Prism Casino - Withdrawal declined, winnings put back into playable balance

43 hours left for Prism Casino to respond.
viv2929 United States
posted on October 25, 2016.

October 14th, placed two check withdrawals ($2,500) & ($1,454). On October 25th, both withdrawals were declined, and winnings put back into my playable balance. Today 10/25 i have submitted withdrawals again for same amounts shown above. I have great respect for Prism Casino, but have read some of the complaints listed hear on Askgamblers, and see customers are having to go through many hurdles and hoops to receive there winnings. If there is anything that would be a change for the better with Prism, it would be to do a better job in paying players efficiently. Other than that, the casino is a good casino. 11 days is now wasted since the placement and decline of my withdrawals. I would like not to see my withdrawals declined and placed back into my playable balance, but would like to see that my withdrawals are paid out. Thank you.

posted on October 29, 2016.

Dear @Viv2929,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

viv2929 United States
posted on October 29, 2016.

prism has not responded

viv2929 United States
posted on October 31, 2016.

well, i checked my prism casino account today and found my two check withdrawals ($2,500) & ($1,454) were declined on 10/31, and winnings placed back into my playable balance, (see attached photo). Today 10/31, i have re-submitted withdrawals again for same amounts shown above. Still waiting to be paid my winnings.

viv2929 United States
posted on October 31, 2016.

heres proof of new withdrawal i had to place.

viv2929 United States
posted on November 2, 2016.

well again my withdrawals were declined on 11/1 and money put back into my playable balance, i just placed the same withdrawals over again today 11/2. so far a total of 19 days wasted time with no help, no answers, and no recourse concerning my withdrawals. completely frustraiting

viv2929 United States
posted on November 3, 2016.

Today 11/3, had live chat conversation with Prism to find out why my withdrawals were declined and money put back into my playable balance. First Prism Rep., indicated i won operating under a bonus. Which was completely wrong,,,, Prism Rep later on realized this, and apologized to me for the misunderstanding, as he saw quite clearly that the bonus was removed and declined by a Manager according to my account history. To be frank, the bonus was quite horrible, boring, and limited to only certain slot games and was a waste of my money. After becoming frustrated and bored with bonus, i made a deposit of $75.00 into my casino account WHICH SHOWED UP IN MY WITHDRAWABLE BALANCE ONLY, my $75.00 had nothing to do with any bonus as my $75.00 deposit showed up by itself alone Unplayable in my withdrawable balance. Do note i noticed that it Was Not Possible for me to spend one cent of my $75.00 deposit, nor was i able to play different or other casino games as they were all locked and unplayable while the bonus was still active. So after realizing and learning that it is the Slot bonus screwing up things, i went straight to Live Chat and told them i had made a deposit for $75.00 to play other games, but the games are locked, and that i did not want the bonus anymore to cancel it. And the manager as per my request (as seen on my account history) cancelled the bonus, and after manager cancelled bonus, all other unplayable casino games became unlocked and i was able to play other games with my own money $75.00 without the bonus ... I also made additional deposits thereafter into my casino account $34.29, and $52.96 ... Eventually at some point i got lucky and won. Now I the customer and player am not the one to be responsible for any mistakes made on the casino end, if there is any mistakes that they made on their end. i can only ask, request, deposit, play, and withdraw assuming that the casino has my best interest as a player guiding me in the right direction with my questions and my requests.. i would like for Prism to reflect better and more appropriate customer service and pay me my winnings. Now i consider Prism a very good casino, but would like to be paid my winnings, as i have been treated quite unreasonable here. Chat log is noted below, and i also have attached my account history, which shows the manager declining bonus on 10/14., and my re-submission of my check withdrawals dated 11/3 for $2,500 and $1,454

Chat start time Nov 3, 2016 12:16:06 PM EST
Chat end time Nov 3, 2016 1:27:05 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 01:10:58
Operator William

