Party Casino - Software glitch with Free Spins Feature on Zeus III!

posted on November 6, 2015.

Hi Everybody,

I'm a very loyal customer on Partycasino. Like last Friday on 30 October I played like 2USD per spin on ZEUS3 and I received the free spins. Wow! Nice! And then the slot was stuck. So I got to the chat support. My slot will be released and i could play the free spins and when so I will receive an email. Like 5 days later I got my 2USD back, but not the free spins. Got back to customer care and they told me, we forward this to tech department and you'll receive the free spins.

I send an email that i'm not happy and never got any email back from partycasino. I got into the chat support again and then they told me, no mr.....the ZEUS3 slot is back in his Original state and you could not get the free spins. WTF?! Your collegues told me i would get them. So I dialed the Phone number and got a person on the Phone. He told me he knows about my chats and emails, but he cannot give me the free spins. What he can do, is give 2USD. What?! No man, after 1 week of inconveniences, i would like to receive the free spins or like 10 free spins of 2 USD is at least 20 USD. This is also unfair, but a normal deal for loyal customers. Furthermore, I told the man, that they will loose me a customer if their will be no proper sollution. The only solution he could give me, is giving me 2USD nothing more.

I think this i realy unfair. I think the customer servive are thaking a lot of time and furthermore, the service is very customer unfriendly.

I send them an email to delete my account or give me a proper/fair sollution. I don't think i would play again here. Be aware of any injustice on this online casino. Because they give you free spins and then let the game be stuck, so they have not to pay out any (big) winnings on the free spins. Please think about this, when signing up for PartyCasino.

Kind regards,


posted on November 11, 2015.

Dear @damalf,

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

posted on November 11, 2015.

Partycasino offered me 5 USD for the mentioned inconvenience. I told them that 2 USD time 10 = 20 USD a normal payback would be. I send them this email like last Thursday on the 6th of November. I haven't got any answer back.