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7.4 / 10

Based on Casino Facts (6.4) and Players Complaints (10.0)

Review updated 3 days ago.
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Black Lotus Casino Bonuses
$500 1st Deposit Bonus Black Lotus Casino Bonus code: BLC500
Wager: 40x
$500 Fridays Bonus Black Lotus Casino Bonus code: TGIF500
Wager: 40x

Black Lotus Casino Reviews from our community

priebnow reviewed 20 days ago

Black Lotus
i down loaded the casino and got fifty free spins ... which i thought would be fun and intresting...buit dis appointment came to me as i realized that i was only playing for one cent and one line ...i think i won a dollar ninety one now what kind of gaming expirence is that.... i am by no means the person that has lady luck on there I don't think that i will play here again cause the Slots are not fun in any case, and
the winnings are very bad..cant say i have seen anything like this before .
the Software is constructed bad and you have to search a lot for the games you want
play.i used the search tool but it really need such time to find the slot where i just
wanted to find in this Casino. Black Lotus can be very persistent on their emails
Why do people play there ?, free spins lure people in. My first impressions were good enough to think about returning to Black Lotus with much serious goal as they seemed a very decent place time will tell. At the end, still a good word for the online support which responded quite quickly to the questions that I had.

http://www.askgamble...9#leave-comment priebnow

priebnow reviewed 25 days ago

its hard to b able to right a review about black lotus when u get 50 free spins and it only pays .94 !!! how do u give a honest review with that!

teri01666 reviewed On 08/02/2013

here at black lotus casino i made my few deposits. seeing some were reasonable and quite decent. i used my welcome package very quickly. everything seems quite ok with this casino, sister casino to the lotus asia casino. they offer their loyal players ok matches ranging from 50% to 100% quite ok if you ask me. they even throw in a few times some emails of 500% match offers to try ne wgames which was excellent i took full advantage of these rate straight away! those were cool to have the 500% matches i was was so thrilled to have such longer gaming experience with them. they offered me this twice for their new games. wow such wonderful matches that offend.
once in a while they will text you messages also about free spins on your account and to use a certain code for them. the code was BLCMOB10 or something for 10 free to try on your mobile and for BLCFREE50 with invite code was for 50 free spins to try out with some free spins. it was awesome. i sure hope they continue to do so much for their depositing players and in the future im so sure the depositing players will do the same to them!
they do offer good things although i never cashed out yet a them both black lotus casino and lotus asis. i only just deposited with the so couldnt really say about their with draws yet. as a matter of fact ive been depositing at all be on soft casinos im vip at atlantis casino and treasure jackpots casino but i still never made only cash out yet. not even my own deposit to say how the process of cash out is. thats how i feel you never win enough on bet on soft software. yes i played high and low. maybe winning a little over 1500-1800 in my experience but as i continued to play the more it took back so to me over all my deposits thats not enough win for me to say cash out. untill its over 6000 then i will cash out. to say it will never happen so i donate to these casinos bet on soft casinos software whenever im bored. rank on this casino id say a 7 out of ten sinmply doesnt pay out enough to even consider a cashout. otherwise i would rank a 8 lol but ok its up to you to decide if this casino is really right for you. good luck folks and happy gaming!

Sup3rma17 reviewed On 07/26/2013

Black Lotus can be very persistent on their emails like an annoying cage of monkeys in a zoo making noises and sounds watching them for a relentless 20 minutes just for the entertainment and well...for the kids. Now to begin my story I once had a few deposits already placed about three in total from when I begun. The first deposit came for a minimum deposit matched with their 200% because I wanted to try out this casino plus admitting that the Betonsoft games do get me interested sometimes...okay on some occasions...there you happy I said that? They can't be very thrilling like the famous Microgaming slots known for it's high winnings and that's not all it even can come from video pokers too! The power to climb high is what I'm looking for and sadly Betonsoft slots don't deliver what Microgaming could! I wagered my entire bonus on one game called Legends of Olympia for $1 per spin for this 50 payline slot for an hour or two only to deduct everything to zero! My second deposit came at a larger deposit for $50 only to have it defeated once more on this same slot because I wanted to fight the odds once more! Sometimes it's hard to let go of a fight and by going at it again I didn't learn my lesson...until my third deposit. Finally my last deposit of $50 took a better toll removing myself from the harm that Legends of Olympia caused me and went for City of Gold on a $1 per spin giving me not only excitement but 4 digit winnings that were almost going very well for cycles. $19.50 on one spin then $40.80 10 spins later and bonuses inside were great! I wasn't into the free spins so I won't discuss that! The bonus was hard but worth it turning valves left or right after much collection of gold orbs to orient the flow of gold and gain richness from within! Once done with the ancient City of Gold I increased my funds further turning to Video pokers and Blackjack raising my balance to a nice $207 that made up for my first two failed deposits. (sighs) Luck once again screwed me over then rewarded me after 3 deposit attempts on this casino! Persistence can pay off at anytime judging by what I experienced! Occasionally nowadays Black Lotus sends Free spins on select slots while offering unusual bonuses that aren't considered worthwhile! I sometimes take them and at other times leave them be for they aren't worth using. I can give Black Lotus an 8.7 out of 10! The missing points were caused by support not being able to help me when I needed it!

