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jschaffer4 posted on Friday, 9. December 2011

on november 25 i requested a withdraw of 2500.00 dollars as of this date i have not received a check. i have been told that the check has been cut. but unable to delivered waiting for a courier to pick it up. it has been almost a month sinence i requested it, and all i get is excuses like still waiting for someone to pick up the check. i dont belive they intend to send me the monies with excusses like that.

Royal Ace Casino posted on Friday, 9. December 2011

Dear Player:

A check for $2500 has been sent out on 12/5/2011 at 7:22:59 PM.

As soon as courier's tracking number is available we will be sending it to you.

Best Regards

AceRevenue Team

jschaffer4 posted on Saturday, 10. December 2011

still waiting for the check dec 11,2011 or tracking number

Royal Ace Casino posted on Monday, 12. December 2011

Dear jschaffer4

Please confirm payment has been received

Best Regards

AceRevenue Team

jschaffer4 posted on Monday, 12. December 2011

I have not received any payment. you were going to send me a tracking number.

jschaffer4 posted on Monday, 12. December 2011

On Monday 12-12-11 at 4:30PM I received a check from Royal Ace Casino for $2500.00 via FedEx. Thanks for sending it and help

AskGamblers posted on Friday, 16. December 2011

Complaint Resolved.

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