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Casino Review

Casino Review

Bet365 Casino was established in mid 2001 as part of the complete online gaming offerings from Bet365 Group, which include Bet365 Sports, Poker, Casino, Bingo and Skill Games. One of the most alluring aspects of Bet365 is the ability to sign up and fund a single account, granting access to all venues of the Online Gambling operator. Bet365 Casino is powered by Playtech, a leading developer of online casino software, but there is no download version on the roster. Players will be able to join in the game instantly via the Flash Casino only. There are more than 150 games to choose from, including the extremely popular Live Dealer games (Live Dealer Blackjack, Live Dealer Baccarat, Live Dealer Roulette and Live Dealer Sic Bo.)

Casino Software

Playtech Casinos is the catalyst for Bet365 Casino’s favorable success, giving players access to more than 130 exciting casino-style games with aesthetic graphics and realistic sound effects. The Online Casino does not presents a downloadable version of their software, in addition to an Instant-Play Flash Casino for all users. The downloadable casino is obviously the most preferred, placing 130 exciting online casino games all in one great place, on your computer's desktop. While the Flash is compatible with all major operating systems, the graphics don’t quite compare with that of the downloadable casino platform.

Casino Games

Bet365 Casino gives players a full range of Online Casino Games to choose from, including a wide variety of Table Games, Arcades, Online Slots, Video Poker and several Live Dealer choices. Once you've downloaded the casino software, you'll have access to the Live Dealer Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Sic Bo games that are incredibly popular, due in part to the fact that they carry their own promotional campaigns. Aside from the Live Dealer games and the occasional Progressive Jackpots, all other varieties can be played for free or for real money.

Bonus codes

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Welcome Bonus
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Bonus: 100%
Min. Deposit: €10
W.R: 20x(d+b)
Cashable: Yes

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High Roller Bonus
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Bonus: 50%
Min. Deposit: €200
W.R: 30x(d+b)
Cashable: Yes

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Match Deposit Bonus
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Bonus: 200%
Min. Deposit: €10
W.R: 30x(d+b)
Cashable: Yes

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Casino complaints

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Hello - yesterday I made a withdrawal at bet365 (Bookie and Casino) After fullfilling my wager Requirements, i wanted to withdraw 195,75 Euro. I ...

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I have a huge complaint. My funds are in canadian dollars. Yet when I say put 40 from my visa they charge 45. Yet on payment I dont get any extra. ...

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I had a very bad experience with this casino. They never bother about age confirmation when I deposited, but when I tried to withdrawl, they made all ...

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Players reviews

reviewed on 07/20/2014

Bet 365 is one of the worldknown casinos. Advertisements for this casino are mostly on every web page on the internet so that is probably the reason why this casino has gripped the attention of many. Ofcourse it had my attention too. Many games provide unforgettable time and thanks to this you will never be bored. It didn't take long for me to register, and I'm almost certain that after you see what it has to offer you will register too.

Primarily I have started with slot games because I have always played them in every online casino, but never hit the jackpot so I started playing other games too. So this is the first casino where I have played blackjack, bingo and so on. I was not nearly disappointed. Although now I spend all my time playing online casino games I don't regret it.

Also I have to mention that this 100% safe casino and they finish their payings on time. Verification was fast, and i got my withdrawal within 24 hours. One of the things that quite impressed me was that you can transfer your money from the casino to online betting.

It also has some big softwares like Playtech, microgaming, IGT and many more.
The casino has a very good grade of 9.8 on askgamblers and my other friends who gamble for years have recommended it so I think it is one of the best. You should really try it out. I can assure you that this is a great casino, as you can see from many other reviews below.

I think it is good for everyone, there must be one of 150 games that you will like.
It has nice welcoming packages. So long story short: If you are looking for a lot of fun, safe casino and great games try Bet365, you will have no regrets.

reviewed on 07/08/2014

Good day to all members!

Before I even wanted to register in this specific casino I've realised that I should have registered way sooner.
I disregarded the popularity of this casino and simply chose not to try it out until a while ago.

I have to say I had a bit of an extensive prior knowledge about bet365 casino because It's widely known, I mean surely you've seen the advertisement on websites.
It could possibly have to do with me not trusting adds too much, but this casino turned out to live out it's reputation to the fullest extent.

