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888 Casino not processing my withdrawal

Posted: 2nd August 2013, 10:15 AM by joelio57

Hi Rachel Hemi

I noticed through various complaint websites about 888 casino you have helped unsatisfied customers out with there problems so I wondered if you can help me before I place various bad press about 888 casino.

I joined 5 days ago and deposited a total of £450 to play live roulette:

Firstly every spin I would make the video stream would crash and I could not see the actual spin so how am I supposed to know if I had lost spins ligit?

Secondly I withdrew £500 which I was then asked to provide documents which I happily uploaded which were extremely clear as I made sure I checked them. 85 hours later (not within the 72 hours processing time in the terms and conditions) and only through chasing over 8 times I was told my debit card pictures were accepted and my driving license was not. My driving license was clearly visible. I then uploaded larger documents of my driving license 2 days ago. I have had no correspondence from the operations team to say they have been accepted.

I spoke to the customer services team (whom of which are very bad at there job) and they said we have sent £450 to my bank account today. Why £450 and not £500? This is fraudulent! I have also not received any confirmation via the operations team or on the cashier history that this has been done. This is an extremely poor process the worst experience I have had with an online casino ever!

I am still awaiting to receive any of my money and if it is not resolved today I will be notifying the police, writing bad press about 888 casino on all forum websites and will be following up with a law suit!

Please can you advise if you can help.

many thanks

it is likely your documents are awaiting processing, in order to release the remaining amount of his withdrawal, but to confirm this we will need to locate your exact account. If the issue is as yet unresolved we suggest that he provides us (privately of course) your username or support id so we can review.

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PaulMCPH reviewed On 08/05/2013

I am having the same with a casino called Starwin.

I remember when online casinos first opened and were regulated and blue chip names. Now any tom dick or harry can set one up as an affiliate which results in total idiots who take months to pay back winnings using every lie and trick in the book.

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