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happygil147 posted on 12/08/2013


I joined the above website around 1 year ago and on the 2/07/2013 I contacted them to inform them that I wanted to permanently close my account without the option of ever rejoining in the future,I stupidly rejoined and deposited around £1700 and friend told me to contact them as they had broken there agreement.

I then contacted them several times but to no avail,I asked them to have a member of senior management contact me and they basically told me to go away and the matter was closed.

Does anyone think I have a case?

Thank you all!

Paddy Power Casino posted on 16/08/2013

Hi Happy Gil147,

I would firstly like to extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused

Responsible Gaming is very important to Paddy Power. After speaking with our dedicated team and reading through your scripts I would advise you to reply to the support email you received to take this discussion further.

Thanking you.

happygil147 posted on 21/08/2013


I recently complaint about Paddypower.

I had asked them to close my account around 6 weeks ago and to not ever give me the option of rejoining,I stupidly rejoined and deposited £1670.00.

I was told by a friend that they had broke there agreement with me therefore they were liable.

They are not interested and as far as they are concerned the matter is closed.

I got a reply from someone here from paddypower saying to contact them and as usual Paddypower have no interest whatsoever,I do play on other sites which are fair so my advise would be strongly avoid PADDYPOWER if possible as they have absolutely no customer care!!


Complaint Unresolved.

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