I was very surprised on the service I got, and which I didn't get while trying out higher ranked casinos (above this one) .
They offer everything, Table games, slots, roulette you name it, and for every table game they have tournaments and live dealers aswell.

I was a bit confused as the description said it was Playtech software, but in the list it mentions alot of softwares which I think is awesome, and also seems to be working fine.

It didn't take long to register, and I was ready to play almost instantly. Depositing didn't take long at all either!
My withdrawal from this casino was non existant so far, but I'd like to give them a huge A because I was overal very pleased with the software , it didn't glitch and didn't crash, and I was also happy that I could play instantly aswell.
I never like the hustle of downloading then playing.

When I saw what this casino has to offer, I didn't really want to play just slots anymore. I had to play some roulette or a round or two of Blackjack. Too bad it never stops at one round, and as I've mentioned, I didn't manage to withdraw any money.

I'd also like to mention that their customer support is absolutely amazing, I usualy tend to question them, just to make sure if I can't collect a bonus or a promo, or something like that.

Overall a very amazing experience with this casino, I guess one of the best that was Playtech sponsored. Atleast for me!


reviewed on 06/30/2014

After writing my experiences mainly with Rival software video slots I will now get back to casinos and this time with a legend among the online casinos , the one and only , known worldwide even for the people who don’t gamble , ladies and gentlman Bet365 lol  It sounds like im announcing entering of Wladimir Klitschko xD but what Klitschko is among boxers that’s what the Bet 365 is among online casinos .
I registered there long time ago maybe 2010 , this was my first casino to play online , I registered together with my brother and we deposited about 10$ each , we both watch football and other sports actively and we wanted to try live betting at that time it was phenomenon for us :D My first bet on there was I remember 5$ on odd 2 and it was a good bet so we won 10$, that’s really nothing but it made me so happy , I felt like I cannot loose on live betting lol  yep that was the feeling . Another good thing in this casino is that they have live streaming of games that really makes a feeling much more better .
We continued at good rhytm that day and managed to earn around 100$ so we decided to withdraw 80$ and to leave 20$ to try to earn again .We contacted support to ask them how to do that, they explained everything clearly and everything was really easy and smooth , we sent documents and needed few days for them to verify documents and to proceed withdrawal . From that day until now I still play bet365 casino with the same joy I did at that time , now I mainly play sport bets and live roulette and blackjack which are really great . I ordinarily withdraw nice amounts from them without any issues , this is one really reliable casino and one of rare I will give maximum rating  That’s it I hope you bring out something interesting from this .

reviewed on 06/29/2014

Here at AG Bet 365 has the biggest number of player reviews and only two complaints that have been resolved successfully.All of that says how much this casino is popular and safe. This is probably one of the most popular and best casino in the whole online gambling industry. When it comes to my experience with Bet 365 casino in the 3 years that have passed since I joined here I have made 3 deposits and never had a cashout.
That is the only reason why I don't play here often anymore because when I fail to make a withdrawal in some casino after a few deposits I simply forget about that casino and move on to some other place. Still I think that I'll return to this casino some day because I think Bet 365 deserves another chance. What caught my attention was that Bet 365 in it's download version offers Playtech software and in Instant Play version beside the Playtech games you can find games from other software manufacturers like Microgaming, Betsoft and a few more.
I mostly play in download casinos so when it comes to Bet 365 I played here in download mode too. To be honest I didn't need to try it in instant play because Playtech offers a huge number of slot games. Maybe some players like to have a mix of game software in one place but for me it isn't crucial when I search for a casino to play in. Even though I haven't spent much time playing here I contacted their live chat support a few times and I can say that their operators are very professional and friendly and I am very pleased with their work.
Overall I recommend this casino to everyone and if I had more luck playing here and some eventual cash out Bet 365 Casino would have been one of my top choice casinos.
I give Bet 365 9 out of 10.

