Lucky 31 Casino - Delayed Payment with no explanation

cmdr925 Philippines
posted on October 15, 2016.

It was my first time depositing at this casino. After playing, I then submitted my documents since I was planning to withdraw my remaining balance of $100. The documents and account was thereafter verified. I then tried to withdraw my balance. That was 24 days ago. The agents, though respectful, has no answer as to why payment is delayed. They (Financial Department) do not answer emails either. So this has been a frustrating experience thus far.

posted on October 17, 2016.

Dear CMDR925,

A reply was sent for the same case on a different post, see below :

We are sorry to hear that you encountered some issues on your first withdrawal request.

While we always do our best to process withdrawals as fast as possible - within 3-5 working days at most - unfortunately in some rare situations (usually for new players or first withdrawals) our financial department needs to conduct some additional verification for security reasons.

Please understand that these verification procedures are there for security reasons and are meant to protect both, the operator and the user.

In your particular case, there is an ongoing investigation by our financial department and you should have been contacted by our support team to provide some additional justification by now. As soon as the missing documents are sent, your pending withdrawal will be processed right away.

Hoping that your case will be settled quickly, we'd like to congratulate you again for your winnings!

Do not hesitate to get back in touch with our friendly support team if you need any further information :)

The Lucky31 Team

cmdr925 Philippines
posted on October 18, 2016.

Thanks for the reply.

I finally got an email from a support agent stating that they need another document in order for my withdrawal to be processed.
They are requiring me now to submit a bank statement evidencing my deposit because of country restrictions. Since it took you guys 28 days (and a complaint here) to reply as to what was needed, it would take even longer because I have to request the bank for a statement. Bear in mind that I deposited using a credit card, a card which has been approved by your casino when I was verified.

What is frustrating is that you guys were not clear from the beginning. You have no issues accepting my deposit but is now asking more documents (even though I was already Verified) for withdrawal. Besides, I am withdrawing from a skrill account since you do not allow mastercard credit card withdrawal (a fact that you do not indicate in your casino).

posted on October 20, 2016.

Dear CMDR925,

Be assured that your comments are being heard and that your case will serve as an example for the development of our processes, since we are always strive to keep the satisfaction of our players at highest levels.

I trust that you will soon be able to enjoy your winnings. From our end the case will be solved and your withdrawal approved as soon as we receive the requested document.

The Lucky31 Team

cmdr925 Philippines
posted on October 21, 2016.

The additional required document has been sent. Please inform your Financial Department to look into it as experience dictates, they do not answer unless it's attention is called on here.

Thank you.