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Closed due to inactivity of slot luv casino.

SlotLuv Casino - Need help

Posted: 30th August 2012, 8:28 PM by yorkiemama54

on 8/27 2012 i think was the day i log on to slot luv account . ihavent played on that site forever . i got an instant 12.00 on my account i didnt ask them for nothing once i hit 2300.00 i kept playing to do my play through .then they took all the money .they said i have more than one account not true sometimes when you log in you forget your account name so you try they one you think it is its not that you have more than 1 account and trying to cheat .i only have 1 email address and it goes to every online casino i have ever played on . please help they need to pay up when you hit

slot luv casino please pay me my 2300.00 paula duling

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