reviewed on 06/21/2014

it is one of the most well known and established casino in the world.
The reason for their popularity is because of Bet 365's role in sports
and due to a big advertisement done by this company. One must make a
deposit of 20$ in order to use the offers they have for new players. I
had deposited 30$ and got 30 from the casinos side and i started
playing with the 60$. I tried 50 lines blade slots which turned out to
be a disaster for me as i start wit .50 and slowly lost more than 20$.
Then i decided to switch to another game which was the one and only
Iron man 3. I loved that slot a lot and played it almost all day and
won over 30$. They are very reputable and their is absolutely no
chance of losing your money because of unfair measures and fraudulent
purposes because i have seen a lot of players withdraw a very big
amount from this casino site. Black jack is their strength which
according to me is their best game. Over all the return to player on
this casino site is quite good and the games are not as tight as i had
expected them to be.
I withdrew 180$ with this casino and it was processed within a couple
into my neteller account and i think the time taken was because of the
document verification and i loved their support team and every time
they were up to mark in helping me. I would want them to start
something and new and bring in some free spins for the users to have
fun with. Because there has been a very long time since they have
started something exciting for the users. I would rate them 7 out of
10 because they are not coming uo with new offers and bonuses.

reviewed on 05/31/2014

hello ask gamblers members as we all know 365 is big giant in online sports betting industry but it is not confined to that niche is also offer best online casino platform which is very easy and fun to play it is one of the firs betting sites i heard of and they have a big role in sports betting as well.They have been in this industry for more than 10 was established in offers more then 150 games that includes live dealer blackjack,live dealer baccarat,live dealer roulette etc.its unbelievable as it is embedded into various software with latest technology in it.some of them are play tech,neo games,micro gaming etc. .

Bet 365 is probably the biggest name ever in online gambling industry They have a very tiring initial process it takes a lot of time in verification and all and i did not like it.but i guess this is their procedure and we all have to follow it no matter what. They have a 100% match up bonus on the first deposit you are going to make with them when joining for the very first time.

I loved the slot games and even unlocked a lot of features but did not hit the big one as i have never ever hit that jackpot. The wagering requirements were a little tough but i enjoyed the games and won some serious money in table games but i wish that i had some luck in slots which i even saw a break down in the games once and complained it to the support but luckily i got the money back which i had lost due to the break down. And i have to say that i simply love the micro gaming software it has just provided me with fun games and won e a lot of money. One thing you can be sure about is that this casino is never going to cheat with any one. so join it without any worries.

reviewed on 05/27/2014

Bet365 is of course very reputable and decent casino. I played there two years ago, make a couple of deposits, but now i did not use this casino, probably because i did not like playtech games anymore, or because i have better places to play, who knows... but fact is fact.
After couple of deposits on bet365 casino, i have only one withdrawal. Also i speak few times with their support, and i happy, in that case i can't complaint, everything was nice.
I win on bet365 casino from my last deposit, it was 45$ deposit without any bonus, because i already used all bonuses before, so that was just straight deposit without any bonus or promotion, just to have some fun with their playtech games. As in past i was fool, of course i try few jackpot games, and did not win anything and go down to 25$. Then blackjack table , and i already have 100$, just two hands, 25, then 50. Yeah, i am mostly play blackjack with really high bets, can't understand people who play bj with 1$ bets for example. After this i go to gladiator, and win another 100$ , so 200$ is nice amount for withdrawal. Verification was fast, and i get my withdrawal with 24 hours.
Bet365 like i said of course decent brand, and i am 100% sure that it is safe, because i saw post from one player, who make deposit 1k$ and playing sultan slot with 50$ bets from mobile. He won 200k$ and casino withdraw this money to him without any problems. If casino able to withdraw such big money, i am pretty sure that they will not cheat anyone. I think i can give this casino 8 stars, because i am not a player there any more, and because i did not see any improvements on them from that times when i played there. Oh, i can only dream about 200k win at any casino, but hope in such reputable casino like bet365.

