Party Casino - Bad treatment

PrincessJudy Australia
posted on September 24, 2015.

I have played at and mostly enjoyed playing at party casino for many years. I have had my share of good wins too. Then I discovered that when using credit or debit card for deposit they sometimes duplicate the transactions. My bank told me this is common and usually my bank fixes it (but only when I draw their attention to it). I think that this has resulted in me losing money many times so eventually I stopped using credit or debit and only used Neteller or POLI until recently when for some reason I could not deposit using these methods. So I used my debit card and kept track and double checked using the casinos own records of my deposit history. That is when I noticed that my bank had deducted 13 transactions when it should only have been 11 (2 extra 28 USD). On this occasion the bank said they couldn't fix it so I would have to lodge a dispute. I then got a nasty email of demand from party casino with a threat that they would engage people to recoup the funds from me and ruin my credit rating. I was also blocked from the site. The bank at this point had only refunded one of the 2 transactions to me so this was all over a disputed transaction of 28 US dollars. I was the meat in the sandwich between a bank that had been having weekly glitches affecting transactions and a casino who has made a fortune out of me. If I hadn’t checked my deposit history I may not have realised but I knew to keep track. $28 is less than one bonus. I was so stressed I asked my bank to just give them the money back but then my bank said the casino had to follow the correct process to prove it was a legitimate transaction and leave me out of it. They said it was between my bank and theirs. Well I haven't heard another thing about it but since I was blocked from the casino in the very first instance it meant I could not access the proof that I had only initiated 11 transactions during the disputed period and not 13. After repeated requests from me the casino finally sent me my deposit history that indeed now showed 13 transactions. I wish I had downloaded it when I checked it. I feel like I am going crazy because I triple checked the number. Anyway, what I am wondering is if you can enquire as to why they would treat me so badly. I still live in fear of them sending some muscle men to beat me up to recoup 28 USD. It seems ridiculous. If by chance it was my bank’s fault then they just needed to provide that evidence to them. Instead they have now lost a valuable player. So much for respect for loyalty. Only last year they sent me a gift for my loyalty. I have been playing there since 2005. I don’t like that they are treating me like a dishonest person. I would like an apology and reinstatement of my account. Not that I would necessarily play there anymore but if I was tempted to I would only ever use neteller to deposit. Anyway, I don’t have evidence other than the email of demand. Do you need to see that? Judy

posted on September 24, 2015.

Dear Judy,
First of all, I am really sorry to hear that you feel this way!

Let me assure you that not a single employee of Party Casino has ever meant to harm you or cause you any trouble! We value our customers and do everything we can to resolve any issues that might occur in our relationship.

I checked the correspondence between you and our respective departments. I also saw the e-mail you are referring to. I would like to inform you that what we did was only to refer you to the rights we have to collect our depth legally and nothing else. This is a section of our Terms of Use which you have agreed to comply with upon account creation. You can refer to section 14 from the link below:


Right after that, in the following paragraph, we stated that we would like not to take the route described and asked you to contact us immediately to have this resolved.

I assure you that we never meant you to take our words as any form of threat – we just ought to inform you of the current situation and the possible outcomes of it.

Our aim was and still is to have this resolved. We have sent you all of the needed documents to prove that the transaction in question is registered in our system, the sum of 28.44 USD was deposited and played by you but we could not collect it from your bank as you denied it. In cases like this when there is an outstanding amount, we have no other choice but to restrict your access to the account.

To have this resolved, I would kindly like to ask you to get in touch with our Customer support team. I really hope that you are willing to cooperate so we can explain what needs to be done to have the case closed.

I do count on your cooperation on the matter! I assure you that as far as we are concerned, we are willing to have the issue resolved and have you playing with us again!

I remain at your service!

Best regards,

PrincessJudy Australia
posted on September 24, 2015.

If you have checked correspondence then you would know that I followed the advice to contact customer service multiple times. They were not helpful and also threatened me. You expect me to pay back the money but do not say how and my bank tells me they will pay back the money when you provide them with the proof of it being a valid transaction. I know you have sent deposit history to me but they will not accept it from me. I am also trying fathom how your paperwork shows 13 transactions because when I checked there were only 11 on your system.They have told me that you are acting inappropriately to demand anything of me or to threaten me. This is between your bank and mine and could be resolved rapidly if you followed the correct process. I cannot override the processes of the bank. I quite honestly feel bullied by both parties. At the time this happened I was on the brink of attaining VIP status again which would have meant a $250 cash gift. As far as I am concerned you have got your $28 back by blocking me and I have missed out on the rest of that bonus. I also want to emphasize that i lodged the dispute on 2 transactions in good faith that they were duplicates as advised by my bank. I actually lost more money because of a system glitch at their end where multiple transactions starting duplicating before my eyes and I ended up in the bank in tears trying to work it out. I do not want to go through customer service again after the way I was treated. I don't need the stress.