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Shakir2207 posted on Monday, 25. November 2013

So I won around £8600 from 888 I simply withdrew as I normally do on Wednesday I received an email saying I needed to verify my account which I did I got an email a few days later saying my account has been verified and everything's is fine etc I checked my account and they paid me £1561 which left £7039 left to be paid to me and I logged back into my account and it still shows in process I have emailed the many times but no one seems to be of any help and read a script on the screen please can someone help as it looks like 888 don't care!

888 Casino posted on Thursday, 28. November 2013

We have reviewed your account and see that this is now resolved, and you have received the full amount of your withdrawal.

Your withdrawal required verification documents to be completed, and once these were received, the full amount of your cashout was paid.


AskGamblers posted on Monday, 2. December 2013

 Is this complaint solved?

AskGamblers posted on Friday, 6. December 2013

Complaint Resolved.

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