Das Ist Casino - Delaying Payment

22 hours left for msapo333 to respond.
Marco Sapone Germany
posted on November 28, 2016.

hi. i have deposit on das ist casino on 16 October 2016.
I have played and i have won 5,235 EUR. I ordered the payout on the same day 16.10.2016.
For 4 days no answer from them. Then on 21.10 i wrote them an email asking them for the money.
They told me to send documents.
I have uploaded passport, selfie with passport, proof of adress, neteller screnshot with my data, neteller screenshot of my deposit and a selfie with a paper "Hi Dasist" in the hand.
All my documents are now verified but no money yet and they don't reply to my emails.

posted on December 2, 2016.


Your complaint is still in status of investigation. We contacted you by telephone but you didn't have time to talk with us and you asked to call later.
We tried to contact you at the designated time but you didn't get that call.
We can make decision only after talking with you by telephone.

Best regards,
Das ist Casino Team