b-Bets Casino refusing to pay my winnings

posted on May 9, 2015.

hi askgamblers i have a complaint about b-bets casino i made deposit via neteller method and everything went threw fine i won 700euro and went to withdraw but there was no withdraw method for neteller and as i made a deposit with this method there should be a withdraw opption for neteller i went online chat and was informed that i could not withdraw threw neteller because my vip level was not high enough but i could fill in the bank form in the withdraw section (this is only option ) and use my neteller details on this form and that finance department would no that i deposit threw neteller and that it would be paid i got email 2 days later to say payment declined to contact support which i did but they still are not willing to pay the 700 i won they said i have to wait to see if finance will make an exception but i cant see what exception they are talking about its clear that if i deposit via neteller the withdraw would be payed via neteller i think they are just doing this as a stall tactic can ask gamblers help here thx

posted on May 12, 2015.

hi askgamblers i have now another problem with casino i went on to b-bets today to find my status has changed they added a 2.50eur to my account and want me to wagger 150eur i accepted this bonus after i made the withdraw but now the want me to wagger the 150euro out of my withdraw they placed back into my account what a joke this casino is

posted on May 14, 2015.

Dear Wheeler,

You are also in direct communication with our support team regarding this subject.
I hope they have explained to you the requirements, so this issue can be closed, and soluted.
Just for the sake of clarity: we are not refusing your payout, we are only requesting for valid details.

Yes, we always request valid banking data to be filled out on the moment you make a payout request. This is part of our KYC procedure.
If you requested support to note down you preference for payouts via Neteller, than we would always aim to follow up on your preferred payout method.
So there are not issues here from our side. We did saw your renewed payout request, but we do need your banking data to be filled out correctly here, currently it is not correct, as the IBAN and BIC numbers can not contain only numbers. When you fill in your valid details on a payout request, we can check if they validate and proceed with your payout without any delays, but just as normal.

As a second, for your second comment; we do not add bonuses to your account, we only make them available, so a player can decide the moment they want to get it added, and you will not face wagering requirements on a cleared balance.
In your case, you did activate the bonus yourself, so wagering requirements were added. But from checking the support line, this is also solved.

Please let us know if there are questions left, please request a new payout with correct data ( your own), and we can proceed.

posted on May 14, 2015.

for the 1000th time to this casino i dont have a bank account thats why i use neteller for all deposits to casinos as this is the quickest and easy way to transfare money to and from casinos i have sent this casino my passport and others bills to verify my account the docs i have sent have been approved by around 100 other online casinos. i have checked the terms and cons on your web site and nowhere does it say that a player needs to have a valid bank account. this is what your web page states Step 1:

You request an amount to withdraw at the Cashier and select the preferred payout method. The status of your payment is then "pending". If your account is not completely verified, it may be possible that you will be asked to file in your KYC information; you will be contacted, if this is required.Step 2:

Payout requests are processed within 48 hours and the amount is subsequently transferred to your selected method. Your status changes to "in progress". Our bank transfers the amount to your bank, and depending on the speed of processing, it then takes 1-2 working days to complete.

Step 3:

You have received the amount in your bank account! The status will change to "accepted". If the desired amount is not credited after 4 working days, please contact our customer service. We will check why the payment takes longer than usual. Bank transfers are not processed on weekends which can be the reason for a delay.

Our terms and conditions for payouts apply. They can be checked on the terms and conditions page .

so can you tell me where it states that i need a valid bank account

posted on May 15, 2015.

hi askgamblers i recived this email this morning and they no i dont have a bank account now they are asking for 1 of 3 so called bank accounts when i have NONE FOR THE 1001th TIMAE
[1B2-1CE865C5-01DE] Your account verification
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To: [email protected]
[email protected]
Dear Martin,

to complete the verification process of your account please also send in documents as follows:

- recent (not older than two months) bank account statement for at least one of the three bank accounts you provided

Thank you for your cooperation.

Let us know if you have more questions, we are happy to help you!

b-Bets Support

posted on May 15, 2015.

i made my deposit threw neteller so i dont no where this casino is getting 3 bank accounts from as I DONT EVEN HAVE 1 bank account as stated before thats why i use neteller so can this casino stop beating about the bush and pay up your stall tactics are the oldest in the book. by this i mean asking a player for docs and accounts that they no i dont have as i told them this when the the problem stared and yet 2 weeks later they still ask for the same thing. just to let all askgamblers no if your thinking of playing at b-bets you need to have a valid bank account it does not state this in their terms and cons. so even if you deposit threw neteller or any other payment method you have to withdraw it into a bank account never heard these rules before ( because they nonsence b-bets just made their own rules because thier licence in costa rica lets them do what they like) i will never play in a casino that holds this licence again because i am really powerless and the casino knows that even tho i won the money fair they can hold anything they like against me so they dont have to pay up its a joke

posted on May 15, 2015.