William: Welcome , my name is William how can I help you today ?
vivand23: i placed withdrawal and keeps getting declined and money put back into my playable balance, i was instructed by another to open up case at askgamblers. A total of 20 days have past of wasted time, and i have resubmitted my withdrawals , can you tell me when will my withdrawals be paid as 20 days have past now.
William: Please hold while I check your account, thank you for your patience.
William: Unfortunately your account is banned
vivand23: what does that mean
William: Hold on please
vivand23: also my withdrawal?
William: I am sorry to inform you that your casino access has been revoked. The decision is unfortunately, non reversible. Any casino account can be closed based on our sole discretion as part of our policies to ensure game fairness, the safe keeping of company assets and our third party processors. Your understanding is appreciated.
vivand23: thats not fair, but okay what about the payment of my withdrawal?
William: Your withdrawal it was not enough to cover even the bonus amount that we had give you , so you was not eligible for a withdrawal yet until you had the win of our bonus plus at least $100
vivand23: excuse me, i won with my own money
William: You won with the bonus amount that you used from us .
vivand23: your confused, i won with my own money, that bonus was declined, the bonus horrible
William: I am really sorry for the delay. Thanks again for bearing with me.
William: I am sorry
William: Hold on please.
vivand23: yes see
William: I am sorry for the previous , I was looking other account
vivand23: ok
vivand23: now 20 days has passed
vivand23: can we move to the withdrawal process
William: But still you are not able to withdrawal this amount because you made a deposit of $75 and you still had remain amount of the bonus that we had given to you
William: You just mixed funds
William: Now
vivand23: listen the bonus was cancelled , it was horrible bonus
vivand23: i spent alot of money and wasted my money
William: You can withdrawal only the amount that is more than our bonus , Witch was $3,889.54
William: You can receive Money that are more than that amount .
vivand23: correct i have two withdrawals 2500 and 1454
vivand23: total $3954
William: If it is equal with this amount the casino will take them for the bonus that gave you earlier
vivand23: the funny thing is i will more than likely spend these winnings all over again gambling
vivand23: now 20 days has gone by, can you approve my withdrawals and can i get back to gambling
William: So $3954 - $3889.54= +$65
William: Minimum cash out is $100
vivand23: william, i won with my own money
vivand23: this is the reason i was able to withdraw
vivand23: that cannot be denied
vivand23: i cannnot believe i am having to go through this, i consider prism a good casino
vivand23: so 20 days has past, can you tell me when my withdrawals will be paid?
William: I am speaking with my manager
William: Please hold on
vivand23: thank you
William: I am sorry for all this but we have to see exactly what is going on
vivand23: its not hard, i got a bonus that was horrible and limited, and it was declined,
vivand23: this is frustraiting
William: I am really sorry to inform you that the situation is as I told you before
William: You can withdrawal only the money that are more than $3889.54
William: And min cash out is $100
vivand23: now why is that?
William: I spoke with my manager and he said that it is like that , You mixed up funds and was still valid the bonus restrictions.
vivand23: i lost money with that horrible bonus, the bonus was declined by a Manager, and then started spending more amounts of money playing without a bonus, and your telling me i can't recieve my $3954 in winnings
vivand23: ?
vivand23: thats unreasonalbe
William: The money was tring to remove by the manager I can see that too but then was Reimburse immediately to your account because you had just to play then until the end .
William: I am really sorry but I am just informing you what I can see and what my supervisor see.
vivand23: i did nothing wrong, the manager removed the bonus, i started playing with my own money , and made more deposits on top of deposits, and won with my own money, this is not fair at all
William: I understand your frustration but is nothing more that I can do .

viv2929 United States
posted on November 7, 2016.

Below is a message i received from Prism Casino today, And this is the unreasonable way Prism treats me as a player. So the bonus was declined by a manager, as shows on my account history. I start playing with my own money, making multiple deposits of my own money theirafter, not operating under a bonus, and luckily win, and they say i won operating under a bonus. This is ridiculous, I would like for Prism Casino to be reputable and pay me my winnings, approximately 30 days has been wasted over this.

