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Closed due to inactivity of Superbet Palace Casino.

Superbet Palace Casino - withdrawl problem

Posted: 17th November 2012, 9:51 PM by obieblue

At superbet palace casino i've had no problems before but to my shock they are not honoring withdrawl of 55,000 dollars from casino. I took a free 57 dollar bonus which had a playthrew of 5640 dollars and i meet it and cashed out a 100 dollars its still in processing and take 5 to 7 business day to recieve.

When i got the 57 free bonus and email was sent to my account requistered with you guys and it stated-

"$ 57 BONUS

As a valued player at Superbet Palace we sincerely appreciate you playing at our site. As we are grateful for having you as a loyal Customer we are offering you $57 bonus to play at our casino no strings attached.

In case you have forgotten, this is your Superbet Palace login name: obieblue.

As always, should you have any questions about anything please, feel free to contact us right away.

Please ignore this email if you already got your free no deposit bonus"

My complaint is ive deposited money to play with after i accumilated more money above the 5640 play threw requirements and had made my first request for withdrawl of 100 dollars. Now i have accumilated over 61,000 dollars on my real money account and they say i can withdrawl some but then they say cancle my withdrawl so i still have a possitive ballance of over 61,000 dollars. this might be a premature complaint but i just want to know if i can cashout or not and how much. personaly i think i should be able to cash it all out considering the email i copied and posted above becasue it's phrase, "no strings attached" i have original email still in my account at yahoo. Support asked me to email them the same email when i was asking how much i could withdrawl they havent really been in communication with me regarding this 61,000 dollar withdrawl just the 100 dollar withdrawl. and on top of it all they ask me if i want to take a bonus it my next deposit which would make my total even more, how does that work if i cant seem to cash it out.
Just let me know what you think and can you email me a copy of Superbet Palace Casino's Player agreement rules and regulations

Justin Gibney

Wishing you the best,

Superbet Palace

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Meejoo reviewed On 07/04/2013

By farrrr the WORST and most DISRESPECTFUL casino I have EVER tried! I won an ndb bonus in the beginning of may which had a prize of 100$. I had to deposit 25$ to collect 100$, so 75$ for me not bad. When I did deposit the 25$, it was as if I never won the ndb and suddenly all their history said I never played it.. what's more I was encouraged by 2 seperate support to play the 25$. I kept persisting for more than an hour until a manager came and helped me with the process. Since then, I have checked with them for almost 2 months now dailyy.. to see why it is still processing. For the 1st month I've been asked if I'vegiven the proper documents again and again by the same ppl and I've told them again and again that I've resent them 3 times.. each time with no answer whatsoever. After a month, the promising begins.. 2 days sir, 3 days, just 2 more days and you will get your money. They's been promising me for 3 weeks now and it seems like these guys will keep doing what they do best, steal your money and lie to you. NEVER PLAY WITH THEM.

mylia17 reviewed On 12/21/2012

mylia 17 i will do my best to get a copy of superbet players agreement but i dont have your email for sevag and other players actual the agreement for player s when you go online to down load superbet casino the agreement is there . where you see about us 24 / support its the fine print at the top of there download

mylia17 reviewed On 12/21/2012

responce to obieblue from mylia17 im soory that you are going thourgh this nonsense with superbet place these jacks are some real dumb cons superbet call me yesterday we will give you a 400 percent . bouns if i would depoist how many times do these people give 400 percent on a bouns this is a joke are they for real they trick me once but never again by these side widnners. snakes that is im so dissappointed that we as honest player s get rip off thanks for your response to me im complaining right alone with you so superbet wake up and give this man all of his money he won it and he rightfully owns it so stop lying on the phone trying to make your self look good the world knowns online that you are a fake super bet payout i hate the day i depoist to a fake casino online the worst blacklisted casino that ever came on line yes i am meshell 26 at your casino

obieblue reviewed On 12/20/2012

to sevag responce : it is so professional guess what i met play threw requirements attempted withdraw and you all never did it. made a deposit it became mingled with the other money after withdrawl attempt that never materialized and i hit 71000 dollars. k. then u say money not real, and incourse of playing it back the sum at the end of it all is over a million dollars. find out you guys lied about it from the getgo and do i ask for winnings no i ask for the comp money. which you dont want to give because the chance i would win the money back again and then some would be to high of a risk so you dont give me all the comp at once just 1% of it and at different sum of 10, 20 , 50 , 70 and so forth. why don't you put the sum all at once on my account of the comp money or give the money back because you guys are a limited liability insured casino in cyprus and you guy broke many rules dealing with me. If the money no good why would you give me a thousand in comp you wont even give mylia17 20 in comp when system error occurs . you wrong me right , so pay up or comp up but you need to do one or the other. or do nothing and take the phrase practice fair gaming off terms and conditions because you dont applie when equitable for you they need to be applied as a standard of complacency. explain this to you gamers thnx'

obieblue reviewed On 12/20/2012

hey sevag maybe you should read ur own conditions of fair gaming because you and ur associates lie cheat and stole my money now what you suspend my account ya you practice fair gaming send threatening emails to cancel withdraws and not honring winners thats great tallk to me when you grow up

obieblue reviewed On 12/20/2012

mylia17 thats funny because superbet palace tells me they just gave a 1000 in comp because they didnt want to lose a customer but you their like sorry technical error good day. thats no true if they credit me 1000 for no reason they say not because the fraudulently made me play a million dollars into there casino they should be more than willing to give you back a 20 spot. from guy who made the complaint oon page

mylia17 reviewed On 12/12/2012

thats really looks bad for a new casino to come online and treat new people like that i ask for afrre chip today they gave me 31 in a frre chip i won 20 extra . and taken it back and said sorry there system made an error i have made a lot of depoist but havent won yet .

mylia17 reviewed On 12/12/2012

thats really looks bad for a new casino to come online and treat new people like that i ask for afrre chip today they gave me 31 in a frre chip i won 20 extra . and taken it back and said sorry there system made an error i have made a lot of depoist but havent won yet .

sevag reviewed On 11/22/2012

As we checked player account, he played with $57 NDB which has maximum withdrawal is $100. For more info, he can check no deposit bonus terms & conditions at our website.

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