hi askgamblers i managed to get my bank details from a bank account i had back in 2010 but this account is still active i have now sent all these details to the casino including iban and bic which were a lot off hassle to get a hold off hope the casino has no other excuses now to pay up. i understand that these are for id purposes only and have never deposited into b-bets casino with this account

posted on May 15, 2015.

as the casino stated above they said if i sent my iban and bic this withdraw would be paided without any delays so as i did sent these to b-bets i got another email here is a copy Dear Martin,

Could you please send us a paper bank statement for this account not older than 2 months? You can send it in pdf version or like an image.

Let us know if you have more questions, we are happy to help you! ( more than happy not to pay up they mean really)

b-Bets Support
casinolive-support so again they are lying they ask me for iban and bic which i provided i now this its because they no i have no paper bills with this account and what bank accounts i have is nothing to do with this casino as the deposit as stated before was threw neteller. so they now have my passport phone bill and bank account neteller details screen shot of payment they recived threw my deposit and thats still not enough come on here now they are going to far i would like askgamblers to step in here as i really think b-bets is doing its up most best not to pay up

posted on May 15, 2015.

Dear Wheeler,

We really do not understand your issue.

Our support team is just following up on the terms and information we have on our website.They are just doing their job. Part of our KYC procedure is we are able to identify a persons existings by his or hers bankaccount.

We would like to proceed on your payout, but we need your bank account details on your name.
After receival, we can just proceed the payout of your winnings.

posted on May 15, 2015.

i have sent the bank account details did you even bother to read the above issue as i said total stall tactics at the highest level this is what i have sent b-bets casino my PASSPORT my PHONE BILL my IBAN and BIC CODES ,A SCREEN SHOT OFF NETELLER ( which i deposited with showing the deposit going to b-bets) but this is still not enough now this casino is starting to look foolish as everyone can see that is more than enough. and what this casino does is ask for docs 1 at a time to delay the whole withdraw why not ask for the bank statement 2 weeks ago when the 1st withdraw was made if this casino cannot id a player with all the info i have provided and docs provided there is something wrong or as i said stall tactics or they have cash flow problems.

posted on May 16, 2015.

Dear Wheeler,

This will be our final post on this fora regarding this, until we have received the right banking data and we can process your payout.
Your payout is only nearly 700 euro. We have no reason not to pay your winnings; when we receive the right and requested data.

While requesting a payout, you inserted false data; by random numbers on the bank account fields. Therefor we declined your payout and requested for an update for the related payout fields.

The case is simple: we verify the existence of a person - a.o. by an existing bank account. All european citizens have a bank account to pay taxes, to receive salary or social fees and so on. The fact you do not have a bank account, is odd, or it is laying in the fact you want to hide your real identity.
If you just could give us the requested details, this would have been soluted already. You are the only one delaying the process... If you can not give us an bank account connected to your name, it is also not possible to pay your winnings as we can not verify according to our procedures your existence. So when you have nothing to hide on your side, and your account is legimate, we can just continue the payout.

posted on May 16, 2015.

i did not put in false data i put in my neteller details as advised by your own live chat you have not got a clue even whats going on here i have sent MY PASSPORT MY BANK DETAILS MY NETELLER MY PHONE BILL an IBAN AND BIC CODE A BANK STATEMENT what else to you want and what this casino does not no i have been in contact with zjac76 he made a reason complaint about this casino and guess what they didnt even ask him for bank details all he sent was photo id and a bill so can b-bets explain here. YOU ARE LYING. can askgamblers advise me what to do next as b-bets say this is thier last post on this matter i feel that a passport and bill and iban and bic code bank statement a screen shot of neteeller account is more than enough would askgamblers agree i can also sent every thing i have sent to b-bets to askgamblers

posted on May 18, 2015.

Dear Wheeler,
We have just received the message from our legal department that you finally managed to send in a recent document from your bank account, with an IBAN and BIC number on your name. We will now process your payout.


posted on May 19, 2015.

can b-bets tell me when this will be paid plz i take it as soon as posible considering i have already been waiting 2 weeks

posted on May 19, 2015.

The winnings have been paid meanwhile and the player has received also a notification of this.

posted on May 19, 2015.

can b-bets tell me what account this has been paid into as i cant find this and still have not recived any verifcation of the withdraw by email

posted on May 19, 2015.

sorry b-bets yes you are rite i got the payout into my neteller account sorry about the confusion and can askgamblers plz close this as resolved thx for the help