Elena Quality
11/07/2016 at 5:38 AM
Dear Viviana,

My name is Elena and I am part of the Finance Team at Prism Casino.

The reason I am contacting you is because we saw you have requested a withdrawal numerous times which will unfortunately not be approved.

The bonus you have used is BIGSLOTS650 :

650% BONUS
Slots, Keno, Bonus Bingo and Scratch Cards Only
30X Playthrough
10X Max Cash-Out
Redeem Code: BIGSLOTS650
Deposit $50 or More
(Redeem Unlimited Times)

And this is the amount of the Bonus, which was not covered by you $3,889.54 . What you should do , next time the Withdrawal Department denies your request is to continue playing , following the rules of the same bonus and playing the same games, so you can reach the amount and then you will be able to withdrawal. But bear in mind that the maximum cash out is 10x.

All the best,
Elena N Finance Department

viv2929 United States
posted on November 7, 2016.

it is absolutely not right for Prism casino to hold me accountable to the terms of a bonus that was declined by a manager as shown on my account history. Once the bonus is declined, it is declined. Means i am no longer liable to the parameters of the bonus. I deposited $75.00, $34.29, and $52.96 and Eventually at some point got lucky and won with my own money. Declined means no more!!! It appears that Prism casino is taking advantage of me, and i don't like it. I am requesting prism pay me my winnings.

viv2929 United States
posted on November 9, 2016.

Received an email dated 11/8/2016, from Prism that contains more definitive clarity as to why they have been denying my withdrawals and not paying me my winnings. Prism is blaming me, and punishing me for their own managerial mistakes and actions, that Only Prism themselves created, and I have nothing to do with. Prism is using their own managerial mistakes committed, as a basis to deny paying me my winnings. Also note, you would think a reputable casino would carry the players best interest at hand, when it comes down to customer requests on live chat, as the technical side is not the players responsibility, BUT RATHER THE CASINOS RESPONSIBILITY!!!. The player cannot control the actions and mind of a manager at a casino. The player is focused on requesting, and playing, And live chat is a technical modem that the casinos use that is suppose to help and handle customer requests on the technical side, so that the customer may have a better playing experience. And in my case in partcular, for Prism to utilize a managerial mistake that prism committed on their own end only, and use that specific managerial mistake to turn around and punish me, when i did nothing wrong, by not paying me my winnings, is not right, unreasonable, and down right dirty business. Play by play my account history shows what Prism did wrong, not me,,, as i did nothing wrong... I made a deposit for $598, and redeemed a bonus. After wasting my time and losing my money on this ridiculous and horrible bonus, i became frustraited and did not want the bonus anymore as i was having very bad luck with bonus. So I made a deposit for $75. After making the $75 deposit, I went back into the casino to find i was unable to play different games like card games, roulette, craps, war, etc,, because all thes games were locked, and contained a locked symbol. After further checking and investigating i saw that the reason i was unable to have access to different games and my $75 deposit which stood unspent, untouched, alone in my withdrawable balance was because the slot bonus was screwing up things and was still active. So i next went to live chat and told them, I do not want the bonus, that the bonus is not allowing me to play different games, and I requested for Prism rep to cancel/decline the bonus so i could play other games with my own $75 deposit money without a bonus. Now from the email i just received from Prism today it explains what Prism Manager did wrong specifically when Manager handled my request on live chat, I will post email later on at end of this correspondence. Now after reading email, and according to email, here is where Prism caused a problem and made a mistake on their end, that they are maliciously blaming me for. THERE WAS STILL $35.03 LEFT OF BONUS MONEY THAT HAD NOT BEEN USED ON MY ACCOUNT HISTORY. YOU ALSO SEE ON ACCOUNT HISTORY A MANAGER REMOVE THE $35.03 BONUS MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT, WHICH IS CORRECT. BUT THEN FOR WHATEVER STRANGE ODD REASON THE MANAGER BY MISTAKE CREDITED THE $35.03 BACK TO MY ACCOUNT. THE PRISM MANAGER SHOULD HAVE NOT DONE THAT, THE MANAGER MADE A MISTAKE. AS ACCOUNT HISTORY SHOWS PRISM MANAGER FOLLOWS WITH DECLINING THE BONUS. WHICH DECLINED MEANS NO MORE. DECLINED MEANS I AM NO LONGER LIABLE AND HELD TO THE RESTRICTIONS OF THE BONUS, AND MY ACCOUNT SHOWS CLEARLY THAT THE PRISM MANAGER DECLINED THE BONUS. Now its not my job to patrol what Managers do, nor the decisions Managers make. Nor can the customer/player control the technical end of the casino. Now i don't know why the Prism Manager made this mistake, and that's not my problem to figure it out. In otherwords the manager did not perform his job correctly on the technical side. Maybe this manager may need some more training, I don't know,,, and its surely not my responsibility to figure that out. As account history shows, after the Prism manager declined the bonus, i followed my $75 deposit with even more subsequent deposits, $34.29 and $52.96 and eventually got lucky at some point and won. Below is a copy of the email i received from Prism Support dated 11/8/2016. This email supports my argument that THE PRISM MANAGER MADE A MISTAKE BY MIXING FUNDS, i.e., manager removing $35.03 bonus money, and then irresponsibly re-crediting $35.03 bonus money back to my account. The Prism Manager made this mistake and the burden of this mistake lies solely with the casino and not me the player. Player should not be punished for Prism Managers mistake. Player suggest manager should receive further educational training, And we would not be having this conversation today if i lost. But we all know we are having this conversations today because i won. Player is requesting that Prism Casino responsibly pay player due winnings immediately in the amount of $3,954.00 without delay, as player has been waiting approximately 30 days and has not been yet paid.

