Slotobank Casino - Not paying and playing dirty tricks

posted on March 2, 2015.

hi i am having real problems with slotobank casino i joined them around 4-5 months ago and made lots of deposits around 3000-4000 some deposits were taken with bonuses others with no bonus my last deposit was £50 and i won 970. i did not take a bonus with this last deposit so went to make a withdraw via neteller as all my deposits were threw this method as i went to make a withdraw and the most i could withdraw was 360 which i did and that sent an email to anna from support as she is the person who said that she is my account manager asking why my withdraw limit was very low as some days i lost more than this she said that she would try to get this fixed so i left it at that then when i logged back into my slotobank account the money was put back in my casino account so i went on live chat i was answered by the so called manager i ask why my withdraw was declined he told me they had maintenance on casino that day ( yes sure here we go) so to take the money out on monday as they only do cashouts on monday wednesday friday and you also have to make a withdraw on these days between the time of 9am - 5.50pm i found this strange because what if you work normal hours 9-5 on these days that means that a player can never make withdraw so anyway i try to log into my account on monday the 2/03/2015 and now my account is blocked for security reasons but my account was already verified months ago i recived an email from anna saying my account is locked but not to worry as she will sort it out yea sure anna you told me that about the withdraw limit and look what happened my account blocked i do not trust this casino at all because why would they block a player who lost more that they won i didnt take bonus so the bonus abuse trick excuse wont work and i have had previous withdraws of 300 from this casino can askgamblers help me out here as i see that the complaints about this casino are on all casino forms at the moment. i will send askgamblers the proof via email that i have if needed

posted on March 3, 2015.

hi i recieved an email today from casino to say my account is now open and the full balance is there but can askgamblers keep complaint open until my withdraws are payed due to their withdraw system i cannot make a withdraw until 4/03/15 and then i will have to make another withdraw on 6/03/15 and then another on 9/03/15 as i can only withdraw 360 per transaction via neteller

posted on March 4, 2015.

Hello Martin,

There is nothing strange with your account. And it was just security check. Your first withdrawal would be proceeded today.

posted on March 4, 2015.

hi askgamblers i can confirm that the 1st payment was put into my neteller today thx for help