Carmen Media Group to the Rescue

Posted on October 10, 2004 by Pauline Lindsay

Carmen Media Group donates a 4x4 car and driver to The Caudwell Cycle Challenge

Carmen Media Group has come to the rescue of a charity event organised by the Caudwell Trust at the 11th hour through the donations of a Range Rover to accompany 'The Caudwell Cycle Challenge' from Athens to London.

John Caudwell, CEO of Phones4u parent company the Caudwell Group, sets off on a 2,300-mile cycle ride from Athens to London, to raise money for life saving/changing treatment for children or to pay for their dying wishes.

Caudwell launched an appeal in the Daily Express on September 22nd for a driver and masseur following people pulling out at the last minute Carmen Media Group were quick to answer his cry for help. In no time a 4x4 car and driver were gladly supplied to ensure the fundraising event could continue.

For further information about the Caudwell Trust please visit

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