reviewed on 05/20/2014

Bet 365 Casino room is one of the amazing Casino rooms i believe..One of the great thing about it that it is one of the strongest contender in almost all the departments (bingo,betting,casino,games design etc) It is also known best for its sports betting area which is quite popular... Bet 365 casino has some big softwares like Playtech, microgaming, IGT and many more.
One of the interesting thing which i am really impressed with is that we can transfer our money from casino to sport betting..which is pretty good thing to know and you can go for all the departments from one registration when i signed up here it was too quick that it took only few seconds to sign up at bet 365 Casino as compared to other casino rooms which takes lot of time and very long process of verification..they have been offering good welcoming bonuses to new players and i would also like to mention that they have huge selection of nice and exciting poker..videos ,table games and jackpot and
many more...and after thinking a little bit i have decided to go for jackpots in which i mostly played The thor's thunder and millionaires Club 2 i havnt made any big
major wins but i have won couple of times from the small ones and earned quite cool good money from it i have been playing here from quite a long time and i did not get any chance to complaint as their supportive team is also doing great job they are very understanding and kind to you :) Bet365 Casino is restricted in few countries which i have really no idea about why..Bet 365 Casino is licensed and permitted by Gibraltar..Bet365 Casino is geniunely safe casino room and i suggest you guys to try here as its awesome in all the departments so what else a player can ask for..

reviewed on 05/01/2014

Well what do i say about bet365 casino room. The one and only thing about this casino room you need to know is that it is undoubtedly the biggest betting portal on the planet. It has literally everything to offer to you that can be bet on. They have almost all the games on the planet to offer to you and they even have a sports betting platform and they rose to fame from their sports betting platform only and became the undisputed king. This casino offer definitely has the fastest registration and the verification process i have ever seen in any of the rooms i have played with. What I loved about this casino room is that I never had to wait for the players to join my table and the games to start. I am from Asia and due to time difference I am always online at the wrong time but this room has so many players that this factor was easily eliminated from my experience and i am very happy about it. They have a very nice support team which is very fast at getting back to you and are very helpful and always there at your assistance. I do not know why they are blocked in so many countries in the world. But still they are one of the best. I have been playing with them for almost 2 years and i there has never been a moment where i questioned myself for joining this room this is how good they are. With my first deposit i got a bonus but did not meet requirements to cash out the bonus but won a lot of money by playing their games and i even recommended to a couple of friends of mine and they are happy to be associated with them and are earning good.

reviewed on 04/23/2014

Hello, dear readers. My next review is going to be about the best casino (1st Place on our forum ranking). I registered there a few days ago & deposit 10eur. I decided to not take any bonuses, because I wasn't sure I could fulfil the wagering requirements. The sign up took me only a few minutes longer than in other casinos but it was only because of the security process.The deposit was in my account immediately so I was ready to play. I hadn't updated the latest version of adobe flash that day, so I used my mobile device for playing. The reason why I signed up there because I wanted to see if it's really the number one casino and because I wanted to play there casino poker aka holdem. So at the beginning I had 10 eur in my account. I didn't deposit more because I thought I'm gonna do it later. I played holdem with minimum bets- few times with 3 Eur bets. I won and lost two times so to gain more I switched to baccarat table. I won what I had lost at casino holdem and a bit more and went back to holdem. I was really lucky and from 10 eur gained 50 eur in my account. While playing, I had a few difficulties with access to the game- at first I couldn't open it properly but later, when I had just won, I didn't recieve my winnings. When it happened the second time, I contacted their live support. They looked into my case I didn't find anything wrong but promised to look into my case deeper & later send me their decision. The next day I got an email from them that said that they checked and didn't find anything suspicious in my betting history but they even transferred me 6euros for the winnings I didn't receive like a compensation. That is what I call a great customer service! I will definitely play there often. They have the best support system I've ever experienced anywhere.

reviewed on 04/04/2014

I wanted to state that their casino is not so fair,there r many complains and there is a site who has them on "Not Recommended" bc there r signs of manipulation and not fairness of their casino. I trust the site besides i seen with my own eyes that the dealer deals whatever suits him to win you many times in BJ or ties you on 20 with obvious unfairness. My fav way of looking at them steal you is the classic move of manipulation of their software, dealer draws at 16 when you have 19,20,21 and ties you or wins you by one.Classic! Cant get enough!

reviewed on 04/04/2014

Its true that they place many difficulties in order to stall you and delay your casino withdraw,it has happened to me too as with the guy posted below mine.The first time i wagered them again bc i was tired of waiting and of course lost. Second time i played after i passed all the procedures to be certain they cant place any arguments. New players,first finish all they ask in order to meet their validation requirements and then deposit!

