Planet 7 Casino - Deposit was double charged for the second time

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jefferw Canada
posted on October 14, 2016.

I have recently been double charged at planet 7 casino for 2 amounts I did not deposit. In the passed this happened before but a processing manager was able to resolve it in 24h. This time the amount was bigger and I have not received any response in over 4 days. I keep good track of my deposits and I am 100% sure I did not deposit those amounts. These amounts, when posted on my card, made me go over the limit so I even had to pay extra fees. I have sent multiple e-mails to two e-mail addresses at planet 7 but to no avail. Customer service seems to be very rude cause when asking about it they even offered me an amount 'as an exception' to keep quiet. When asking the customer representative why he tried to bribe me, they mentioned: 'honestly, I was confused'. I have transcripts of that conversation as proof.

posted on October 17, 2016.

Dear @jefferw,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of double charged deposits.

Thank you for your cooperation.

jefferw Canada
posted on October 17, 2016.


The total amount was $1,500 plus fees. This was not just 1 transaction but two of $750 plus fees. About a week before that happened I had indeed deposited those two amounts and they were charged appropriately. However a week later they were charged again, while I did not deposit them.

Hope this clarifies the issue at hand more.


posted on October 20, 2016.

Hi Jefferw--

First, I must apologize for the delays, but also for my very slow reply. Unfortunately, I've been traveling for work and I'm now just trying to get caught up while still on the road.

Unfortunately, I have limited access to information while I'm away--I'll have to speak with my colleague in the morning to get all of the information necessary to give you the answers you're looking for.

I'll be back tomorrow with information.

All the best,