Withdrawal run around from Club Gold Casino

posted on August 7, 2012.

i made a withdrawl from CLUBGOLD casino for the amount of 1000 on the 30/7/2012 i was suppose to recive this on 3/8/2012 but they put me of until the 6/8/2012 but of course it still not paid this site is a joke they asked me to put money in to my account threw neteller as i could not withdrawl threw my credit card for resons i dont no any other site i can withdrwal this way but not clubgold so i asked for a cheque to be sent out but they told me that that withdrawl method not available to the uk. so i made a deposit threw neteller a few times and won 1000 now any person that plays online casinos no that neteller is one of the fastest ways to withdrawl but not at this site. i have been on to their live chat a number of times all she says is that she will forward a note to the the department that does the pay outs then she comes back and tells me the withdrwl will be done and assured me of this that the payment would be done that day but off course its clubgold and that didnt happen can any1 tell me whats best to do next as i dont trust thier live chat staff and i also phoned and they no better. just watch for this site CLUBGOLD the worst thing is i lost more than i won and they wont even pay that

posted on August 14, 2012.

i have now recived the cash out on 10/08/2012 thx for help

posted on August 16, 2012.

Hi, as the player himself has advised, the withdrawal was processed successfuly on the 10th August. We therefore consider the case as closed.

posted on August 16, 2012.

 Complaint solved!