reviewed on 04/04/2014

I had a very bad experience with this casino. They never bother about age confirmation when I deposited, but when I tried to withdrawl, they made all kind of difficulties to not give me the money, I even allowed them to call me for any age confirmation issues, but they didn't. I had to wait for so long with all the difficulties they created for withdrawl, that I ended up wagering the money I had won. Result: lost everything. And I bet that was their intention for creating all those difficulties...

reviewed on 03/31/2014

Bet 365 Casino is first on the askgamblers list with an average grade of 9.8. I also believe that it is the casino with the most reviews here (I counted even 34) which says enough about its popularity among the gamblers. Bet 365 is off course a big name in the gambling industry and it consist of four parts: online casino, bingo, poker room and off course the thing bet 365 is most famous for their sports bet section. First I opened an account in their sports bet section and bet only on sports events, so that later on I downloaded their casino software. What I really liked with bet 365 is that you can use one account for all their departments (bingo, casino, poker and sports bet ). I also like that you can transfer money from one department in the other. For example you can transfer your money from the sports section in the casino and so on. In their casino I played several times and had some really big wins playing my favorite Playtech games like Fantastic four, Rocky or Blade slot and my biggest cashout when it comes to this casino was 700 euros with only 20euros deposit. What confuses me a little is that here on askgamblers I found that bet 365 uses over 10 similar casino software’s but I only notices Playtech slots. Maybe that information is for other games and not the slots that I know. Anyway this is a very safe casino I had a few withdrawals here and the money was always on my skrill account after a short while. I recommend this place especially if you are a complete gambler, in other words if you like casino games, bingo games, online poker and sports bet. Here you have it all. I believe that this casino doesn’t deserve the 9.8 grade that it has on askgamblers but a perfect 10/10.

reviewed on 03/05/2014

This casino thief! I played a lot of times there is no chance to win! Casino manipulates the game. I do not recommend playing at this casino, they will rob you win nothing will. So administrators and managers who work in the bet365-casino need to chop off hands!
Deposits for 3 months.
04/12/2013 on 03/05/2014
Total for this period 0.00 538.50 $

reviewed on 03/03/2014

Well, actually this online casino was the first I tried in my entire “career” as a gambler. I was really amazed not only by awesome look of bet365 website (design, functionality, etc etc) but also by the widest Playtech games selection I ever seen! Registration was very fast and easy, few seconds after I got confirmation email and was able to make my first deposit. I’m not sure that the casino still operates the way it used to, but to be able to play their fantastic games, I had to send them a copy of my passport. Verification process took about two hours, and then I finally loaded my first slot game.

I’m not a big fan of a software which you need to download and then install it on your PC, so I just opened it in “Instant Play” mode, and the game looked exactly the same as it was in download version (I installed it first, but then decided to delete it). Oh, and I forgot to tell that I took $200 sign up bonus, which definitely boosted my balance! I wasn’t very optimistic about completing wagering requirements, but hey, this is what you call “gambling”!

I got few ups and downs, but overall I was even, probably because I wasn’t making big bets. But then I got a bit tired, because I was playing for HOURS, and decided to play like “all or nothing”. I upped my bets and got three nice ladies at “Desert Treasure” slot. That feature gave me very nice win (about $450), so I was able to complete wagering requirements and request a payout. My account was already verified, so it was processed within 1 hour. I deposited with my Debit Card, and expected the money to show up in my account after 3-5 banking days, but I got my money on the next day and was really amazed by this fact! This was the fastest payout on Debit Card I ever received! So, of course, I deposited few more times, and still keep playing here!

Short summary: if you are looking a casino with wide games selection, generous bonuses, customer support and one of the greatest payout times in the industry, you should definitely try Bet365!