paquito76 reviewed On 06/30/2013

One of my friends mentioned the Black Lotus casino and told me that how much he likes their tournaments and invited me to a friendly tournament competition. So I joined them but I was advised to create account in US dollar instead Euro because then I won't be able to participate in any event as they accept only $ as playing currency. They have a cool look Lobby screen but otherwise it's a typical BetOnSoft designed one. At the deposit I was a little bit surprised because the only available method for payment was credit card. I don't know why but I saw the other options there just they weren't activated to use for my account. I deposited only $20 knowing the fee of the tournaments is $10. We registered at the event named Manic Monday Slots tournament where 6 video slot games were allowed to play and the starting balance for all players were set at 1000 credits. We weren't too many as 22-25 players joined the contest. My first stop was with the Big Game where I played mostly with 40-60 credits per spin but quickly switched to the Lucky Leprechauns that I'm familiar with and like, but this time I wasn't favoured by fortune, though my balance was around 1300 at one point thanks to a rich fee spin play and other little winnings showed up with leprechaun wild symbols but eventually I was success to zeroed my balance just to accept my friend's sarcastic jokes. Meanwhile he played exclusively with Alpha Squad and finished the competition on the 2nd place with another player so the prize of the silver place ($120) was divided between them. There was nothing left to do just to congratulate him and asking a rematch hoping a chance for sweet revenge.
I lost a little money here but the enjoyable and fun time I spent at Black Lotus well worth it.
My first impression were good enough to think about returning to Black Lotus with much serious goal as they seemed a very decent place with some great slots and a very good blackjack table.

cristinaxx reviewed On 06/17/2013

Hello everyone! I do not know if you read my last reviews, but this is the second month I have decided to try one casino each day.
Well, today on my list of casinos I stumbled upon this casino: Black Lotus Casino. I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot. Plus, it has a grade of 7.3 on, which is not good, but not the worst either.
The casino’s games are powered by BetOnSoft. My favourite is Microgaming, for various reasons that I do not think need to be explained, since anyone that has little experience with casinos know what i am talking about.
The casino’s website is fine. At least it is very well structured so you can find any information fast. The casino can be played only online. The online version is anyway, in my opinion not very helpful, since it is not very comfortable and I always find myself having issues when playing this way. Plus, you can also play at this casino from your mobile device, which I think it is a must in our times.
The casino has a few promotions. The first one triples your money (up to 750) and the second one celebrates every Friday, which matches 100% the deposit.
I decided to deposit 30 euros. I got my 30 euros bonus and started playing some random slots. I found some that were really nice, and some that were not. Also, some slots paid well, while other did not. I played and played and finally got to 100 euros. I instantly clicked on withdraw. While i was doing it, I also contacted the support team to ask about how long it will take to get my money. They said 3 days, but it took 5 in fact.
The casino is fine, but nothing spectacular.
My ratings are as follows:
Software: 8/10 Bet On Soft
Bonuses 7/10
Cashouts: 5 days

Irine reviewed On 04/26/2013

Aloha players from askgamblers i would like to share my experienced here at Black Lotus Casino and based from my knowledge it is a sister casino of Asia lotus that i played before and i made a review about that casino. This casino is powered by Bet on soft software that's also i experienced their nice slots and good graphics like a five-reel video slots with special features, such as Perfect Date that i played recently :) Small Soldiers had a many featured bonus, Samba Spins and also Legends of Olympia thats the slot that i known because of their popularity :) They also had several classic slots like Piña Nevada, and Cash Pup it is like break da bank and exciting to play :)