Elena Quality
To (i removed my email address) Nov 8 at 4:55 AM
Hello Viviana,

Unfortunately, as the agent explained to you and I did too in the previous email, there are rules and they are explicitly stated in our Casino pages.
Once you are using a bonus, you should play it down to 0 in order to continue playing as you say with your own money, and the bonus you used was not played to 0, but there were ($35.03) left in your playable balance. You mixed funds and this is not allowed, it simply cannot help you win.

Therefore, now after the Withdrawals department denies your request again, you need to play this remaining bonus amount to 0, if you win with it, we will be happy to assist you on receiving your winnings, but we cannot do anything else at the moment.
You agreed to follow the rules once you signed in our casino, we are following rules as well.

Thank you for the understanding.

Elena N Finance Department

viv2929 United States
posted on November 13, 2016.

still have not been paid

viv2929 United States
posted on November 16, 2016.

still not paid

viv2929 United States
posted on November 17, 2016.

Looked today at my Prism account, and again they denied my withdrawal and returned my winnings back into my playable balance. I explained enough in this thread of how Prism is mistreating me as a customer, and continuing to do so for blaming me for their own mistakes and denying to pay me my winnings. I re-submitted my withdrawal again today 11/17/2016. I would like to be paid my winnings. I have 3 children to take care of and spend alot of money on gambling, and when i win i expect to be paid, I am being bullied and taken advantage of here. Please pay me my winnings.

viv2929 United States
posted on November 20, 2016.

Still no response from Prism

viv2929 United States
posted on November 23, 2016.

still no response, and still not paid.

viv2929 United States
posted on November 26, 2016.

i posted this complaint on Oct 25, thirty one days has past, and still no response from Prism, and i have not been paid my winnings.

posted on November 30, 2016.

Hi Viv--

This has been a complicated issue and one that I will be addressing thoroughly. In order to do so, I've had to gather considerable information from this and other accounts, which I will be providing, later today. This will all make a bit more sense once I come back with the full reply.


viv2929 United States
posted on December 1, 2016.

good still waiting to be paid

viv2929 United States
posted on December 5, 2016.

Appreciate the response from prism rep, but still have not received my winnings

viv2929 United States
posted on December 8, 2016.

still haven't been paid, its going on 2 months now.