reviewed on 11/27/2013

This is the second online casino where I started to play after Bwin Casino!
I started to play here because I thought that if it is a good sportsbook,also has a good casino!
They are offering nice welcome packages,standard,slots and VIP,suitable for every pocket!I chose the slots package because I am playing only slot games on casino and also because it is 200% bonus up to 800 RON(Romanian currency) and the minimum deposit it is the same like standard package(40 RON)!Of course,the VIP package it is better than this ones but I didn’t afford it!
So I made my deposit of 80 RON and I received another 160 RON bonus with 30 times wagering requirements!
I want to tell you that they have a huge collection of slot games and also table games and video poker but I played only slots!I had to choose between The Mummy slot and Gladiator and finally,after a couple of minutes of thinking and searching about both of them,I chose Gladiator because of the huge Jackpot!
No major winnings on the first 20-30 spins and I thought that I wont manage to complete the wagering requirements and I will lose my money!But god helped me and I managed to trigger the free spins feature!Also on the free spins I managed to catch Caesarr on the 3rd reel a couple of times and I increased the number of free spins!I won 95 RON from the free spins and I played on the same minimum stake and managed to catch the 3 helmets and won another 30 RON!
I completed the wagering requirements,my account balance reached 115 RON and I was happy with this sum because I deposited 80 RON and it was profit and also a nice experience!
If someone will ask me to rate this casino,I think it diserves 9 overall,being one of the safest casinos to play and also a casino with nice welcome packages!

reviewed on 11/06/2013

I played at so many different online casino, to name a fews, Bet360, Magic-casino, casino king, tropez, s-casino, carnival, gowild, spinpalace, red bet, iw casino, Titan,...................................., actually, all the caino on the top list.

After played for couple years, I finally want to have few words here. Online casino is fun to play to the extend that you can bear the losses. My experiences(all games), one you signed up a new accounts and made deposits, if you loss, leave, if you win, never go back again because at all the online casino, the games you played will remeber you (you are playing against youself each time, unlike land based casino, there are so many people paly the same machine before go back again. If you win, let's say 900 euro, you will pay it back in you next couple visit to that same casino---believe it or not.

Also, whoevered rank these casinos? do not believe it, all the online casino are the same (with a little differences), payout almost the same, and sometimes, top casinos listed here have a low payout rate than these not on the top list or, at least, the same( my opinion). And last, play online casino with your real money only if you have to. good luck.

reviewed on 10/16/2013

My experience with bet365 was somewhat of a run around. from the second I signed up I noticed that it has very slow but fair customer service , and unfortunetly ive gotta say that its gave me a rush when suddenly you hit a huge big win ,which these slots games on this particular site are decently awarded lol at first....... I was laughing my way to the back except for one problem,,, playthrough requirement was gigantic and some what unreasonable but .I didn't care at that point in my spinning.
THE GRAPHICS ROCK! but the software might require some tech work still I had agood time playing until I was face with a certain dilehma. hows is it possible for me to continue they opened my chat window and stated im in breetch of rules for bonuses and legal rights to the money I won which was around,,,,,800.oo they said to me I had more thanone accnt AND THIS SHOCKED me bc it was the first time I had ever been playing there before. hmmmmm I said and I lost my cool a bit considering I won 800 and was told to consider it forfeited due to security breeches ,aka multiple accnts?has anyone else had issue such as this ever? I guess ive got a doppleganger somewhere hey ,lol thanks to all for reading my write my score for them is fours across the board ! please write and feedback ya have to why the customers seems to always be wrong even if they are right! tty later all slots gurus

reviewed on 08/27/2013

Good day to all members, I want to share with you my experience in bet365 casino. Bet365 was chosen by me because i like the casinos, who offer players a lot of different games, and a nice bonuses. Bet365 offer me 100% bonus on my first deposit up to 200$, and i obviously decide to made a deposit to get bonuses and enjoy some of their games. I start with 50$ deposit, which was doubled, as live chat agent told me, so no any lie from them, and also good and fast help. If you contact live chat in bet365 casino, you can wait good and proffesional agent that will help you with any query. Bet365 has casino section, where you can enjoy a lot of playtech games, I am pretty like playtech games, so i decide to play in this section. But they also have 'games' section, where you can found many games from microgaming, cryptologic, and many others software providers. I am pretty sure you do not get bored with this casino, as it also has betting and poker. So, casino games, poker, betting - there is a paradise for every gambler. With my 100$ balance my journey in this casino was not so long, as i lost almost all my money on gladiator slot(hit freespins twice, but they pay totally crap amount of money). And 20$ left i lost in Rockie slot, as i love the movie, so i decided to play this slot. Anyway, i am happy with bet365 casino, and i really agree with that bet365 is number one casino.
I will give mark for bet365 casino(A+ extremely good, A very good, B average, C can be better, D awful casino).
Support: A+
Games selection: A+
Bonuses: B
Withdrawals: did not checked.
Thats all, thanks for reading!

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