IWhen i played here via askgamblers affiliate they offer me a no deposit bonus i think it is a free spin NDB, and I had some problem regarding to the slot that i can play because i find a slot that had more featured bonuses. That bonus that i received is needed a coupon or a code if iv'e not been mistaken i entered that corresponding code into the cashier page. When i claimed it i realized that the 25 free spins have a value of the bet of 1 cent played at a slot with 10 paylines Small Soldiers that the most disappointing moment. Because i won $1.24 on that free spin i am so dissapointed because it is like atlantis coupons that they gave everyday or occasionally. When i lost what i gained to that free spin i decided to deposit $30 and i decided to keep playing the previous games and wagering requirements the wagering requirement equation is 30 x 40 = 1200 and i had a total of $60 credits. When i finished playing thanks for the Small Soldiers featured bonuses because of that i achieved the goal to wager :) YoooHoooo!! and meet the wagering requirements 40x. The other games in the casino I have tested for virtual money. There are slots with extremely had a poor graphics but it is okay to play, the credits that left is $99.2 thats okay i am not greedy to played that money because i want to get their other special offers so i decided to cashout and they need my documents it takes 2 days to be verified and 1 day when i received my payment via neteller e wallet.

I rated this casino 7.5/10 over all including their withdrawal but i like the most is their sister casino Asia lotus.

chriskay reviewed On 03/10/2013

Black Lotus is an Bet On Soft Casino and i should really take Attention about the words
which a friend gave me on my way, before i wanted to play there.Now i just know why to
not playing here at the Slot machines, cause the percentage of winnings are not really
high in here.
The slots are really mad and I hadn't win there much Coins in frees pins or Bonus rounds,
that i had get while i was spinning the Slots. The bonus rounds have low Winnings in any
case and I Hadn't have a big win or fun .
I have deposited there one time and i only can recommend that the slots are very bad and
not interesting for my opinion.
First i tried the slot machines "Legends of Olympia" and "Samba Spins" cause i was really
interested in this Machines, they had waken up something in me but it was a Really big
Horror Show to play on this slots and i really freaked out.No one winning, no one good
Bonus round , and the animations from this slots are really Kindly Comic style generated.
Where is the fun i don't know, there are no Animations and not really good sounds. Which
is not rating up my fun lvl .
I played the most time Blackjack Roulette or in the Live casino section.I Do not have
taken any no deposit bonuses. I made a little deposit from 20 euro and dont had the luck
in any case. I can remember that the Software blackjack had hardly abuse my money and i
hadn't really much luck or winnings here. I think the Black jack software would be hardly
use a special algorythm style. What ever.
I don't think that i will play here again cause the Slots don't make fun in any case, and
the winnings are truly mad.. Never seen anything like this before .
the Software is constructed bad and you have to search a lot for the games you wanna
play.Or i used the search tool but it really need such time to find the slot where i just
wanted to find in this Casino.
Why do people play there ?, I don't Know but I Know that this is a really non serious Casino
without any good winnings . I Can give the Black Lotus only a little Point to the
Customer Support, which is friendly and always there to answer your Questions.
About the deposit bonuses and the wagering i don't want to talk about , but ones you have
to know.
The wager time is unexpected High . And it could be if you play with bonus money that you
wont do finish this wagering .

valentin68 reviewed On 02/23/2013

Black Lotus Casino is the second casino built on the gaming platform BetOnSoft that I get to play into. I remember that about 4 months ago I had the first opportunity to play in such a casino and I was very disappointed with the overall look and the general low quality of the games of this gaming platform. I chose this casino because of the 25 free spins promotion that was advertised on the AskGamblers pages. As soon as I registered into and entered the casino lobby I remembered the questionable quality of its slots. I stop here a bit to say a word about the general appearance of the casino for a new player at the first view. Navigating between different games is very difficult and the games are presented one after another not even grouped by category. It took me more than 5 minutes, and I had serious trouble to locate the only available slot to play the bonus. This bonus I received without problems after entering the corresponding code into the cashier page. But just as in the previous casino, I realized that the 25 free spins have a value of the bet of 1 cent played at a slot with 10 paylines (Small Soldiers). Like how much you want to win if you play for 2.5 USD? I have gained about 5 USD (probably I was lucky) and I decided to keep playing until I finish the money or I meet the wagering requirements (40x). Of course I had bad luck and I finished all the money I previously won in just 10 spins. The other games in the casino I have tested for virtual money. There are slots with extreme poor graphics (see Tails of New York), and slots having acceptable graphics (see Arcadia 3D) but all slots have very small gains and are very hard to follow. In terms of other categories games their graphics are a bit better, but the overall look of somewhat poor games remains. As an example, at Blackjack and ThreeCards poker the dealer moves very slow.
At the end, still a good word for the online support which responded quite quickly to the questions that I had.
So a casino that I am inclined to categorize in the poor casinos category without much appeal ses and without too many promotions available.

