Im thinks Blakacjak Ballrom is Good casino
they have

- very good deposit freeplay promotions 100 free after deposit 20
- Good support
- short veryficiations not problems to recived winnigs if player dont borke rulez.

I dont like in this place

-Hidden trap abaut deposit bonus terms - Autoplay options , gambling options
- Casino Politycy Blocked Deposit bonus for player who to often do withdrawal playing with bonus
- After they blocked Casino rewards points is very hard unlocked this points again - Im have over 200 e in this points but im cant use it becose is suspended for me and support always say you must do more deposit to be able to unlocked this points . But how many deposit not answers- Im do few deposit but after ask aagain abaut this still answers is same do more and more deposits ........ heh

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Casino Review

Blackjack Ballroom is an elegant online casino that offers a lot more than blackjack. Powered by Microgaming, they house one of the largest game selections around. As part of the Casino Rewards group, the casino is backed by years of professional service. They are licensed in the jurisdiction of Kahnawake. Unfortunately they are unable to offer games to US players at this time.


Those who love slots have plenty to do at Blackjack Ballroom. As a Microgaming casino, they offer one of the most diverse selections of online slot games you can find. Their immaculate assortment of video slots contain games that offer players plenty of high-quality animations and bonus rounds. Players can also enjoy three-reel slots and AWP games from within the same window.

If table games are your thing, Blackjack Ballroom offers dozens of possibilities. The blackjack and roulette variants alone cover more pages than most casinos' entire libraries. In addition, you can enjoy numerous dice games, as well as card games and table pokers, all complete with top-notch animation quality.

Blackjack Ballroom finishes their game library with video poker. It should come as no surprise that Microgaming, a major online casino software company, has such a diversified selection. Players can pick from three denominations: single-hand, multi-hand Power Poker, and multiplier-based Level Up Poker. Each of these denominations comes with a number of different variants, some of which you may have never seen elsewhere.


Blackjack Ballroom does an excellent job with customer service by our standards. This is largely because they offer live chat 24/7. With this technology, players can get the answers they need within minutes, if not seconds. Blackjack Ballroom also offers toll-free telephone access from a variety of countries, as well as an email address for those who prefer that method.

Security and Fairness

Safety on the Internet is a real issue, and Blackjack Ballroom addresses this concern well. Any personal or financial information you send to Blackjack Ballroom is safeguarded with 128-bit SSL encryption, a technology that makes it impossible for strangers to read your data. Once your information makes it to the Blackjack Ballroom server, it is protected with an industry standard firewall.

To ensure that players know their games are fair, Blackjack Ballroom has hired independent mathematicians at eCogra to test the fairness of their games. Their monthly reports can be seen by clicking the eCogra Safe & Fair link at the bottom of the casino page. The report will not only confirm that the games are fair, but also state the payout percentages for each type of game for the month before.


  • Huge library of Microgaming games
  • 24/7 support through live chat, email, and toll-free phone
  • 128-bit SSL encryption and firewall protection
  • Certified fair by eCogra


  • No US players accepted
  • Withdrawals subject to 48-hour pending period


Official Website:

Languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Deposit Methods: Abaqoos, Bank Wire Transfer, CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, eKonto, Entropay, EPS, Euteller, ewire, EZIPay, GiroPay, iDEAL, instaDebit, Kalibra Card, Maestro, MasterCard,, Multibanko, Neosurf, Neteller, Nordea, Paysafe Card, POLi, Postepay, Przelewy24, Skrill, Sofortuberwaisung, Swedbank, Ticket Premium, Trustly, u net, Ukash, UseMyFunds, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron

Exclusive Payment Partner:

Currencies: Canadian Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, US Dollars

Restricted Countries: Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, Federated States of, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar, Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain, South Africa, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

Software: Microgaming

Return to Player: 96.69%

Established: 2000

License: Kahnawake

Casino Type: Download

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, Direct Bank Transfer Casinos, eChecks, Entropay, EZIPay, Kalibra Card, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal, Postepay, Skrill, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron

Withdrawal Limits: 4000 USD per week for players who win a sum that is 5 times or more greater than their total purchases

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - 1-2 days;Credit/Debit cards - 2-5 days;Bank transfers - 3-7 days;Cheques - 14-28 days

Pending Time: 48 hours

Allow Manual Flushing: No

Contact Blackjack Ballroom Casino

Owner: Casino Reward Group

Email: Support

Live Chat Support: Yes

Canada Toll Free: 1 866 312 7466
Denmark Toll Free: +8088 45 74
Germany Toll Free: 0800 182 0567
Italy Toll Free: 800 871 068
Other Countries Toll Free: 1 888 942 7466
UK Toll Free: 0800 917 1545

Affiliate Program: Rewards Affiliates

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