Casino gamblers loses $117 million to Las Vegas Casinos

Casino gamblers loses $117 million to Las Vegas Casinos

June 27, 2010.

According to reports out of Las Vegas a casino player has lost an estimated $117 million USD to casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. The high roller is named as Terrance K. Watanabe and the only reason why the news surfaced is that the player in question owes casinos around $15 million USD and that the casino are using legal means to recover the money.

It seems obvious that the casino player is probably broke otherwise the $15 million wouldn't be a big deal and the casinos wouldn't have to get lawyers to retrieve the money.

The 53 year old Watanabe is pleading not guilty to the charges from Harrah's Entertainment group. You think someone would stop gambling after losing $1 million but maybe the casinos live by the income coming from whale players like this.

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