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Casino Review

Black Lotus Casino is a sleek online casino with both downloadable and instant-play capabilities. It is powered by BetOnSoft, an online gambling platform with years of experience in the industry. The casino holds an online gaming license from the jurisdiction of Curacao. Black Lotus Casino gladly welcomes players from the United States and most other countries in the world.


The Black Lotus Casino game library is filled with the entire catalog of BetOnSoft slots. This includes a growing number of five-reel video slots with special features, such as Perfect Date, Small Soldiers, Arcadia i3D, Samba Spins, and Legends of Olympia. The casino also offers several classic slots, including Piña Nevada, Stars 'N Stripes, and Cash Pup. Whole game collection offers you more than 125 games.

The selection of table games at Black Lotus Casino is very diverse. Players can enjoy a leisurely game of American or European roulette with a wide range of bet sizes. Several different blackjack games are available as well, from Atlantic City Blackjack to Vegas Strip Blackjack. Other games include Vegas Craps, 3 Card Poker, and numerous types of baccarat.

We're impressed with the number of video poker variants at Black Lotus Casino. The casino features a wide range of both single-hand and multi-hand games, ranging from Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild to Triple Double Bonus Poker and Rocket Jacks with a progressive jackpot. The superb graphics and double-or-nothing feature really set Black Lotus Casino's video poker apart from the rest.


If you have an issue that needs attention, you can get in touch with a Black Lotus Casino representative at any hour of the day through their live chat service. Just click on the live chat banner on the casino website or lobby to connect with a customer service representative within seconds. This system is the most efficient one currently available, which indicates that Black Lotus Casino makes customer service a priority.

Players can also call the casino using one of its four phone numbers (US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong), or send an email to their support address.

Security and Fairness

The Black Lotus Casino network is protected with all the necessary security measures. This includes SSL encryption, a technology used to protect your password, personal information, credit card data, and other sensitive details. It works by obscuring your information as it travels to their servers, ensuring that no one can read it.

The BetOnSoft platform used at Black Lotus Casino has been proven fair by iTech Labs, which granted casino with RNG Certificate.


  • Downloadable, Instant Play & Mobile Browser Based Online Casino
  • US players accepted
  • Large selection of all types of games from BetOnSoft
  • Live chat service available 24/7, along with phone and email support
  • Secured with SSL encryption
  • Proven fair by iTech Labs


  • Phone support only available for residents of the US, Canada, Australia, or Hong Kong


Official Website:

Language: English

Deposit Methods: ClickandBuy, EcoPayz, Fast Bank Transfer, Fast Wire, GiroPay, iDEAL, MyCitadel, Paysafe Card, Ukash, UseMyBank, Visa, Visa Electron

Currencies: Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, US Dollars

Restricted Countries: Poland, South Africa

Software: BetOnSoft

Established: 2012

License: Curacao

Casino Type: Download & Instant Play

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, ClickandBuy, ECO Card, MyCitadel, Paysafe Card, Ukash, Visa, Visa Electron

Withdrawal Limits: 5000 USD per week

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - 2-3 days;Credit/Debit cards - 2-5 days;Bank transfers - 3-7 days;Cheques - 14-28 days

Pending Time: 2 days

Allow Manual Flushing: No

Contact Black Lotus Casino

Owner: Taj Asia Enterprises N.V. Casinos

Email: Support Mail

Live Chat Support: Yes

Support Phone Australia: 1800099446
Support Phone Canada: 18778112603
Support Phone Hong Kong: 800901707
Support Phone USA: 8664036954
UK Toll Free: 08081696520

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